Boudoir, babes and blackholes

Written on July 13, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Boudoir, babes and black holes

Cara posing in a sexy pink corset in mission Valley San Diego

So I’m in San Diego now. Its hot, its crowded, and people love it here. Why do they love it? It’s the weather they say. 75 degrees year round, to me it might as well be hell on earth, or another tour in the Middle East. I’m sure i’ll get used to it though, but I got to get that elusive beach body first. Tony Horton help me!!

Sexy boudoir pose in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego

So far finding people to shoot boudoir with here in San Diego has been a little bit different as well. In Washington it was much simpler, but here most of the models seem to want money. This isn’t so bad, but some of these girls are just starting out.

Pearl necklaces and sexy pink lingerie in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.

They have self-made pics of them blowing kisses in the mirror, and you can just tell they are gonna end up in porn one day. Well hey….I love porn! Well not really, but my neighbors do, at least that’s what it sounds like from my lvingroom.

Sexy model pose on the stairs in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego

Anyway, on to the boudoir shoot. The shining boudoir hotness you’re looking at is called…Mexychik. Apparently she thinks she is Mexican. On a serious note, her name is Carolina, she is a fellow artist here in San Diego.

Thinking naughty thoughts in pink lingerie. Balcony in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.

She is in school for fashion design and does body painting on the side. What’s that?! Yeah, she gets hot girls naked and then paints them. If you think the sounds like elements of a porn film you’re right! That’s why she is so effin kewl. I even let her wash my dishes she was so cool.

Sexiest black and white boudoir picture ever! Set in the Mission Valley area of San Diego.

So that’s about all for now folks. I’ve got some projects in mind, but all my money has had to go for buying crap for my place. When I got here I had a bed and two bookshelves. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by meeting available hot strangers, but I’m not very good at it.

Sexy model pose on a tempurpedic. Shot taken in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, California.

Apparently though I am an expert at getting stomped on from Oregon environmental science girls. By that I mean it’s like you’re dreamin about gorgonzola cheese when it’s clearly Brie time baby!

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