Boudoir, Burlesque and Dentist

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Boudoir, Burlesque and Dentist.

Sexy blonde in yellow lingerie Oni Studio Boudoir Blog San Diego

Enter MJ. She’s the stunning blonde you see pictured in this blog. I initially met her on Model Mayhem, corresponded for about…a month? Anyway, way too long. As luck would have it I met MJ for the first time at a Pro AM modeling group event in Presidio park.  Below are two of the photographs I got of her that day.

Various hot and sexy outfits. Oni Studio boudoir blog San Diego

MJ and I ended up getting along famously and shot for about a good hour and a half. At the end she was like, “oh we are totally doing a boudoir session!” My day was complete!

Getting ready for her boudoir shoot. Oni Studio Glamour Blog, San Diego.

MJ shows up for her boudoir shoot with enough bags to smuggle several small asian kids outta the country.

Sexy Geisha. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog, San Diego

MJ starts out with a very cool geisha robe on a black background. And As most models who have shot with me will tell you I started yapping and talking. In fact I usually end up talking so much that I forget that its a photo shoot and not a night at the comedy club.

Sexy classic B&W. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

Sorry to say, but ladies and gentleman, MJ is married and off the market. Not only is she married, but she’s married to a U.S. Marine. They’ve been married for about four years, but have been a couple for about 8. Interesting story about how they met. MJ was at a 21 and over bar, and met her future husband there, when he was 19! Turns out this future Marine had borrowed his buddies ID to get in. I think we can all agree he’s a lucky guy!

Sexy black lingerie. Oni Studio Blog, San Diego, California.

Although MJ is currently a stay at home mom, she isn’t content to rest on her laurels. She has two degrees, one in journalism, and one in…Dental Science?!  Yes, I asked her twice, laughing she said she was serious. Hell, for all I know, she may be crazy, but she sure takes great pictures so i’m not gonna complain.

Laughing and having fun at her shoot. Oni Studio Blog

What else does MJ do? How about Insanity. Ya know, the work out that makes me throw up. MJ decided to get into a bit more shape, and on a whim got ole Sean T from beachbody rockin in her livingroom.

Sexy lingerie and tattoo. Oni Studio Blog, San Diego

A strange fact about MJ? She and her friends were once mugged at gunpoint, during the day!

Sexy classic B&W. Oni Studio boudoir blog, San Diego.

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