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Comic Con, Slayer and heroes

Written on July 31, 2013 Categories: Events and Travel

Comic Con, Slayer and heroes

Hot ladies at the San Diego Comic Con! Does anyone know who the girl with the pentagram tattoo is?

Remember last week when I published the Zombie walk post? Well comic con was going on at the same time. I got downtown about 2 hours early, and just hung out around the convention center. I’m seriously glad I did, because I saw some very hot ladies, of course it helps that I love ladies in costume!

This sexy lady pulls off the patriotic Pinup look without a hitch at the San Diego Comic Con!

I’ve loved comics for a very long time. I think my first exposure was a show called “Spiderman and his amazing friends”. I hope I didn’t just date myself there! If you’ve heard of it I’d love to know though, just give a comment in the facebook box at the end of this entry.

Patriotic captain america with a sexy lovely lady at the comic con in San Diego.

I started collecting comics in the 1990’s, and could never get enough of them. I was mostly a Marvel fan, I never really liked any of the DC characters. Superman, Batman and Green Lantern just seemed kinda silly, although I did like Lobo, for those of you that have heard of him.

More sexy San Diego Comic Con madness

I couldn't resist putting myself in here! I love pinhead from Hellraiser and next year I just might make an appearance! Also, check out Edward scissor hands! This person went all out at the Comic con in San Diego!

My go to Marvel series was pretty standard, Darkhawk, the punisher, X-men, the Hulk, Spiderman, but I think my favorite may have been a tie between a series from Marvel called “The New Warriors” and “The Silver Surfer”

Hot sexy tattoos, and the baroness from GI Joe? Yes, sexiness abounds at the San Diego Comic con!

However, I knew better than to try and talk about comics with most of the comic con goers. These people are on a dedication level I can’t begin to touch!

A mixed crowd attends the San Diego comic con. Within 10 minutes I had seen someone that looked like Rob Zombie, Hellboy, and a member of San Diego's finest. A big thanks to the SDPD for keeping the peace!

Come on!! The 5th Element! How cool is this? Which one do you think is the better?

I've always loved Milla Jovovich in the 5th Element, apparently these lovely ladies do too!

One of my favorite things on this whole planet is a raven haired beauty in leather or latex. I don’t know how you could improve on a lovely lady like this!

Gothic beauty clad in leather and latex at the Comic con in San Diego!

Poison Ivy in the flesh, and working at a bar in the Gaslamp, everyone got in on the fun at the Comic con!

One of the sexiest club hostesses ever at the Comic con in San Diego!

Just another odd assortment of colorful characters. Everything from sexy robot ladies to Stormtroopers!

Mohawks and stormtroopers oh my!

Very sexy ladies at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con!

Get a load of these ladies! I didn’t even pay to go to Comic con, I had a great time just hanging outside the doors!

Sexy ladies at the Comic Con in San Diego

While I was out shooting I saw a guy crossing the street. He caught my attention because he looked very familiar. Then my mind clicked. This guy looked exactly like Kerry King!

For those of you who don’t know who Kerry King is…well you suck. Seriously though, Kerry King is guitarist in a band called Slayer. I’ve listened to Slayer for as long as I can remember. I’ve got all their CD’s, tapes, posters, shirts, watched their videos hundreds of times, learned their songs on the guitar, I think you get the drift.

I make a decision, I’m gonna go approach this guy who looks like Kerry King. I run across the street, almost get hit by a car, and yell, “Kerry!!”

The guy stops, turns to his right, and looks at me.

Me: Dude, you look exactly like Kerry King!

KK: I am Kerry King. (Very calm)

Me: No FUCKIN way!!!!

KK: Well take it or leave it

Me: Well dude if you are Kerry King, your my fuckin hero, I’ve played your music all over the middle east!

KK: Thanks dude (shakes my hand)

Me: Can I get a picture?

KK: (poses)

Me: (click!)

That was it, Kerry King crosses the street carrying his Comic Con bag and is gone. It was one of the oddest experiences I’ve ever had.

This is the picture Kerry King let me take.

Kerry King from Slayer at the San Diego Comic Con!!

Kerry in the odd event you read this, thank you for being so cool!!

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    Zombies, babes, and the Evil Dead

    Written on July 27, 2013 Categories: Events and Travel

    Zombies, babes, and the Evil Dead

    Now that is a sexy zombie from San Diego zombiewalk!

    I don’t know what fuels my obsession with horror movies. For as long as I can remember my heroes were Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, and Pinhead.

    The USPS makes sure the job gets done even after death. Now that is some dedication!

    Another thing near and dear to my heart is zombies. I don’t remember the first one I ever saw, but I think it was “Day of the Dead” directed by George Romero. For those of you that don’t know, George Romero is one of the most popular zombie movie directors, and produced the unholy trilogy. Night of the living dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the dead.

    This lady from zombiewalk went all out! I have no idea who she is, but if you know her please direct her here so I can get her a copy of this!

    I remember the zombie movies scared the dogshit out of me. They also started a lifelong obsession with collecting survival gear, which is awesome at collecting dust and emptying my wallet.

    Everyone gets to have a great time at the San Diego Zombiewalk!

    It was interesting how I found out that this zombiewalk in San Diego was even happening. Before I came to San Diego I started doing research on how to keep myself busy.

    I love leather corsets and ladies from the Thor series!

    During one of these searches I found a website called Meetup. Basically this site just gets people together who have a common interest. I think this site is one of the coolest things I have ran across in quite a while, mainly due to its diversity. Do you like collecting thumbtacks, participating in orgies, or enjoy learning to knit? Well Meetup is the place to go; it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a group that shares your common interest!

    More silent hill sexiness, and the zombie hunting squad makes an appearance!

    In my case I found a group called the Pacific Photographic Society (PPS), and if you are in the San Diego area and like photography I suggest you look them up.

    The sexiest 50 shades of grey zombie relationship I have ever seen!

    In fact the PPS was how I found out about the zombie shoot in the first place. When you join the group they have organized shoots to all kinds of events.

    Sexy zombie prom queen, a great zombie couple, and at the bottom one of the loveliest ladies on the planet!

    When I met them everyone was very welcoming and nice. One of the members even took the time to fix my camera flash. I had a great time shooting with them and can’t wait to go back to another shoot.

    Dawn of the dead eat your heart out! San Diego Zombiewalk

    The evening went on and I continued to shoot. I saw some of the strangest sites, activities and people I’ve ever seen since coming to this planet 34 years ago.

    Voodoo priest, human sacrifice and sexy ladies at the San Diego zombiewalk.

    It was my plan to wonder downtown and maybe have a few drinks, and try and find a metal bar, fetish or industrial club. However most of the drinking establishments just turned out to be sports bars that exuded douchebaggery at about 25 feet.

    Dead Marines, cannibal children, and killer clowns at San Diego Zombiewalk.

    After walking a bit I saw a line comprised of people dressed in black, tattoos poking out everywhere, sullen faces. I think I may have found my hangout for the next three years. I asked the guy what the line was for, and he replied that it was the Evil Dead Bluray release party. Boom!! I’m in!

    Zombies in the forest, fashion queens, and one of my favorite ladies at the bottom. Lots of things to see at the San Diego Zombiewalk!

    After standing in line for over an hour, basically starving, we finally get let in. However there is one catch, we had to hashtag the evil dead on facebook or twitter. They verified the hashtag at the door by looking at our cell phones, and then let us inside. The club where this Evil Dead release party was happening was called “The Commons”. Once inside their was a guy singing, who turned out to be Corey Taylor, who was the lead singer of Slipknot. I never liked Slipknot though so I kept moving. In the other end of the club though, I see the girl from the new Evil Dead film. Which girl? Um hello!! The one who split her tongue in half and then laid a sexy lesbian tongue kiss on the other girl, that’s who!! I don’t stand in line to meet her, but I do snap a few pics. Beyond that, the club was extremely over packed and boring, had like 3 girls and 100 guys. I don’t do sausage fest so I exited stage left.

    more sexy zombies at the San Diego zombiewalk

    I went to a few bars after, always after that elusive metal or industrial club. Finally someone told me to go to Club Onyx, and that they played decent music. I made my way there, and it was ok, not exactly what I was looking for, and besides I was pretty drunk at the time. At the time it was either 1am, or close to it. The next thing I remember is arriving at my apartment with some girl I don’t know. Seven hours had gone by, and I had no memory of it. Scary. That’s not the end of it, the money was gone out of my wallet, my camera had been taken along with the lens and flash, my iphone, hell even my glasses were gone. When I asked the girl what had happened to my things she said I approached her as I was. So what happened? I’ll probably never know. I had to replace all my equipment though, which sucked a big one. Anyway, if you read this far I appreciate it! This was a long entry but I hope you enjoyed it!

    More fun at the San Diego Zombiewalk!

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      Boudoir, bikinis and assassins

      The sexy Estonian model strikes an awesome boudoir pose in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego

      Alright ladies and gentleman, you all ever watch movies from the 80’s? Okay, now in these movies there is almost always the same scene. It could be at a school, mall, or mental home parking lot. But a car pulls up, and this chick gets out. When she does everything turns slow motion. The reason why Newtonian physics gets defied is that the girl is hot.

      Kadi and her winning model smile. Lit with Paul C Buff White beauty dish.

      Not just hot, but slow motion boudoir hot. Joggers run into street poles, cars run fire hydrants, and babies begin to levitate.

      Carmen Kass lookalike, image lit with white Paul C Buff beauty dish in the Mission Valley area of San Diego

      That’s kinda how Kadi was. She gets out of her car, time slows, people wreck. Thanks a lot Kadi, now you’ve ruined everyone’s weekend with your hotness.

      Edited with NIK HDR effects, kadi strikes a sexy model pose in the mission Valley area of San Diego.

      Kadi introduces herself, and would ya believe it, she has a damn accent. Once again, my mind goes back to the 1980’s. I quickly scan her hands to make sure she doesn’t have a poison tipped dagger. I don’t see a blow gun or dagger, but I see something on her keychain that catches my attention.

      Sexy classic B&W of Kadi in a black bikini, shot with alienbees in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.

      It’s a red strip that says “fly girl”. It strikes me as unusual so I ask her about it. About as nonchalant as you could possibly get, she replies, “ya, I’m a pilot”. After some discussion I learn Kadi had a humble beginning as a flight attendant. She didn’t want to serve drinks forever, and thought “well if those guys can fly the plane, why can’t I?”

      Kadi lounges by the pool. Image lit with alienbees and taken in the Mission Valley area of San Diego.

      It turns out that Kadi, is originally from Estonia. Never heard of Estonia? It’s one of the three countries that are known as the Baltic States. They also have what is considered one of the hardest languages in the world to learn. Finally it’s the home of the world famous model Carmen Kass.

      Kadi owns this sexy boudoir pose! Image lit with Paul C Buff white beauty dish, taken in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.

      This wasn’t strictly boudoir, but more of a test shoot. Basically a meet and greet with a camera. These meet and greets are handy for both photographer and model. It basically assures the model that I’m not gonna put them in a pit and tell them to put the lotion on the skin or they get the hose again; and it assures me they aren’t an alien bent on the destruction of the human race.

      Kadi takes a dip in the salt water pool in the Kearny Mesa area of San diego.

      Really though, this was a great excuse to try out the new Alienbee equipment I got in. I ordered the white Alienbee beauty dish with diffusion sock and I was dying to see how it would do. I used it along with available light, shot in manual mode, and basically kept it at around F16. You can judge for yourself how the shots came out.

      Various sexy boudoir poses. Images lit with alienbees Pual C Buff White beauty dish.

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        Boudoir, babes and blackholes

        Written on July 13, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

        Boudoir, babes and black holes

        Cara posing in a sexy pink corset in mission Valley San Diego

        So I’m in San Diego now. Its hot, its crowded, and people love it here. Why do they love it? It’s the weather they say. 75 degrees year round, to me it might as well be hell on earth, or another tour in the Middle East. I’m sure i’ll get used to it though, but I got to get that elusive beach body first. Tony Horton help me!!

        Sexy boudoir pose in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego

        So far finding people to shoot boudoir with here in San Diego has been a little bit different as well. In Washington it was much simpler, but here most of the models seem to want money. This isn’t so bad, but some of these girls are just starting out.

        Pearl necklaces and sexy pink lingerie in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.

        They have self-made pics of them blowing kisses in the mirror, and you can just tell they are gonna end up in porn one day. Well hey….I love porn! Well not really, but my neighbors do, at least that’s what it sounds like from my lvingroom.

        Sexy model pose on the stairs in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego

        Anyway, on to the boudoir shoot. The shining boudoir hotness you’re looking at is called…Mexychik. Apparently she thinks she is Mexican. On a serious note, her name is Carolina, she is a fellow artist here in San Diego.

        Thinking naughty thoughts in pink lingerie. Balcony in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.

        She is in school for fashion design and does body painting on the side. What’s that?! Yeah, she gets hot girls naked and then paints them. If you think the sounds like elements of a porn film you’re right! That’s why she is so effin kewl. I even let her wash my dishes she was so cool.

        Sexiest black and white boudoir picture ever! Set in the Mission Valley area of San Diego.

        So that’s about all for now folks. I’ve got some projects in mind, but all my money has had to go for buying crap for my place. When I got here I had a bed and two bookshelves. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy by meeting available hot strangers, but I’m not very good at it.

        Sexy model pose on a tempurpedic. Shot taken in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, California.

        Apparently though I am an expert at getting stomped on from Oregon environmental science girls. By that I mean it’s like you’re dreamin about gorgonzola cheese when it’s clearly Brie time baby!

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