Boudoir, Boobs and Body Paint

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BoudoirBoobs and Body Paint

Sexy boudoir head dress and body paint photography in San Diego

You all remember Caro right? She’s the one who came over the other day and made for a great boudoir blog entry.

Sexy girl on fire San Diego boudoir photography

Caro calls me up and asked if I’m down for a lesbian orgy a photo shoot. I say, “well hells yes!” and she invites me down to her San Ysidro home for what I think will be an interesting time. She tells me she has one of her many hot girlfriends over, and that she’s gonna get her naked, and then paint her. I tell her that the Oni Studio boudoir blog will be covering the event. When I arrive on Saturday morning I see the most mild mannered unassuming ladies on the planet, and i’m told she’s going to be the model. This was the girl:

Sexy quiet librarian lady being photographed boudoir in San Diego

Caro didn’t waste much time, after making sure I was sufficiently fed with Mexican friend beans, she set to work,  take a look at the transformation from innocent librarian to sexy Satanica.

Getting ready with the sexy boudoir body paint in San Diego.

the last stages of sexy boudoir body paint in San Diego, California

Caro did this body paint and make up job in record time. She’s a student over at the Art Institute of San Diego, and from what I can see they train their students pretty good. While Caro was busy I was able to flirt talk with the model.

Caro being busy with her boudoir body painting and make up equipment in San Diego.

Susan was her name, and she had been painted a few times before, but usually got to wear more clothes. She said being half naked around strangers didn’t make her nervous, but that it was just a new experience. It was pretty amazing to see her transform not only physically, but mentally once all the make up was done, take a look at the contrast!

The contrast in the body paint make up and the innocent librarian look

Ladies and gentleman if you are a photographer in the San Diego area you seriously need to hook up with Caro. Her make up and body paint skills are impressive, and she even makes custom outfits! If you’re on model mayhem you can see her page here, or become a fan on her facebook page here. I’ll leave you all with a few more impressive shots of Susan the model showing Caro’s work. Oh, I almost forgot, Caro can also model, if you haven’t seen it yet, come take a look at her strutting her stuff.

The Devil wears Prada at Oni Studio in San Diego

Seduction and lace in San Diego

When you leave the front door unlocked in San Diego sexy she devils come and steal your cake.

Blue skies and sexy ladies in San Diego

That’s all for this week! Become a fan on the Oni Studio boudoir facebook page. Follow Oni Studio on Pinterest and Model Mayhem!

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