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Safari Park San Diego

Written on August 3, 2015 Categories: Events and Travel

Safari Park San Diego

Safari Park San Diego Tiger exotic birds

Have you ever heard of the San Diego Zoo? Of course you have. For some reason it’s one of the more famous attractions in the area.

Safari Park San Diego Birds tigers elephants

However, less well known is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. From the San Diego area its about a thirty minute drive north to the Escondido area. A standard day pass for adults as of this writing is around $48.00. Children 3-11 days passes are $38.00. If you are one of the many military members you get in free and your immediate family receives 10% percent off. Pretty sweet deal! Before anyone gets concerned about ticket prices, let me assure you this is a great deal. We were at the park for around five hours and still didn’t get to see all of it! That means you’ll have to wade through a part II when we get the chance to go back.

Sexy wild animal park tigers monkeys and elephants!

When you visit the website for the park you’ll notice a myriad of different Safaris available for purchase. However we just got a day pass and were content with hoofing it. My fitbit freaks out on me when I dont make my 10,000 steps a day and I definitely made goal! When we went it was one of the hottest days of the year. Having such a high number of visitors the park had water misters which were an amazing way to keep the heat at bay.

Japanese Bonsai trees

So besides the hotness the park was easy to navigate. It was kinda like following the yellow brick road. Around every bend you would see some very nifty stuff. For example, get a load of the awesome bonsai trees!

San Diego Safari Park Birds apes boudoir

If you go here during the summer make to take plenty of water and snacks.

Gorgeous boudoir glamour snake handler

So my final opinion on the safari park? Definitely worth the price of admission. So if you are looking for something to do in the San Diego area take a chance and come on out!

Safari Park boudoir

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    10 Ways to Die at Comic Con

    Written on July 27, 2015 Categories: Events and Travel

    10 Ways to Die at Comic Con

    10 ways to Die at Comic Con boudoir sexy glamour

    The vessel had just left Peru. The wizard stood on the roof looking at the open ocean. He was worried he wouldn’t make it in time. He wouldn’t miss it again this year.

    10 Ways to Die at Comic Con sexy model pose boudoir

    After many weeks the ship finally pulled into port in San Diego. The wizard floated off slowly and landed on the ground. This was still strange to him, especially considering his former life as a neurosurgeon.

    10 Ways to die at comic con sexy victorias secret angel

    His mission was complicated. The gauntlet had almost been reassembled, and once it was not even Living Tribunal would be able to help them.

    Sexy storm trooper boudoir sensual model glamour San Diego

    He found his companion and used the Uber app on his phone for a Spanish driver. No sense in stirring up the crowd. He arrived 15 minutes later. He knew it was too late. Heroes from other universes had already made an appearance. Someone was using the reality gem.

    San Diego Comic con sexy boudoir glamour san Diego Photography

    Darth Vader’s storm troopers walked down the street. They were talking about getting cheeseburgers. The sexiest rocket raccoon with vampire teeth stood looking at a map. This was going to be a mess.

    10 ways to die at comic con sexy vampire gothic boudoir

    The worst thing though? It was hot. Desert hot. Who in the hell had decided to have this in a place like San Diego? The people seemed not to mind the heat and obnoxiously blue sky. Maybe it was just him. He had traveled to the bottom of the world to a place called Kadath in the cold waste, and decided when this was all over he would have to return. This place was not for him.

    Sexy glamour boudoir clown horror goth carny

    The lady clown stopped him. She called herself Scarlett Checkers and claimed to be from Philadelphia. He told her that California was going to melt her face make up. She gave him a bowl of bite size Snickers and told him she was late for a Cannibal Corpse concert.

    Sexy boudoir glamour sensual model pose

    The first way to die. Lack of water. Almost no one had any, and so many people with powers. This place was a powder keg waiting to go off.

    Sexy sensual death galaxy goth

    The main event was being guarded by the watchers. No matter how strong the wizards magic he could not get inside.

    10 ways to die at comic con sexy boudoir photography

    Sexy boudoir glamour steam punk

    Hot, tired and discouraged, the wizard gave up. He would have to wait until next year to try and get inside the mysterious building.

    Sexy boudoir glamour nude bow and arrow model San Diego Comic Con

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      Written on December 23, 2014 Categories: Events and Travel


      Sexy honey spiceologist

      Todays entry is gonna be odd. Why is a boudoir photographer doing a blog on spices? Because foo, I CAN. To me this wasn’t that big of a leap. To me, boudoir is a treat for the senses. Its about erotica, and the forbidden. The spiceologist people have gotten this down to a science. Spiceologist doesn’t use half naked models to sell their wares or advertise in Playboy. They don’t need to. With no hesitancy I can tell you these are some of the best spices I have ever put in my mouth.

      Spiceologist unboxing

      This is my second purchase with Spiceologist. How did I hear about this company? Remember when I was San Francisco? I randomly went into this place called Sur La Table. I had never heard of it, and was probably intoxicated. A guy that worked there was totally into selling me things. This knife is faaaaaaaabulous, buy it before I stab you with it. Then he picked a bottle off the shelf and (which turned out to be spiceologist honey habanero) he started hitting me in the side of the head with it. This stuff is just faaaaabulous. You have to try it, buy it or i’ll kill your family. Faaaaaaabulous. I ended up buying it.

      Spiceologist unpacking

      I want to set the record straight before you all get any ideas. I am not getting any money from Spiceologist say all this great stuff. Trust me, I tried to get a discount and Heather (the co-founder) sent a KGB hit squad to take me out. Fortunately they got my address wrong and went to those annoying loud neighbors that play rap music 24 hours a day. The KGB massacred the entire house. Thanks Heather! What I actually ended up ordering was the “top 8 rub set”.

      Spiceologist raspberry

      So who are these mysterious people that make these awesome spices? How do they have ties to the KGB?

      Spiceologist rasta rub

      You can see a bio on the two founders on the video above. If you listen carefully you can hear slight Russian accents and their seems to be a automatic pistol with a silencer attached on the table. Further proof these two are actually KGB assassins. More importantly, the spices they make do NOT have that MSG crap that a lot of the spices you buy at the grocery have! Lastly,according to their website, Heather and Pete employ three other assassins who may also be employed by the Japanese Yakuza. Lauren (seductive stabber) Seth (dashing death dealer) and Jordan (pretty poisoner).

      Purple haze

      Truth to be told, I have only tried a few of these spices. See that “greek freak” up there? Next time you order pizza, sprinkle some on there. Its freakin phenomenal!

      Pink Peppercorn

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        San Francisco

        Written on December 7, 2014 Categories: Events and Travel

        San Francisco

        San Fran bridge

        A few months ago I had to travel to San Francisco for work.

        Navy helicopter

        I had never been there and was pretty excited to go. I had heard all kinds of things about the place. Now I am not a fan of hippies. I knew San Francisco was the epicenter of the hippie movement back in the sixties. I found the nomadic unwashed nature of the hippies extremely distasteful. Peace and love my ass. How unmetal can you get!?

        Homeless Iraq veteran

        The music too, bleah!!! Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead suck beyond all comprehension.

        Homeless lady

        With all these complaints why would I choose to write about it? Because there was a dark side to San Francisco I was eager to explore. Alcatraz? Nah, too touristy.

        Farwest fungi

        San Francisco was the setting of one of the most famous serial killers of all time. The Zodiak. This serial killer operated in San Francisco in the 1960’s and despite one of the most massive manhunts in Police history he was never caught. I ended up searching San Francisco from high to low but never found the Zodiak.

        Pretty girl in San Francisco

        San Francisco was also home to Anton Lavey who started the Church of Satan in the 1960’s. Anton Lavey (or Ragnar Redbeard) wrote one of my favorite passages of all time. “Hate your enemies with a whole heart, and if a man smite you on one cheek, SMASH him on the other!; smite him hip and thigh, for self-preservation is the highest law!” Happy positive words! Before you get your panties in a twist I’m not a member of the Church of Satan. Although I would love to be neighbors with them.

        Fishermans wharf bow and arrow

        I started my journey to find out this cities dark secrets in the Fishermans Wharf district. Nothin weird here. Just lots of bars. Also, people walking their dogs and homeless people. I don’t look down on the homeless, i’ve been down on my luck before and know just how easy it is to fall into despair.

        Homless fishermans wharf district

        Wait a minute; wasn’t “Big Trouble in Little China” set here? Maybe ole Jack Burton could give me a tour!


        The first night I walked for what seemed like forever. Bar after bar. I think five hours into my walk I could have been picked up for public intox.

        Street musicians

        Finally I wondered into what I thought was the last bar of the night. Sitting to my right was one of those gorgeous blondes you see in magazines.   Hey, why not buy her a drink. Fast forward and we leave together for one of the greatest nights ever. I really have to stress that things like this never happen to me. A lot of people see the models I work with and assume I’m some type of Hugh Heffner. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact I’m more likely to go to Barnes and Noble than I would a bar.

        San Fran ladies

        When it was all said and done, I enjoyed my trip to San Francisco. I made a lot of great memories and met some great people. Also, I got the greatest kitchen knife and dinner plates from Sur La Table, hells yes!Palamar

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