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Valentine’s Day is approaching fast and most of us are in search of that perfect gift. Something special and unique to give to our lover. Chocolate and roses are so overrated and every store is full of same old thing. It’s like we try to make him feel loved by buying same thing everyone else is going to get. Many of the couples I know don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day. They see it as a waste of time and money. So, this Valentine’s Day take a chance and give him something that will say “I Love You” in a whole new way.

Go to Victoria’s Secret, or Lover’s Package, or and buy that sexy outfit you always wanted but talked yourself out of. Dig through the box of past Halloween costumes and find that masquerade mask you felt so sexy in. Get the fishnets and the highest heels in the store even though you know you will never wear them again.

Forget rose petals and pink fuzzy hearts.

This Cupid is naughty!!!

Be selfish, this gift is more for you than him! You get to play dress up and get pampered. Have your makeup done while sipping on wine, and get a shot of confidence with supermodel photo shoot.

All our Boudoir Packages are designed to fit any budget while still providing the experience of a lifetime. There is no better feeling than realizing that this hard working mom of two can still stop traffic!  We all need that boost and this is one of the ways to get it.

If you want it all and you want it now Lilith’s Lair Boudoir Photo Shoot is exactly what you need.

A room in a luxury hotel with beautiful decor and amazing views. The two hotels I hand picked for your consideration are The Majestic Inn and Spa in Anacortes and The Palace Hotel in Port Townsend. Both are glamorous in different way. Both provide a wide variety of settings for the most sensuous images. Both have breathtaking views of the town.

This is the ultimate boudoir experience.


 Professional hair and makeup services are included and provided by Ashley with Make Up Your Mind. Four hour photo shoot with unlimited wardrobe changes. Bring all your favorite outfits and sexiest lingerie.

At the end you will receive a one of a kind Press Printed Album of your favorite images designed specially for you. This you can present to your lover and see his face light up. This gift will keep on giving every time he looks through it!

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    We, the Wall Flowers {Boudoir Blog}

    Written on January 7, 2012 Categories: Washington Boudoir

    This week on FaceBook we posted a copy of a letter from a customer that was shared by a fellow photographer, Jeanine Thurston. It brought tears to my eyes and made me think a bit different about photography.

    I love doing what I do. I take pride in making women feel beautiful and sexy and bring out their “private” side. But there is so much more to it.

    Photos we create are not just pieces of paper. These works of art are memories. Frozen moments of our existence. Markings of our milestones. They represent our beauty, our love, our passion…

    Everything we are in life will be remembered by our good deeds, but our memory will live through a photograph. Many years after we are gone, someone will look at the photo of us and say, “This is my great great great grandmother. She was a strong woman. Wasn’t she beautiful?”

    When you think of a photograph in those long terms… don’t you want to leave one worth looking at?

    Nowadays there are so many options to satisfy out photographic needs and wants. A 4X6 print does not cut it anymore. We bind our images into press printed books. Blow them up and frame them. Carve them into metal sheets or ceramic tiles. Today, I want to highlight one of the new products we offer here at Oni Studio.

    Presenting CollageWall!!!

    Supported by a grid of push-in pegs, CollageWall® pictures hang aligned and stay level.  And you can add, remove and rearrange pictures in seconds.

    The frameless pictures float 1/4 inch off the wall. With multiple connection points on the back, pictures stay straight.

    When you purchase a CollageWall I will personally deliver it to your door step and install it in a place you selected (within 20 miles of the studio). No mess and no fuss! A grid of precision-machined aluminum pegs hold the pictures tight. Finally a photo wall is easy to install, add to and update. And off the wall, the 5-inch-high pictures have a second life using the included stands.

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      Dawn and I met when she came in for a Glamour shoot last year. She had her hair and makeup done and came in ready to be a super model. She did an amazing job then and some of the shots from that shoot made it to our website and have been used for few promotional items in the studio.

      Dawn also hired us for her Engagement Session and then later for her Wedding day. Needless to say, Dawn is not just a loyal customer, but a good friend as well.

      This year, as a gift for her husband, Dawn came in for a Boudoir Session. In our new studio we were able to provide a whole new experience for her and give a wider range of shots. By the time we were done with the shoot Dawn have been posed by the door, on the steps, against a backdrop, in the library and on the bed. She was exhausted, but it was well worth it when she got to see the final product.

      The pictures came out amazing, but during the viewing session Dawn mentioned that she could not decide if she was going to print all the shots out and put them in the album or create a scrap book.

      Oh no no no no no!!!

      There are better ways of packaging such sexy memories!

      I showed Dawn few different options as well as our new Press Printed Books, and was not surprised when she fell in love with it.

      Our Hardcover Canvas Surface Photo Books are printed on highest quality digital press printing technology available. Features unique Lay Flat Hinged Pages and comes in variety of sizes. Perfect for Wedding Albums, Boudoir Books, Coffee Table Books and more!

      We worked within Dawn’s budget and created a one of a kind book using the images she selected. We were even able to add some of her husband’s favorite images from the first shoot. Every page told a story and showed off Dawn’s unique beauty as well as some intimate details (for his eyes only!)

      When the book arrived wrapped in a beautiful box with a bow and I presented it to Dawn it was like watching a kid on Christmas morning! Looking through the book I saw how emotional she got… though she will deny crying.

      Now that’s a gift worth putting under the tree for the man you love!

      “I am speechless about the book. The detail is amazing and you can feel the thought that went into the design. I can’t wait for my husband, who is stationed on the east coast, to get it as an early Christmas gift. But shhhh don’t tell him!”
      Dawn B.

      LOL, I guess she could not wait!

      Speaking of Christmas, we got our Christmas tree up and decorated by the fire place. Perfect background for the Holidays. So ladies, I hope you’ve been naughty enough this year to get yourself some sexy red lingerie!

      Don’t wait any longer. Book your appointment today and order your personal Press Printed Book just in time for the Holidays!

      Visit our Website for details and fill out Contact form.

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