Boudoir, beaches and Bikinis

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Boudoir, beaches and Bikinis

A little sexy suicide in the sun at the beach in San Diego

A week or two ago I got to try out something pretty cool. Ever heard of Paul C. Buff or Alienbees? If you are a photographer, especially a boudoir photographer and just starting out, you might want to check out their website.

Sexy boudoir glamour skirt on the beach in San Diego, California

I’m not new to Alienbees, I’ve shot with their products for the last six or seven years. I started off with the Alienbee B400, and at least to my knowledge, it’s still running today. I’ve since graduated to the Alienbee B800 head and the Einstein E640 unit. I highly recommend both of them, but I lean more towards the Einstein mainly because it has universal voltage. Since I travel a lot this is very convenient. If you’re wondering, the girl in the classic B&W photo below is Leeyah, you can see her model mayhem here.

Sexy B&W boudoir shot on the beach in San Diego.

Anyway, enough hocking of alien bees shit, it’s not like their paying me or anything. This shoot was scheduled and organized by a British lady…named Brit. Funny huh? She runs a group on the Meet up website called Pro-AM photography and Models. If you’re a photographer in the San Diego area and love to photograph fashion, boudoir or glamour then I highly suggest you sign up! You can see Britts site here and here. Oh, and the sexy faerie below is Mary, come take a look at her site!

Sexy boudoir faerie on the beach in San Diego


One of the great things about this group is that they are very active. In the last two weeks there has been beach shoots, models on horses, glamour at Balboa Park, and a host of other activities. If you have the time you’ll get your money’s worth. Also pictured below, Michael from MRB Photography.

Various shots of some of the other photographers at the bikini beach shoot in San Diego.

Besides the models that regularly come to the shoots, it’s a great way to network with your fellow glamour and boudoir photographers. On that shoot alone I met five or so other photographers who were more than helpful and friendly.

Sexy on the beach in San Diego

Ok, last thing about Alienbees and I’ll shut my yapper. All the images you see on this boudoir blog entry were lit with a white Paul C Buff beauty dish. The beauty dish was powered by the Vagabond mini lithium. I highly suggest picking up both! Seriously, it’s like going from a musket to a kick ass lesbian laser pistol!

beach beauty in San Diego

I’ll leave you with a few more sexy images, hope you enjoy! Oh, and people, leave a like or comment at the bottom and let me know what ya think. Thanks!

Beautiful blue skies, flowers and bikinis on the beach in San Diego.

Katya on the beach, boudoir in San Diego

The blonde bombshell above is Katya, come take a look at her model mayhem!

Katya and Leeyah work the camera at the bikini shoot in San Diego

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