Boudoir Beelzebub and Baphomet

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Boudoir, Beelzebub and Baphomet

Classic B&W boudoir shot in San Diego

One of my most favorite things about boudoir photography is getting to meet interesting people. Sometimes though a person comes along, that has a bit of something extra. No, I’m not talking about a chick with a dick, but good old fashioned evil. She may even be a member of the Temple of Set, but she claims to not be.

The many sexy faces of Ivonne on her boudoir shoot in San Diego

Saaaay what?? Yeah you heard me right, the model, Ivonne is straight up evil. Of course I didn’t know this at first. I thought she’d show up, and we would have a sexy, yet normal boudoir shoot. But first let’s go back in time. We met on a Sunday, and after being fashionably late she shows up riding this dented up, mean looking motorcycle.

Sexy and Stephen Hawking books? Only at Oni Studio!

The woman looked like she just walked off the set to the Road Warrior! Black leather jacket, mean helmet, she also kicked a baby and an old man who were standing by her bike. In other words she was just precious! She walks up to me, and I swear the first thing she says to me is, “hail Satan lets shoot” and then she punched some dude straight in the dick.

Classy and sexy silhouette at Oni Studio in San Diego

Of course all of the above may or may not be true, it just depends on your point of view. What did happen though is that after Ivonne came up and emptied her bag she asked me a question. Well first she pulled out a sweatshirt, and said, “I dont know if you’d want to shoot this but…” I looked over and saw a huge Bapomet on the shirt. Of course i’m gonna shoot that!

Ivonne sporting the Baphomet sweatshirt from Infidel Clothing at her boudoir shoot in San Diego, California.

The other cool thing is that Ivonne had some personality. She ate my food, drank my beer and watched my horror movies. All the while laughing like a maniac and making cryptic comments that she had family members who might just make me disappear if they were so inclined. This girl was so gonna be my bestie!

Ivonne sporting some sexy lingerie at Oni Studio in San Diego

Ivonne hasn’t been modeling long, but as you can see she takes to boudoir quite naturally.

Nothing sexer than Stephen Hawking, Quantum Physics and black bootie shorts!

Can you believe she said that her butt was her least favorite feature?!

Sexy one minute, clowning the next at her boudoir shoot at Oni Studio.

Check out that purple lingerie! For some reason I have become obsessed with the color.

Sexy pose ideas at Oni Studio, San Diego boudoir Photography

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