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I love waking up in the morning to discover everything covered in fresh white snow. The trees are white and fuzzy, everything looks shiny and new and the air is crisp and clean.

Reminds me so much of Mother Russia!

I’ve been wishing for snow since before Christmas and finally the snow gods answered my prayers.

Right away I knew what I wanted to do… get some sexy pictures in the snow. =)

I had few ideas in mind.

This one I’ve been waiting for a while to do. It was inspired by the Black Dahlia and Kristina pulled it off beautifully.

Another great thing I got to try out is the Fog Machine my husband got me for Christmas this year.

Yes, I asked Santa for studio props and equipment… what else would I need?

During the day when the sun came out and started slowly melting all the ice, we took some shots under the tree. The frozen drops were falling all over LauraJean, but she kept her composure.

With her I wanted to portray an Ice Princess with frizzy hair and ice blue eyes.

For LauraJean’s other look I took her to the front porch. Her outfit reminded me of a flapper girls of the 20′s and I wanted her to hold one of my beautiful Pixie Bob cats. The moment the cats saw the snow though they were not cooperating at all. So we had to do without =).

Later that evening it started snowing again and Jennifer came out to help me with another idea I had. I wanted to see if I can get a great shot in the dark with snow flakes dancing around the model. By the time we were ready to shoot the snow stopped, but we were not ready to give up. These are the shots we got late in the evening, with freezing temperature.

Jenn is a superstar!

This crazy girl sat in the snow and rubbed it all over herself. I get cold every time I look at these pictures, but it was totally worth it! 

At the end I want to say thank you to the girls that battled icy roads to come and shoot with me. All three froze in the snow just to help me bring some ideas to life.

Girls, you are the greatest!

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    Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and most of us are in search of that perfect gift. Something special and unique to give to our lover. Chocolate and roses are so overrated and every store is full of same old thing. It’s like we try to make him feel loved by buying same thing everyone else is going to get. Many of the couples I know don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day. They see it as a waste of time and money. So, this Valentine’s Day take a chance and give him something that will say “I Love You” in a whole new way.

    Go to Victoria’s Secret, or Lover’s Package, or and buy that sexy outfit you always wanted but talked yourself out of. Dig through the box of past Halloween costumes and find that masquerade mask you felt so sexy in. Get the fishnets and the highest heels in the store even though you know you will never wear them again.

    Forget rose petals and pink fuzzy hearts.

    This Cupid is naughty!!!

    Be selfish, this gift is more for you than him! You get to play dress up and get pampered. Have your makeup done while sipping on wine, and get a shot of confidence with supermodel photo shoot.

    All our Boudoir Packages are designed to fit any budget while still providing the experience of a lifetime. There is no better feeling than realizing that this hard working mom of two can still stop traffic!  We all need that boost and this is one of the ways to get it.

    If you want it all and you want it now Lilith’s Lair Boudoir Photo Shoot is exactly what you need.

    A room in a luxury hotel with beautiful decor and amazing views. The two hotels I hand picked for your consideration are The Majestic Inn and Spa in Anacortes and The Palace Hotel in Port Townsend. Both are glamorous in different way. Both provide a wide variety of settings for the most sensuous images. Both have breathtaking views of the town.

    This is the ultimate boudoir experience.


     Professional hair and makeup services are included and provided by Ashley with Make Up Your Mind. Four hour photo shoot with unlimited wardrobe changes. Bring all your favorite outfits and sexiest lingerie.

    At the end you will receive a one of a kind Press Printed Album of your favorite images designed specially for you. This you can present to your lover and see his face light up. This gift will keep on giving every time he looks through it!

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      A year in Review

      In the past year Oni Studio has grown so much! We learned a lot and accomplished many of our goals. But it’s because of you, our clients, that the year has been so successful for us!

      As we move into 2012 we like to reflect on some of the highlights of the previous year. A large portion of our success comes from our fans on facebook page and we would love to send a special shout out to them! We hope that our photos have made your days better, inspired you, and if you have shot with us, we hope it was an experience to remember.

      This year we accomplished a number of things that we are quite proud of. Launching of our website and blog is one of them. Before we got the website and blog most of our client interaction had been done through sites like MySpace and later Facebook. The website and blog, designed by J.R. Customization, and hosted on Smugmug, allowed us a new and uncensored platform to interact with our clients. We have enjoyed it and according to Google analytics you all have too!

      It was very difficult to pick out our favorite photos of 2011, but one thing we wanted to do was post photographs we hadn’t have on our blog before, or at least not for awhile. Hope you enjoy!

      Winning third place in the “Best of Whidbey” competition was a HUGE honor for us in 2011! Especially since we are a relatively new studio. We definitely want to thank everyone who voted for us and this year we wanna take home the gold!!



      My husband, often an under credited and unnoticed part of Oni Studio, sometimes gets from behind the editing desk and assist in the shoots. Thank you honey! I could not do it without you.

      Charity, owner of WatchDawgs Grooming and Boarding was instrumental in getting us more new fans than any campaign we ran. She did an amazing amount of work to help gain noteriety for Oni Studio and we wish her the best in 2012!

      This is one of the greatest things about living here in Whidbey Island! My husband and I drove here across country from Virginia and first saw Deception Pass early in the morning covered in fog. We were driving separate vehicles and communicated via walkie talkie. When we saw Deception Pass we started yelling to each other, “do you see this?! what the hell?!” Needless to say it made an impression!

      One of the advantages of working for the government is the travel. This was taken by my husband at the hotel in Crete, Greece.  You can see more photos he took in Crete here.

      One of the greatest things about working as a photographer is getting to bring to life all the crazy ideas that pop into my head. I would like to thank all the wonderful models that agree to be used and abused by me in the name of art! Special thanks go out to Briellen K., Sharon O., Meggie, Sandra O., Lola, Crystal B., Heidi M., Jenn B., Veronica F., and Kortney S.

      In 2012 I plan on doing many special projects. If you have a great idea and a complete, detailed write up on it, get in touch with me!

      We love this lake, in fact its hard not to run off the road as we drive by. We never knew the name of it and always called it Mirror Lake. When we finally got our tripod we raced out and got these shots. We are far from being nature photographers, but it was a fun shoot! For those that live in Whidbey Island, is this called Cranberry Lake?

      That’s all for now dear constant reader! For the first three weeks of January I will be unable to do any shoots due to an operation. For 2012 we will have a slight price increase but to offset this I want to implement a referral program that will save you money and I plan on doing a few projects in hopes of being published in Bella Morte magazine. To keep abreast of all updates make sure you become a fan on our Facebook page, we are also on Twitter and Google Plus! We hope you and yours have a great New Year and wish you the best in 2012!

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        When we think of a photo shoot we imagine getting ready, packing our outfits, and going over to a photo studio or a pre-determined location. Not often do we think of our own home as a stage where an intimate photo session can take place… but let’s think about it.

        We spend so much time making our homes beautiful and comfortable . This is one place that is our true reflection and everything there is a personal touch. Just being at home relaxes and comforts us.

        Having a boudoir photo session in your home is a very different experience. You know all the intimate details of this place and every room is full of memories. Presenting your man with photos that not only showcase your beauty, but whisper of familiar seduction can be very personal and intimate.

        This week my make up artist Ashley and I traveled to Bellingham to Ms. K’s vocation home. It’s located in a quiet community on the edge of a lake where the trees are fully covered with moss making them look like they are made of plush. It’s so beautiful Ashley and I had to stop and take pictures.

        Having access to a whole house made me feel like a kid in a candy store. Every corner has so much potential and my creativity was pumping! While Ashley was doing Ms.K’s makeup we got to talk about her vision for this shoot in more detail and collaborated on which “sets” we will use. Having a full access to her closet was great as well. When I looked through the windows at the back yard I could not help wanting to take some shots there. We did not plan to do that, but it was great that Ms. K could go straight into her closed and pull out an outfit that complimented my vision.

        Another thing that was very interesting to me about this shoot is a reason behind it. Last year right after her birthday, Ms. K sat down and wrote 12 things that she wanted to accomplish or experience within a year. Boudoir session is a last thing on her list before her birthday at the end of the month. Wow, what a gift! She talked about other things on her list that she has done and it truly inspired me. How many times we want to do something, but put it on a back burner and tell ourselves we don’t have enough time? This New Year I am making a list and I am sticking to it!

        Here at Oni Studio we like to highlight the work of other photographers who have done similar projects that our particular post is about. This week we’d like to share a post from Tammy of True Blue Intimates. Tammy is a professional photographer and published author on the subject of boudoir. Her post here and here highlight a shoot in a clients home is nothing less than inspiring!

        Another interesting shoot is from Jennifer Frezza of KaZa Photography. She had a news crew come out and film her doing a boudoir shoot in a clients home along with a very insightful interview. You can check out the news crew video here.

        Thats all for now dear constant reader, if you liked this post don’t forget to become a fan on our facebook page for daily updates, and guess what else? Valentines Day is right around the corner, what would be a better gift for that special someone in your life than boudoir photos?

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