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Boudoir blackbelt babe.

Written on September 26, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Boudoir blackbelt babe.

Sexy portrait. San Diego Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

Introducing Cami. She’s an active duty marine living here in San Diego. Her and I met on Model Mayhem and quickly set up a boudoir shoot. Well not strictly a sexy type shoot, but I’m not gonna split hairs here.

Nikon with 85mm, 1.4 San Diego boudoir blog

Cami got into modeling after one of her friends told her how wonderful it was. Her friend assured her that Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus would appear at her door with a magical carb free pizza along with a briefcase full of cash and an army of Cambodian gardeners. Who could turn that down?!

Boudoir posing ideas. San Diego glamour photography blog

While we were riding the elevator I asked Cami what she did in the Marines. She responded by punching this guy repeatedly in the face. “Does that answer your question?” No Cami you psycho, it doesn’t. But thanks for punching my neighbor. Now its gonna be awkward. I’m just glad it wasn’t my face being punched. I’m pretty sure that guy had to go to the hospital.

Sexy model pose ideas. San Diego Glamour Photography blog

She’s also a black belt in MCMAP. This means she could beat your dick off with both hands tied behind her back. Don’t know what MCMAP is? It stands for Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. The Marines came up with the program a few years back to replace the then LINE program, which had few, if any non-lethal options to deal with the enemy. Cami says females with black belts aren’t out of the ordinary in her unit, and attributes the high numbers to the amount of instructors available.

Female fitness model. San Diego Fashion photography

When Cami isn’t using her face as a punching bag she keeps herself busy volunteering at the humane society. She also gives horse riding lessons to underprivileged small humans. You know exactly what I thought when I heard about her access to horses. We are totally gonna do a sexy boudoir horse shoot! No, not that kinda sexy you sick bastards!!

Sexy heels, white dress. San Diego Portraiture

Ok so how does Cami get that rockin bod? You won’t find any shortcuts or secrets here. This girl is super freakin serious about her fitness. She runs 3-4 times a week, for about 5 to 7 miles at a time. Whew! She also does a lot of weight training, and guys…on a bad day she can bust out 23 dead hang pull ups. Kinda bad ass right? Now when it comes to eating she has her shit locked on pretty tight. She eats 7 meals a day. She carries around a scale, to make sure that each meal weighs 4-8oz. She doesn’t eat kale since she hates the taste, but makes up for it by eating extra spinach. Besides that she eats butt loads of tilapia, turkey and active womens protein powder. When she wants to cheat on her diet she does it with mango’s. My weakness happens to be whip cream covered lipstick lesbians in case you’re curious.

Classic B&W. San Diego boudoir photography

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    Boudoir bujinkan babe

    Written on September 21, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

    Boudoir Bujinkan babe.

    Sexy asian model. San Diego boudoir blog Oni Studio

    A knock at the door. I know its her. She’s been writing to me. Nervously I get up next to the door.

    “Who is it?” No answer.

    Sexy lingerie. San Diego boudoir photography blog Oni Studio

    I knew their wouldn’t be. My hand sweaty, I open the door. She stands there, looking at me. I step back to let her inside. She comes close and I smell sex, murder and blood on her. She’s been busy.

    The door closes and I go back to the living room. She takes off her coat revealing red and black boudoir lingerie. It hugs her figure like a second skin. I lay the money on the counter as she turns down the lights.

    50 shades BDSM. Oni Studio San Diego boudoir photography blog

    Introducing Chara. Before you start to wonder, none of the above actually happened.

    Classic B&W. San Diego Oni Studio boudoir blog

    Chara is a  married woman with two children who got into modeling on a whim. Yes you heard me correctly, on a whim. This struck me as more than odd.

    Sexy quatum physics. Oni Studio boudoir photography blog

    Classic B&W Oni Studio boudoir blog

    Chara has two degrees, a bachelors in psychology from UCSD and a masters in social work from San Diego state. After all that work she up and decided to sign on with a modeling agency and get an account on model mayhem.

    boudoir pose idea. San Diego glamour blog

    So how does she get that sexy body and amazing abs? Brace yourselves. She eats pizza, french toast, and frozen waffles with lots of whip cream. Yes, I agree, I am also jealous enough to throw her from a cliff. I can just look at ice cream and get fatter, and she claims to have 50 gallon barrels of whip cream and handcuffs in her backyard.

    Sexy erotic and classy B&W. San Diego boudoir photography blog

    Sexy long legs. Oni Studio boudoir blog

    Of course she does workout. She doesnt have a strict gym regime but we discovered we had a common love. Ever heard of Zuzka light? She’s a former porn star who went legit, got a boob job and started doing workout videos. Chara loves her videos and so do I. If you’ve never worked out to one I challenge you to incorporate it into your routine.

    erotic lingerie, San Diego boudoir photography blog

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      Boudoir Belarus Bombshell

      Written on September 15, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

      Boudoir Belarus Bombshell.

      Boudoir pose ideas. Oni Studio Blog photography

      Enter Katrina. She’s one of those movers and shakers who always has a lot goin on. First of all she’s written a book. Say what?! Yep She’s an author! I’ve always admired authors, mostly Stephen King, Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft. Although Katrina didn’t write a boudoir horror story. But did pen a pretty good tale about her struggle with lyme disease.

      Boudoir sunset in San Diego. Oni Studio photography blog

      What? Never heard of lyme disease? Don’t feel bad. I thought it was a mixed drink that had tequila in it. It turns out lyme disease is not a delicious drink designed to make me better looking to the opposite sex. The CDC states lyme disease is caused by tick bites, and if left untreated can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms, including heart palpitations, Bells palsy, and even arthritis!

      Sexy portrait on portrait boudoir background. Oni Studio Photography blog

      Katrina used a wide variety of alternative techniques to battle her lyme disease. If you want to know more go out and get her book, or go visit her site.

      Katrina striking a sexy pose in San Diego. Oni Studio boudoir blog.

      So what does Katrina do when she’s out not writing books, and being on tv?

      Katrina posing on a wall in San Diego. Oni Studio boudoir blog.

      Turns out she’s way into self help books. This took me by surprise. Why would this successful hottie need self help books? Hell, maybe she’s successful and hot because of the motivation she gets from the books! When pressed she stated her favorite self help authors were Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. Her absolute favorite though? Tony Robbins. You could see Katrina’s eyes light up when she would speak about Tony Robbins, she even said that he had changed her life after studying and implementing his routines and philosophies.

      Katrina on the stairs. Oni Studio boudoir blog

      Katrina immigrated from Belarus around 12 years ago. In her native country she was an assassin for the government and volunteered at orphanages. When she came to the states she first lived in Manhattan, then came to San Diego.

      Classic B&W. Oni Studio boudoir blog San Diego Photography

      Katrina has a pretty strict diet. Of course this comes as no surprise. You don’t get as sexy as she is wolfing down big macs and french fries. While we were shooting she detailed some of her diet routine. For breakfast she blends kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, and a bit of ginger for a wake up. Personally i’d take bacon and eggs, but you really can’t argue with the result her diet produces!

      Last exit to nowhere. Oni Studio boudoir blog. San Diego Photography

      Moving on to the technical side. I am still shooting with the Paul C Buff (Alienbee) beauty dish. As you can see from the shots in this entry is produces very pronounced shadows. Now when I shoot with a softbox I don’t get the same shadows. Now i’ve read places like Scott Kelby’s site that their is “sweet spot” with the beauty dish. This sweet spot seems to be about twice the diameter of the dish. However I still am getting the shadows even with using the prescribed distance. I’m not to worried though, I still like the end effect, and its fun to experiment. Oh and by the way, Katrina loved the Stephen Hawking book, what hot girl can resist quantum physics?

      Stephen Hawking, quantum physics. Oni Studio boudoir blog

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        Balboa Park

        Written on September 10, 2013 Categories: Events and Travel

        Balboa Park in the summer.

        Protesting U.S. military involvement in Syria. Oni Studio boudoir blog.

        Ripleys Belive it or not. Viking ship, freak ushers, and soup can trains. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

        Southern California, San Diego to be exact has a lot of really fun things to do. Why am I not doing a blog entry on sexy boudoir ladies? Well turns out I left the garage door open and they organized a successful escape, bitches.

        Balboa Park, ripleys believe it or not, Spirit of St. Louis

        I hadn’t had a chance to really get out. I had spent most of my time and limited budget trying to get my apartment in order.

        Balboa Park, bonecycles and Ripleys believe it or not. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog.

        True I had been getting some good shoots in, but those were usually close to home.

        Licking lizard men and giants at Balboa Park. Oni Studio boudoir blog.

        Unicorn heads, future bikes and route 66. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog.

        One day, I said to my friend Ren, (She’s not really my friend, she’s a secret Egyptian werewolf who produces cat milk) “Why don’t we go out to the park?” I had heard about it, but really it just a park. How fun could it be?

        Japanese wood sculpture Chinese warriors and dead skin mask. Balboa Park, San Diego.

        So off we went to Balboa Park. After arriving I thought we just might have made a mistake. It was so freakin hot!

        Cannibals, horror and lollipops at Balboa Park. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog.

        However we quickly found some shady walks and people selling art.

        Butthole Surfers, Ripleys, and transformers at Balboa Park. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog.

        See that guy in the upper left in the above picture? He’s the artist, and that painting on the bottom was partly inspired by the Butthole Surfers. If you didn’t know, the butthole surfers are one of the greatest bands in history.

        HDR shot of some great architecture in Balboa Park. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog.

        So after Renee was subjected to over half an hour of delicious conversation about butthole surfing we continued our Balboa Park adventure.

        Chinese warrior, Japanese ninjas. Balboa Park, San Diego

        Balboa park museum, San Diego. Oni Studio Boudoir blog

        I had no idea Balboa Park had so much crap to do. Almost everything you could think of in a park. I saw crazy homeless witches, a house from Finland, Ripleys believe it or not, war protesters and a bunch of other really weird shit.

        Ancient greek and Roman statues in a museum in Balboa Park, San Diego. Oni Studio boudoir blog.

        Castle Dracula one stop vampire shop, Balboa Park, San Diego. Oni Studio Boudoir blog.

        At one point we found a magical plant house. Unfortunately their were no evil elves handing out psychedelic muffins as stated on the flyer.

        Plant nursery, Balboa Park, San Diego. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

        Thats about all I have for the park. It was a very enjoyable day, and if you’re a photographer, it well worth getting there early, and staying the day. We hung out most of the day, and still didn’t get to do everything.

        Bottle cap trains, weddings, flowers and magick at Balboa Park, San Diego.

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