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Laura lookin sexy at Frightville. Rollerbarn Oak Harbor

Frightville XII, A name and event many natives of Whidbey Island are familiar with. Every year this hard core group of volunteers come together at the Oak Harbor Roller Barn to scare the living crap out of its residents. But before you run off in terror you have to ask yourself do you feel lucky punk?  why? These guys put hours of effort into building sets, getting in character, and volunteering their time. The reason of course is to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Oak Harbor. If you would like to help, volunteer or donate please visit here.

Jennifer lookin scary at frightville XII. Rollerbarn Oak Harbor

We discovered this haunted house through a client of the studio, Johanna and she was gracious enough to invite us out to shoot it. You all might remember the shoot we did last year, if not you can see it here!

Evil Dead. Frightville XII at the Rollerbarn in Oak Harbor Washington

’twas the night before Frightville
and all through the house
All the creatures were restless and ready to pounce

The corpses were hung from the rafters with ropes
Victims beware for you have little hope 
Enter the shadows so dark and so deep….
In the graveyard there is terror
that crawls and that creeps….
Beware lost souls, ghoulish and ghastly.
Honor the stone of the clown
and the lady named Ashley.Enter the room of the priestess known only as Jo.
Whose fortunes are told from a ball that’s aglow
Her advice you should hear and probably heed.
If not then beware, you’re in danger indeed.

Sexy ladies at Frightville XII, Whidbey Island

The kitchen was bathed in an eerie green glow….
From faucets and sinks the blood was aflow…
The roaches do scurry, the germs multiply….
Our Scream Queen prepares a meal that’s to die.

The bathroom was once all spotless and bright…..
Now it’s become a dreary, sad sight.
The builders have made some ghastly mistakes.
Beware all who enter what the plumber does snake.

On the floor and the walls the blood was a splattered
the snakes, they will scare
and the bones, they will clatter
The zombies’ with teeth, your skull they might bash
behind the walls, what hides? your dreams we will crash

Wizard of Frightville XII Rollerbarn Oak Harbor

The Moon in the Swamp gave off an Odd Glow
But the broken Bridge proved there was nowhere to go
And what the lost and wandering victims did see
but the Insane doctor Vic amids his Autopsy

The walls of the attic, how they groan and they creak….
Who knows the havoc the creatures may wreak?
Outside the church the thunder does storm….
All who enter here now are in danger of harm.

The dolls were all hung by their necks on a thread
You could almost Hear whispers “You’re all but dead”
With Giggles in his Wig and Sparkles in her mask
All the Frightville monsters were up to the Task….

Scary boudoir Frightville XII Oak Harbor Washington

The skaters roll like thunder, making laps overhead…
the absent ghouls wish they could be there to help raise the dead.
The smell of rattle can paint and fog in the air…
the willing prepare to enter, with a friend or a dare.
They’ll squirm and they’ll scream, thru the house with no light…
we love and we miss you, have a great opening night!!!

The clown we call Giggles is ready to go;
Gather round one last time for the start of the show
To the creatures he speaks and makes ready tonight.
Keep your hands to yourself and remember, don’t bite
Have a scary good time…
Make our guests shaky and weepy.
But to all I remind you,

Spooky Frightville to all and to all a good fright!

Sexy doll at Frightville XII Whidbey Island

And when you are ready to step into the nightmare here is when you can do it!

Friday, October 19th, 6-8PM
Saturday, October 20th, 7-11PM*
Witching hour 10-11PM
Friday, October 26th, 7-11PM
Saturday, October 27th, 7PM-12AM*
Witching hour 11PM-12AM
Monday, October 29th, 6-9PM
Tuesday, October 30th, 6-9PM
Wednesday, October 31st, 
Witching hour 9-10PM

The death of fun, Frightville XII Whidbey Island

Mouth of Madness Frightville XII Sexy Jo!

Sexy blue hair! Frightville XII Oak Harbor

Just to let you all know, just because I was shooting didn’t mean the ghouls and ghost at Frightville weren’t going to try and have their way with me. They would come out and scare the crap out of me at every opportunity!

That’s all for now, we at Oni Studio hope you all have a safe, sexy, and above all naughty Halloween!

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    Sexy shot

    I call it Double Exposure. A repeat business. A customer that comes back for more.

    There are many reason why a woman would want more than just one photo session in her life. Usually it’s to celebrate a milestone, something to remember. I’ve had clients that came back after they lost weight, changed their looks, or changed a boyfriend ; ) . Some come in before, during and after pregnancy. Others, love their experience so much and get so inspired, that they book a session just to pamper themselves.

    When Sarah called me up and wanted to make an appointment for a Boudoir Photo shoot I was not at all surprised. What made her experience a bit different from others is that her first session was more than two years ago, when she just turned eighteen. The two shoots could not be more different from one another. Not only did Sarah change and mature, but Oni Studio did as well. Two years brought an unrecognizable change in our quality, knowledge and experience. But enough about us. Let’s let Sarah tell her story.

    Sarah's first shoot two years ago at Oni StudioMy first experience at Oni Studio was two years ago, I was eighteen then and very nervous and shy. I was introduced to Victoria when my friend brought me along to her shoot, and instantly after it was done I was ready to book my own.

    Bird on a wire
    When I got to the shoot I had no idea what to do, but Victoria helped pick each outfit and made me feel comfortable. During each shoot she told me how to pose and definitely knew what she was doing. I brought the friend who’s shoot I went to, I did feel a little uncomfortable doing the lingerie shoots in front of her, but I got over that as soon as Victoria started shooting. Back then her shoots were very inexpensive, for a CD with 15 pictures on it, and that’s it. Two years later and WOW things have changed! Victoria has gotten way more popular, and has more experience under her belt. Prices have gone up, but it is well worth the money.
    When I arrived Victoria went right to work looking at my outfits and planning the shoot. Then I sat down and got pampered by Ashley from Make-Up Your Mind, who did my makeup and hair.
    The face of Beauty
    The sets are more diverse now. Before it was a little room with a back drop, and now there is a whole house to play with. We were on a set of mirrors, on a desk, then to some stairs, on to a bed, and lastly outside onto a motorcycle I had brought over. Victoria made me feel so comfortable and relaxed that I didn’t have time to think about the fact I wasn’t wearing much in some of the shots. And I love the difference of the photos from two years ago to today. The first shots almost look like high school pictures, cute maybe a little sexy, but the ones from this year are….holly cow is that me?! I’m hot!, and usually I never say those kinds of things about myself.
    Sexy shots by Oni Studio
    Just by this one shoot with Victoria, I have gained so much confidence about my self that I used to never have. And I am now looking to branch out on modeling. Hopefully I will get to work with Victoria again. She is wonderful, and can make you laugh when your starting to feel uncomfortable. I think everyone should have this experience.
    ~Sarah G.

    That’s all for now, remember ladies if you are interested in a shoot act quick because we are moving to Poulsbo after the New Year! Keep up with our latest work by becoming a fan on our Facebook page, we are also on Pinterest, Model Mayhem, and 500Px!

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