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Boudoir bujinkan babe

Boudoir Bujinkan babe.

Sexy asian model. San Diego boudoir blog Oni Studio

A knock at the door. I know its her. She’s been writing to me. Nervously I get up next to the door.

“Who is it?” No answer.

Sexy lingerie. San Diego boudoir photography blog Oni Studio

I knew their wouldn’t be. My hand sweaty, I open the door. She stands there, looking at me. I step back to let her inside. She comes close and I smell sex, murder and blood on her. She’s been busy.

The door closes and I go back to the living room. She takes off her coat revealing red and black boudoir lingerie. It hugs her figure like a second skin. I lay the money on the counter as she turns down the lights.

50 shades BDSM. Oni Studio San Diego boudoir photography blog

Introducing Chara. Before you start to wonder, none of the above actually happened.

Classic B&W. San Diego Oni Studio boudoir blog

Chara is a  married woman with two children who got into modeling on a whim. Yes you heard me correctly, on a whim. This struck me as more than odd.

Sexy quatum physics. Oni Studio boudoir photography blog

Classic B&W Oni Studio boudoir blog

Chara has two degrees, a bachelors in psychology from UCSD and a masters in social work from San Diego state. After all that work she up and decided to sign on with a modeling agency and get an account on model mayhem.

boudoir pose idea. San Diego glamour blog

So how does she get that sexy body and amazing abs? Brace yourselves. She eats pizza, french toast, and frozen waffles with lots of whip cream. Yes, I agree, I am also jealous enough to throw her from a cliff. I can just look at ice cream and get fatter, and she claims to have 50 gallon barrels of whip cream and handcuffs in her backyard.

Sexy erotic and classy B&W. San Diego boudoir photography blog

Sexy long legs. Oni Studio boudoir blog

Of course she does workout. She doesnt have a strict gym regime but we discovered we had a common love. Ever heard of Zuzka light? She’s a former porn star who went legit, got a boob job and started doing workout videos. Chara loves her videos and so do I. If you’ve never worked out to one I challenge you to incorporate it into your routine.

erotic lingerie, San Diego boudoir photography blog

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