Boudoir Belarus Bombshell

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Boudoir Belarus Bombshell.

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Enter Katrina. She’s one of those movers and shakers who always has a lot goin on. First of all she’s written a book. Say what?! Yep She’s an author! I’ve always admired authors, mostly Stephen King, Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft. Although Katrina didn’t write a boudoir horror story. But did pen a pretty good tale about her struggle with lyme disease.

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What? Never heard of lyme disease? Don’t feel bad. I thought it was a mixed drink that had tequila in it. It turns out lyme disease is not a delicious drink designed to make me better looking to the opposite sex. The CDC states lyme disease is caused by tick bites, and if left untreated can cause a host of unpleasant symptoms, including heart palpitations, Bells palsy, and even arthritis!

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Katrina used a wide variety of alternative techniques to battle her lyme disease. If you want to know more go out and get her book, or go visit her site.

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So what does Katrina do when she’s out not writing books, and being on tv?

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Turns out she’s way into self help books. This took me by surprise. Why would this successful hottie need self help books? Hell, maybe she’s successful and hot because of the motivation she gets from the books! When pressed she stated her favorite self help authors were Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. Her absolute favorite though? Tony Robbins. You could see Katrina’s eyes light up when she would speak about Tony Robbins, she even said that he had changed her life after studying and implementing his routines and philosophies.

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Katrina immigrated from Belarus around 12 years ago. In her native country she was an assassin for the government and volunteered at orphanages. When she came to the states she first lived in Manhattan, then came to San Diego.

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Katrina has a pretty strict diet. Of course this comes as no surprise. You don’t get as sexy as she is wolfing down big macs and french fries. While we were shooting she detailed some of her diet routine. For breakfast she blends kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, and a bit of ginger for a wake up. Personally i’d take bacon and eggs, but you really can’t argue with the result her diet produces!

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Moving on to the technical side. I am still shooting with the Paul C Buff (Alienbee) beauty dish. As you can see from the shots in this entry is produces very pronounced shadows. Now when I shoot with a softbox I don’t get the same shadows. Now i’ve read places like Scott Kelby’s site that their is “sweet spot” with the beauty dish. This sweet spot seems to be about twice the diameter of the dish. However I still am getting the shadows even with using the prescribed distance. I’m not to worried though, I still like the end effect, and its fun to experiment. Oh and by the way, Katrina loved the Stephen Hawking book, what hot girl can resist quantum physics?

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