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I love waking up in the morning to discover everything covered in fresh white snow. The trees are white and fuzzy, everything looks shiny and new and the air is crisp and clean.

Reminds me so much of Mother Russia!

I’ve been wishing for snow since before Christmas and finally the snow gods answered my prayers.

Right away I knew what I wanted to do… get some sexy pictures in the snow. =)

I had few ideas in mind.

This one I’ve been waiting for a while to do. It was inspired by the Black Dahlia and Kristina pulled it off beautifully.

Another great thing I got to try out is the Fog Machine my husband got me for Christmas this year.

Yes, I asked Santa for studio props and equipment… what else would I need?

During the day when the sun came out and started slowly melting all the ice, we took some shots under the tree. The frozen drops were falling all over LauraJean, but she kept her composure.

With her I wanted to portray an Ice Princess with frizzy hair and ice blue eyes.

For LauraJean’s other look I took her to the front porch. Her outfit reminded me of a flapper girls of the 20′s and I wanted her to hold one of my beautiful Pixie Bob cats. The moment the cats saw the snow though they were not cooperating at all. So we had to do without =).

Later that evening it started snowing again and Jennifer came out to help me with another idea I had. I wanted to see if I can get a great shot in the dark with snow flakes dancing around the model. By the time we were ready to shoot the snow stopped, but we were not ready to give up. These are the shots we got late in the evening, with freezing temperature.

Jenn is a superstar!

This crazy girl sat in the snow and rubbed it all over herself. I get cold every time I look at these pictures, but it was totally worth it! 

At the end I want to say thank you to the girls that battled icy roads to come and shoot with me. All three froze in the snow just to help me bring some ideas to life.

Girls, you are the greatest!

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