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Heidi is one of our many repeat customers. She has been to our studio so many times it started to feel like hanging out with a friend instead of working with a client.  Surely you guys remember some of the memorable shots of Heidi that were posted before.

Working with Heidi is always such a pleasure. Her outfits are colorful and fun, her body art, most of which is done by Tiny Tim’s Tattoo, is tasteful and unique.  In addition to Heidi being a hair stylist she is also a big fan of wigs, so I can always expect her hair to look amazing and match the look we are going for.

When Heidi was here few weeks ago for another fun shoot I found out that her sister Amy is a horse trainer with Fire Mountain Friesians and they have two horses that they are working on at home.  For a while now I’ve been thinking of doing a location shoot with a horse and since I knew that Heidi can deliver the look I had in mind I asked if she would be interested in modeling for me.

Gladly she said yes!

An involved shoot like this needs a lot more people to pull it off than normal. I needed Heidi to model, Amy to attend to the horse, and Dawn to help out with lighting and equipment as well as take some behind the scene shots. I, of course, am busy with Holiday shoots at the studio, so it took about three weeks to find the right day for everyone to get together.

It was a cold rainy morning in Sedro-Wooley when we arrived to Heidi’s house. That was the first time I met King, a beautiful and energetic, but gentle horse. I felt a little bit bad for asking Heidi to wear almost nothing in such a cold weather, but once she got on King’s back, his body heat was keeping her nice and toasty.


Doing a shoot with any animal is a whole lot different than just photographing people. The obvious communication problem is not the only thing. Animals are unpredictable and fast moving. While directing the poses, lighting and shooting I still had to keep one eye open for King walking right into the camera and another to watch out for horse poop.

Few days before the shoot Heidi got a cute, but super short haircut. Not the look we were going for here. Thankfully she has plenty of wigs to choose from. This one was great. It looks natural and compliments the shots. It kind of matches the horse mane, and I loved that!

As you can see we got some great shots that day. It was definitely an educational experience for me as a photographer, but also a fun day doing something I love!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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    All I want for Christmas is…

    Written on November 20, 2011 Categories: Whidbey Island Boudoir Shoot

    Boudoir photos are intimate images of a woman that are revealing and sexual. This kind of photo shoot is exciting and liberating. It can increase self-esteem, rekindle romance and all around be a life-changing experience.

    But being a woman myself, I can understand how that excitement can quickly turn into apprehension. Thinking about being so vulnerable and exposed can be scary and I often hear women say:

    If only I was thinner… taller… prettier… Had bigger this and smaller that…

    There are so many excuses, but it all gets down to making that first step. Once she makes that step, she never regrets doing it.

    Proper lighting, flattering poses and professional makeup can transform an every-day girl into a princess she really is.


    So what can you expect once your decision has been made?

    5 Easy Steps to a Sexier You

    #1 Book a Session

    Fill out the contact form on our website or call me directly at 757-582-2334 to book your shoot. We’ll set up a phone, Skype, or an in-studio consultation to go over your ideas and wardrobe choices. Also, I will send you information about your shoot, what to expect and how to prepare.

    #2 Day of the Shoot

    It’s like visiting a good friend! Arrive at my home studio and get situated in the dressing room. We’ll go over your outfits one more time and talk about the process. Finger food and refreshments are served to keep your mood and energy level up. If our makeup artist is here to work on your hair and makeup, she will pamper you and help you get ready. After that you are ready to step onto the set!

    #3 During the Shoot

    All lights are on you! We’ll move from set to set and try different posing and lighting to highlight your sexy side. I will guide you through this process, so you don’t have to have any modeling experience, but at the end you will definitely feel like a super model!

    #4 Viewing Session

    After your photo shoot we’ll sit down and go over your images together. At this time you can select your favorite images to be edited. We’ll talk about your print order, specialty items, and answer any questions you might have.

    #5 Order Pick-Up

    Once your order has arrived from our printing lab I will give you a call and set up a time for you to come by. After reviewing your order you can take it home and show it off with a new sexy confidence!

    There are no secret about Boudoir Session and if you have any questions all you have to do is ask. So this Holiday season do something special for yourself. Make a memory to cherish for a lifetime, and if the man in your life happen to get a present that is for his eyes only…. I am sure he will not complain.

    One of the most popular gift ideas for the Holidays is the Wall Calendar. This calendar includes thirteen of your favorite images, one for the cover and twelve for each of the months. There are several styles of the calendars to choose from and it can start on whichever month you wish. These publisher-quality calendars are printed on high-quality card stock and are easy to customize to make it uniquely you. This gift keeps on giving throughout the year!

    Take advantage of 15% off Holiday Calendars offer from now until December 20th. Book our appointment today!


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      Dawn and I met when she came in for a Glamour shoot last year. She had her hair and makeup done and came in ready to be a super model. She did an amazing job then and some of the shots from that shoot made it to our website and have been used for few promotional items in the studio.

      Dawn also hired us for her Engagement Session and then later for her Wedding day. Needless to say, Dawn is not just a loyal customer, but a good friend as well.

      This year, as a gift for her husband, Dawn came in for a Boudoir Session. In our new studio we were able to provide a whole new experience for her and give a wider range of shots. By the time we were done with the shoot Dawn have been posed by the door, on the steps, against a backdrop, in the library and on the bed. She was exhausted, but it was well worth it when she got to see the final product.

      The pictures came out amazing, but during the viewing session Dawn mentioned that she could not decide if she was going to print all the shots out and put them in the album or create a scrap book.

      Oh no no no no no!!!

      There are better ways of packaging such sexy memories!

      I showed Dawn few different options as well as our new Press Printed Books, and was not surprised when she fell in love with it.

      Our Hardcover Canvas Surface Photo Books are printed on highest quality digital press printing technology available. Features unique Lay Flat Hinged Pages and comes in variety of sizes. Perfect for Wedding Albums, Boudoir Books, Coffee Table Books and more!

      We worked within Dawn’s budget and created a one of a kind book using the images she selected. We were even able to add some of her husband’s favorite images from the first shoot. Every page told a story and showed off Dawn’s unique beauty as well as some intimate details (for his eyes only!)

      When the book arrived wrapped in a beautiful box with a bow and I presented it to Dawn it was like watching a kid on Christmas morning! Looking through the book I saw how emotional she got… though she will deny crying.

      Now that’s a gift worth putting under the tree for the man you love!

      “I am speechless about the book. The detail is amazing and you can feel the thought that went into the design. I can’t wait for my husband, who is stationed on the east coast, to get it as an early Christmas gift. But shhhh don’t tell him!”
      Dawn B.

      LOL, I guess she could not wait!

      Speaking of Christmas, we got our Christmas tree up and decorated by the fire place. Perfect background for the Holidays. So ladies, I hope you’ve been naughty enough this year to get yourself some sexy red lingerie!

      Don’t wait any longer. Book your appointment today and order your personal Press Printed Book just in time for the Holidays!

      Visit our Website for details and fill out Contact form.

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        Mary and I have been talking about doing this shoot for a few months. She wanted something different and a bit on a naughty side. As one of the suggestions I mentioned using Marie Antionette as an inspiration and we both liked where it was going right away.


        Mary started shopping for the outfit and most importantly, the wig. It was one of the main items of the shoot and it took some looking around to find the right one. We didn’t want it to be too big (as was a custom at the time), but still wanted to represent the character. After doing some research Mary found the perfect one at and for a great price!

        Then it was off to find the rest of the outfit. Of course our local Lover’s Package Store came to the rescue yet again. I loved the corset Mary picked out! It is beautifully constructed and has boning for extra shape and support.


        On the day of the shoot Ashley from Make Up Your Mind was here to apply makeup and help with the wig, and then later change things up for sexy lingerie look Mary picked out. Ashley not only does hair and makeup, but also acts as a style consultant and a huge help in the studio. What would I do without her?

        During the shoot I had a bit of a challenge photographing the wig. While Mary was perfect in posing and facial expressions, the wig would just come out as a big white shining spot. It seemed like the thing was taunting me and it took me a bit to get it under control.

        Note to self: wigs are a lot different than real hair… duh!

        One of the other fun parts of the shoot for me was playing with natural light that was coming in from the two large windows we have in the studio. Living in Washington we don’t get a lot of sunshine, so most of the time I work with studio light. Taking advantage of the great weather I took a couple of great soft shots of Mary on the old antique couch. What a great contrast to a velvet heavy previous set!

        Mary has a weakness for beautiful high heel shoes, and those are amazing! I loved them so much I had to bring them into focus. If they were my size I would accept them as payment for the shoot =) … just joking!


        “My girlfriend had pictures done with Victoria and loved it, so I decided to explore the ONI Studios website and Facebook page. I loved Victoria’s work and decided to get with her on doing some for my husband’s upcoming deployment. Victoria came up with the idea of a Marie Antoinette spin and being a bit of a history buff, I loved the idea. I went to and ordered a wig, lovers had a corset I liked and then threw odds and ends from my drawers in a bag. I will be honest in saying that as a woman in the military with two children and my own little insecurities I was a bit nervous of how things would go when I got there.
        My experience was Amazing to say the least! Victoria put together these looks so well from just whatever I had and Ashley was great at tying everything up with her ideas. You girls are a talented, winning team! Everything felt glamorous and Victoria is great at making it all very comfortable! Leaving her studio I have a new sense of self-confidence and my own sexuality. I can’t wait to surprise my husband with this gift for his upcoming deployment and can’t wait to do another shoot at ONI! Maybe we can do 18th Century next time. Thank you Victoria and Ashley.

        Much love,


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