Boudoir in Ft. Leonardwood

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Boudoir in Fort Leonardwood

Opal strikes a sexy glamour pose in Ft. Leonardwood, MO.

So I had been on the road for quite awhile. I had flown from Greece to Seattle. Drove from Seattle to Kentucky, and then drove from Kentucky finally to Missouri. For the first time in a bit, I was gonna be somewhere for more than two weeks. Why was I going to Missouri? I was going to get to go to the same school Jack Reacher had been trained in!

Opal sporting the coin from Max Lichtor of the Pyramid Gallery

Enter Opal. I met her through another girl I was shooting named Maria. I messaged Opal on Facebook, who promptly agreed to meet me at the local Panera Bread in Saint Robert. Within the first ten minutes of Meeting Opal I knew we were gonna get along. Why was that? We got on the subject of horror movies. She stated she’d “Kentucky Derby Pinheads face”.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pinhead, he was the star of a film in the 1980′s called “Hellraiser“.

Opal gets geek boudoir sexy with her Atari shirt at the local Panera bread in Saint Robert, Missouri

As you can see from the above pictures, Opal can work it in and out of her “modeling uniform”. After a great conversation inside the Panera Bread and a few more colorful comments we decided to do a few test shots you see above. I started out with the 85mm, but that was way to damn close up. I slapped on the new 50mm I bought and we went to it. It was obvious the residents of Saint Robert aren’t used to photo-shoots. Within the first 45 seconds we had attracted a little crowd of curious onlookers. Turns out Opal (in addition to her other sexy qualities) is quite the exhibitionist and didn’t mind the onlookers at all.

Opal goes the extra mile to get a sexy shot. Not even laying on ice cold A/C's wearing only a thin dress slows her down.

So a week goes by and before I know it Opal is on her way over to my hotel room. I hadnt done a boudoir shoot in a long while. I had been studying one of the best books on boudoir photography. If you havent picked it up yet, its called, “The Art of Boudoir Photography” by Christa Meola.

Opal shows off her voluptuous curves and owned the shoot

Opal didn’t seem to know the meaning of the word “shy”. Of course I think that was because we had hit it off so well. Truth to be told I was nervous to the point of nausea before she arrived. Shooting always does this to me. I have never figured out why either. However we started laughing at each other about ten minutes in. Its rare a model will make you laugh. But when she said, “random dick sucking does not stop a mother fucker from cheating” I nearly lost it.

Bedroom eyes to die for. Opal works the shoot in Saint Robert, Missouri

Opal was full of colorful stories. One of which was that she used to be in the Army. Of all things you can do in the Army, she chose to be a mechanic. Although she refused to change my oil when I asked :(

Opal as a boudoir gothic beauty

Missouri wasn’t such a bad place, but it didn’t offer much in the way of boudoir shoot locations. All of the pictures you see were shot in my hotel room at Bell’s Extended Stay. If you’re coming to Fort Leonardwood for school I highly recommend staying here. I got a one bedroom, full kitchen, bath, free cable, internet, and plenty of great parking. Best of all its about 10 minutes from the school house, and has three restaurants within walking distance.

Opal doing her sexy Gothic beauty impression, nailed it!

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