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Trash the dress, a new type of wedding photo-shoot that has recently gained more popularity, has taken the bridal world by storm. Many new brides are looking for something unique and different and something to add to that special day. 

When we think of wedding photography things like formal pictures of brides and groom and the family come to mind. Pretty pictures of the bride looking like a princess on her special day. The highlights of the event like the kiss, ring exchange, cake cutting, and the bouquet toss. All those shots are necessary, but wouldn’t it be great to have something a bit more original?

Some women book their trash the dress shoot a few days after their wedding. They add it to their wedding experience and never look back. Others keep their dress in the closet for years, forgetting all about it until the idea them. What’s the point of keeping it watching it yellow with age? It’s only a silent reminder of younger years, crazy experiences and pounds since gained. Would it not better serve its purpose by giving you one more memory? One more exciting experience to be had! A boost of self-confidence and most of all another day of crazy fun! 

To illustrate my interpretation of the trash the dress shoots I had Brandy in the studio had her bring her old wedding dress and borrowed another dress from my friend Jen.  I had been inspired by a few other really good trash the dress shoots by Lindsay Adler and Karen Loudon photography both of which are just amazingly talented ladies! 

Ladies before I forget I wanted to get a word in from Ashley of  Make-Up Your Mind artistry: In addition to working with Oni Studio, I also do a lot of bridal makeup. I originally started my business with the idea of bridal work as my main focus. However, upon meeting Victoria and Travis and working with so many of their awesome clients, I have switched my focus to a more boudoir and pin up style. Now that wedding season is upon us and is in full swing, I really wanted to show off my ability to rock and conquer the bridal world. Victoria and I have been talking for quite some time about a bridal shoot, so to see the finished product is beyond gratifying!

We started the shoot with a more natural look, something that would be perfect for a day time summer or spring wedding. Peach cheeks, a subtle lip and brown eyeliner smudged into the lash line just to enhance eye shape and lashes. Natural and fresh is perfect for day time weddings. We then moved into a more dramatic look, for evening, fall and winter weddings, also with our “trash the dress” shoot in mind. I smoked out her eyes with a little muted black and grey, followed up with wedged black eyeliner to make her eyes stand out and pop. Once we got out to the site for our dress trashing fun, I applied a darker lip color for more of an edgy look. Over all I couldn’t be happier with the way it all turned out! I shouldn’t be too surprised though, because everything Oni Studio does comes out amazing! -Thanks Ashley! 


So stop saving that dress hoping one day your daughter might wear it. Stop looking at it in longing, screw sentimental value! Get it out of the closet and let’s burn it! 

Like I posted in my last entry I purchased an awesome new background from Serendipity Backgrounds, as you can see from the shots I used here with the trash the dress shoot it looks amazing! Can’t wait to get another one! 

You all may have also noticed a slight change in the design of our blog, this is all thanks to The Album Cafe, our one stop shop for designs! if you have a quick minute stop on by and check out their wares! 

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    On September 10, 2011 we were honored to photograph a wedding of David Hamilton and Charity Laferriere.  It was a sunny warm day and the wedding ceremony and reception were held at the Rocky Point park area overlooking the ocean. Such a perfect location for two beautiful people to tie the knot.

     Best Cupcakes I ever had, Rocky POint, Whidbey Island Wedding

    We originally met Charity, the owner and operator of Watchdawgs pet grooming and boarding back in April, when she won a free thirty minute shoot contest. It was such a pleasure working with her! Charity’s attitude and great personality showed beautifully through the camera and her pictures were unforgettable.  When she requested us to be her wedding photographers we were so honored and excited to work with her again.

    On that beautiful September day Charity and Dave, surrounded by closest family and friends, became husband and wife.

      Bride and Groom kiss at thier wedding, Rocky Point, Whidbey Island

    Here are some of our favorite shots.

    Party favors at the wedding, Rocky Point, Whidbey Island

      Tears at the wedding, Rocky Point, Whidbey Island, WA


    This was a very touching and emotional moment, for those in attendance you know why.



    Its no surprise to learn where Charity inherited her considerable dance moves from! Her father, despite having received injuries from a motor vehicle accident that would have put me in the hospital toughed it out to not only attend his daughters wedding, but also to perform a dance routine I wouldn’t be able to reproduce on my best day, now that is MOTIVATING!

    This was another nice surprise, I didn’t even know you could get personalized matchbooks, very nice touch! I know now that in addition to her other talents if we ever need an event planner i’m calling Charity first thing!

    My parents always told me money doesn’t grow on trees, I always believed them too until I went to Charities wedding and discovered the awful truth!

    Now no one has ever referred to me as “normal” but I think I have stepped off the deep end with this cupcake wedding cake. I was initially hesitant to try them, but Charities mother assured me that they would be the best thing I have ever put in my mouth, so I decided to put that claim to the test. They were made from scratch hazelnut chocolate and I thought I may have died and went to have the cupcakes of the Gods on Mt Olympus. Ever since then i’ve developed quite the obsession with them, I think about them before going to sleep and have found myself staring at this picture for long periods of time…..wait…what exactly was I typing about again?

    Dave and Charity, may the years ahead of you be filled with love and lasting joy.  Congratulations to a couple whose match truly seems to be perfect for each other.

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