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Pinup glamour girl

Written on January 30, 2014 Categories: Outdoor Glamour Shoot, San Diego Boudoir

Pinup glamour girl

Pinup head shot

Introducing Melanie. She and I originally met online and quickly scheduled a Pinup type shoot.

Behind the scenes pinup shoot

Now I know that pinup images are very popular, but I rarely do them. They are usually very production heavy; involving multiple parties and expensive props.

Pinup portrait with a flower

These other parties consist of make up artist, prop masters, hair stylist, ect. Very few people work for free these days, and scheduling is a nightmare.

Marilyn Monroe Pinup

Melanie, who is a Marilyn Monroe impersonator here in San Diego was a bit different. She assured me that she was able to do her own hair and make up, and loved to shoot. She didn’t shoot for money either, but to make art. This was a breathe of fresh air!

Marilyn on the stairs

Melanie wasn’t kidding about being able to do her own hair and make up. She showed up exactly as you see here and required very little editing. She was also a pleasure to shoot with. If your a photographer in the San Diego area you should definitely set up a shoot with her!

Classic vintage pose

Unfortunately she isn’t on Model Mayhem at this present time, but she plans on getting an account soon.  I think we can all agree that she needs to get one!

Gorgeous sexy head shot

Now this may come as a surprise, but do you know Melanie is 37% Chinese descent? Yes, I never would have guessed either. She is able to alter her appearance so drastically through the use of make up that its very hard to detect. Why is she not teaching make up skills? I have no clue.

Standing glamour classic vintage pose

When Melanie isn’t modeling she designs unique heels and plans on setting up shop on Etsy. She also makes radio appearances and levitates coffee cups.

B&W classic noir

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    Burlesque Temptress and NCIS

    Written on January 12, 2014 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

    Burlesque Temptress and NCIS

    Here at Oni Studio we blow boudoir burlesque smoke up your bootie hole

    You all may remember Michele, she was the burlesque model who assaulted the infirm and elderly with lethal high heels.

    Michele in all her lingerie burlesque glory. Oni Studio San Diego glamour photography

    What you may not know is that Michele and I submitted photos from the last shoot to a contest hosted by Temptress Fashion. Temptress Fashion is an awesome clothing boutique here in San Diego. They specialize in alternative, pinup, burlesque and working with the CIA to assassinate foreign dignitaries. One day I woke up, took a shower and then glanced at my phone. Their were about 7 notifications, this was unusual. I checked and lo and behold, Michele and I had won a $100.00 gift certificate! See, thats how awesome Temptress Fashion is to their customers!

    Michele doing some burlesque vaping at Oni Studio, San Diego, California

    After Michele picked up the gift certificate and redeemed it for a dress and a sexy corset at Temptress Fashion she called me up to schedule a shoot.

    She said their was a problem though. Michele had recently been transferred to the old Detroit field office of NCIS and was chasing the cop killer and bank robber Clarence  Boddiker.

    Michele sends out a family friendly message to the whole world

    She and her partner had chased Clarence to an old factory and split up. However she was outsmarted and Clarence and his buddies had shot her to shit. She was being transported to the hospital where her employer Omni Consumer Products (OCP) had rebuilt her into a crime fighting super model.

    Michele doing a bit of burlesque film noir

    She was programmed with three prime directives. 1. Serve the public trust. 2. Protect the innocent. 3. Uphold the law 4. CLASSIFIED

    Michele reading her welcome aboard NCIS intern packet

    Before she went out on the road one of the OCP executives came up to her and said, “YOU ARE GONNA BE A BAD MOTHER FUCKER”.  Michele agreed, she loved to fuck peoples mothers.

    The many sexy burlesque faces of Michele

    Michele sent out to fight crime and get revenge on the people that shot her. One by one they all went down, Emil, Leon, until only Clarence was left. Ya see, their was a cancer in old Detroit. That cancer was crime, and Michele was the cure.

    Michele doing some glamour burlesque at Oni Studio

    What Michele didn’t know is that Oni Studio and the CEO of Omni Consumer Products was in league with Clarence Boddiker.

    Sexy vape smoke. Oni Studio boudoir Photography

    When she found out she came to kill us. The only thing that saved us was directive 4, which results in immediate super model shut down in the event of an attempted murder/arrest of an Oni Studio executive.

    Sexy model pose. Oni Studio

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      Glamour college style

      Written on January 8, 2014 Categories: Outdoor Glamour Shoot, San Diego Boudoir

      Glamour college style

      Sexy glamour playboy photo Oni Studio Boudoir Photography

      This glamour blog edition has nothing to do with the model. Well to be truthful very few of my entries have much to do with the model as I like to make up ridiculous stories. It’s more entertaining that way.

      Sexy glamour head shot

      What I wanted to write about was a very curious phenomenon that I became afflicted with shortly after the shoot. I shot with Ashley; she was amazing to shoot with by the way. She complained at first that many photographers just seemed to want to center around her sexuality.

      Beautiful glamour tattoo Oni Studio boudoir photography San Diego

      Now I can understand this, because as you can plainly see she is amazingly sexy. After she left I sat to work editing the photos and was soon done. Now after I get through editing I open up a word program and start scratching out a rough draft of the glamour entry. However, try as I might I couldn’t think of one thing to write. I’d eek out a few sentences, only to erase it all in disgust.

      Sexy glamour shot, San Diego boudoir photography

      I must have written five or six different entries, and erased them all. Now during this time I started to lose more and more interest in about everything. I put my camera up, stopped visiting my website, stopped searching for models and barely checked my Facebook.

      An awesomely sexy glamour head shot. Oni Studio Boudoir Photography San Diego

      Before I came here to San Diego I lived in Greece. During that time I discovered P90X, and started working out every day. I continued that workout regimen here in San Diego, working out around six days a week. The reason I bring this up is that in addition to withdrawing from people I also stopped working out. I just couldn’t motivate myself to get up and do it.

      Full length sexy glamour shot. Oni Studio burlesque Photography

      I was getting worried because this isn’t normal for me. I began researching ways to help myself out of this slump. Mostly I was concerned about gaining weight and getting out of shape. I’m a single guy and it’s hard to attract girls when your stomach exits the door before you do.

      Sexy long legs. Oni Studio Boudoir photography

      So I feel like some kind of diseased alcoholic, trying to reprogram my psyche. I did what any normal person would do, order mood pills from Amazon.  Has it worked yet? I still have no idea, but I have started going back to Model Mayhem trying to schedule shoots and I spend a lot of time thinking about working out.

      Sexy side pose. Oni Studio boudoir photography

      Anyway, I think thats enough whining and bitching on my part.

      Behind the scenes at Oni Studio

      A little bit of behind the scenes at the shoot.

      Love this background! San Diego Glamour Photography

      Get ready for some changes in 2014, i’ll be travelling a bit, and if my luck holds you guys will see some amazing work!

      Sexy classic B&W. Oni Studio San Diego boudoir Photography

      That’s all for this week! Become a fan on the Oni Studio boudoir facebook page. Follow Oni Studio on Pinterest500PX, and Model Mayhem!

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