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Written on December 18, 2011 Categories: Washington Boudoir

When we think of a photo shoot we imagine getting ready, packing our outfits, and going over to a photo studio or a pre-determined location. Not often do we think of our own home as a stage where an intimate photo session can take place… but let’s think about it.

We spend so much time making our homes beautiful and comfortable . This is one place that is our true reflection and everything there is a personal touch. Just being at home relaxes and comforts us.

Having a boudoir photo session in your home is a very different experience. You know all the intimate details of this place and every room is full of memories. Presenting your man with photos that not only showcase your beauty, but whisper of familiar seduction can be very personal and intimate.

This week my make up artist Ashley and I traveled to Bellingham to Ms. K’s vocation home. It’s located in a quiet community on the edge of a lake where the trees are fully covered with moss making them look like they are made of plush. It’s so beautiful Ashley and I had to stop and take pictures.

Having access to a whole house made me feel like a kid in a candy store. Every corner has so much potential and my creativity was pumping! While Ashley was doing Ms.K’s makeup we got to talk about her vision for this shoot in more detail and collaborated on which “sets” we will use. Having a full access to her closet was great as well. When I looked through the windows at the back yard I could not help wanting to take some shots there. We did not plan to do that, but it was great that Ms. K could go straight into her closed and pull out an outfit that complimented my vision.

Another thing that was very interesting to me about this shoot is a reason behind it. Last year right after her birthday, Ms. K sat down and wrote 12 things that she wanted to accomplish or experience within a year. Boudoir session is a last thing on her list before her birthday at the end of the month. Wow, what a gift! She talked about other things on her list that she has done and it truly inspired me. How many times we want to do something, but put it on a back burner and tell ourselves we don’t have enough time? This New Year I am making a list and I am sticking to it!

Here at Oni Studio we like to highlight the work of other photographers who have done similar projects that our particular post is about. This week we’d like to share a post from Tammy of True Blue Intimates. Tammy is a professional photographer and published author on the subject of boudoir. Her post here and here highlight a shoot in a clients home is nothing less than inspiring!

Another interesting shoot is from Jennifer Frezza of KaZa Photography. She had a news crew come out and film her doing a boudoir shoot in a clients home along with a very insightful interview. You can check out the news crew video here.

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