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Crete, my sexy trip!

Written on September 8, 2012 Categories: Events and Travel, Outdoor Glamour Shoot

Fun in the Sun

Crete, the Greek Island most known for being the party destination of Europe and center of hedonism. It sounded like a place tailor made for Oni Studio! My husband and I had been planning this trip for quite a while and I was very excited to do my first shoot in a foreign country.

My husband was particularly excited about the visit, as his favorite movie is Caligula, and thought that’s the experiences we would be having there. Even though I told him Caligula was based out of ancient Rome, it did not deter him from packing his toga in the hopes of nights filled with debauchery.

Now although we never seen anything close to the orgies of ancient Rome, we did get lucky and run into a few girls that were more than willing to pose for the camera. I’d like to thank them and the wonderful people of Crete for giving us a very wonderful and memorable trip. Now without further ado, here are the ladies! Don’t forget to leave them a comment or like at the bottom of this entry to show your support.

First up, Ana!

Ana in Crete

When I first talked to Ana she said she couldn’t shoot that day because she was trapped in her house. I thought that was a pretty weird answer, but she clarified that the power frequently went out in Crete, and her electronic gate would not come open. So she couldn’t get her car out. We regretfully got off the phone with her, and was about to try our back up model when she called us back and invited us over. She said she had some great shoot locations near her home and told me that if I didn’t mind coming over then the shoot was on. Of course we were on our way!

Ana on the beach in Crete

Ana poses on the beach near the Cretan city of Chania

After the shoot with Ana I was primed and ready to shoot some more. I was a bit hesistant about shooting in a foriegn country, especially sexy subject matter. What if I offended the Crete locals, and how do I ask a girl that had trouble speaking english to be sexy? I quickly realized that “sexy” in Crete, and the rest of the world is all communicated through body language. Once I got that down my problems were over!

Next up, Efi and Katerina!

Efi and Katerina in Crete

At first I didn’t think the shoot was going to happen with these two lovely ladies of Crete. We called them and agreed to meet in a nearby village, but got the names mixed up. My husband and I waited at a gas station in 95 degree weather for half an hour, playing phone tag. Finally these two ladies showed up… on mopeds. Now how sexy is that?! I was even more excited, and they told us to follow them to some nearby shoot locations.

Efi leaning on a wall in Crete

Katerina on a scooter in Chania Crete

Kiss me deadly

When I first started shooting Efi and Katerina we were in a park that was pretty much devoid of people. Their were a few tourist who came and watched us shoot, but for the most part we had the place to ourselves. However I soon ran out of inspiration and it was time to move to somewhere else. My husband saw a bar not to far away, and told me he was sure he could get us inside to shoot. I didn’t get my hopes up to much as it was lunchtime and I knew the place would be crowded. However before I knew it, he came running back and told me he had got permission. God I love that man! The shot below where Efi is laying at the bar, and the shot above with the insinuated kiss was taken at the bar. You can’t see them, but the place was CROWDED. I can not believe these two lovely ladies were able to perform without any fear. I only wish I could have put them in my suitcase to take back to Seattle! Efi and Katerina, if you all ever visit Washington you can stay with us as long as you like!

todays special in Crete

Next up, Nimmo!

Well, her name is really Brittany Nimmo, but I loved her last name so much! Nimmo is one of those individuals that have an aura of power and success about them. You’d really have to have the pleasure of meeting her to understand, but take my word for it, this lady is going places! It was a huge pleasure to shoot with her!

Where is my Prince Charming

Come get some

What are you looking at

milk was a bad choice

Temple of Crete

Nimmo giving a quoate on her photo shoot with Oni Studio in Crete.

That’s all for now ladies, hope you enjoyed the shots as much as I enjoyed taking them! Now if you all ever find yourself in Crete and want sexy pictures done, don’t fret! One of my favorite photographers, Nikos Alpha, actually lives in the area, and it was one of my biggest regrets that I didn’t get a chance to meet him.

Now for some bitter sweet news. If you all haven’t heard before now, we have gotten orders to Bangor, WA and will be relocating some time around the new year. We have been in the Whidbey Island area for five years and have really enjoyed it here, but are very excited for opportunities that we will have in the Silverdale area. We know that many of you have to go there for the medical center, if you find yourself in town don’t hesitate to make an appointment with me!


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    Shades of Grey

    Written on September 2, 2012 Categories: Washington Boudoir

    A good friend of mine told me about this book “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E. L. James. She said it was right up my alley. I checked the book out right away. Wow! Bondage, sex and all the taboo subjects and it’s a #1 seller?!?!? Just goes to show you that sex does sell, and we all have that naughty side that needs to be unleashed once in a while.

    After reading just few chapters I got inspired. This is my light interpretation of the story that captured imaginations of so many around the world. Hope you enjoy!


    “I am going to have coffee with Christian Grey… and I hate coffee.” ― E.L. JamesFifty Shades of Grey

    I don’t know why she is complaining. With Christian I would have coffee anytime of the day… or anything else he wanted.

    “Men aren’t really complicated, Ana, honey. They are very simple, literal creatures. They usually mean what they say. And we spend hours trying to analyze what they’ve said – when really it’s obvious. If I were you, I’d take him literally. That might help.”  ― E.L. JamesFifty Shades of Grey

    After doing some more research I found out that there are many books out there similar to 50 Shades of Grey. Some of them I read and can vouch for. Other’s were a news to me. If you read 50 Shades of Grey and craving more here is what recommends:

    Carrie’s Story: An Erotic S/M Novel by Molly Weatherfield

    Story of O by Pauline Reage

     Nine and a Half Weeks: A Memoir of a Love Affair by Elizabeth McNeill

    Gordon: A Novel by Edith Templeton

    The Sleeping Beauty Novels: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty / Beauty’s Release / Beauty’s Punishment by A. N. Roquelaure

    The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir by Toni Bentley

    Now, I don’t want to say that this kind of experience is for everyone, but just to put it out there… At Oni Studio, there are no judgments or taboos.

    We mean what we say: “Making all your photographic fantasies come true!”

    If you are left craving more check out their FaceBook page.

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      Make up your mind {Washington Boudoir}

      Written on August 19, 2012 Categories: Washington Boudoir

      Recently I did a boudoir photo shoot with a very dear friend of mine and Oni Studio makeup artist, Ashley from MakeUp Your Mind. It only took her two years to finally get enough courage to do it, but after the photo shoot she was so excited about it and pleased with her photos she wanted to tell her story.

      I have been working with Oni Studio for almost 2 years now, and I can’t tell you how many people come in so nervous about their boudoir shoot and leave so happy and confident about themselves. To see that transformation is one of many reasons that I love working with Oni Studio. However, upon meeting so many clients, the most common question I get, besides, “Can you come over and do my makeup every morning?” is “Have you ever done this type of shoot before?”

      Up until a few weeks ago, I couldn’t give an opinion based on my own experience, which is totally different than an opinion of one just observing. So after several people telling me I should try it out, my husband leaving for deployment in May and the real root of it… not feeling very confident with myself and how I looked, I gave in. It took me two years to finally strip down to my unmentionables and let Victoria (figuratively) have her way with me.

      Yes, I was a little nervous because I’m not a size 2, or a size 12 for that matter, and I’ve got stretch marks galore after pregnancy. Victoria listened to what I liked and didn’t like about myself, and was able to enhance and pull out my inner beauty and what I was wanting to portray in my pictures.They turned out beautiful and my husband couldn’t be happier! So, it’s important for me to say, just be confident in who you are no matter your size or insecurities.You will leave Oni Studios feeling like a whole new person!

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        Trash the dress, a new type of wedding photo-shoot that has recently gained more popularity, has taken the bridal world by storm. Many new brides are looking for something unique and different and something to add to that special day. 

        When we think of wedding photography things like formal pictures of brides and groom and the family come to mind. Pretty pictures of the bride looking like a princess on her special day. The highlights of the event like the kiss, ring exchange, cake cutting, and the bouquet toss. All those shots are necessary, but wouldn’t it be great to have something a bit more original?

        Some women book their trash the dress shoot a few days after their wedding. They add it to their wedding experience and never look back. Others keep their dress in the closet for years, forgetting all about it until the idea them. What’s the point of keeping it watching it yellow with age? It’s only a silent reminder of younger years, crazy experiences and pounds since gained. Would it not better serve its purpose by giving you one more memory? One more exciting experience to be had! A boost of self-confidence and most of all another day of crazy fun! 

        To illustrate my interpretation of the trash the dress shoots I had Brandy in the studio had her bring her old wedding dress and borrowed another dress from my friend Jen.  I had been inspired by a few other really good trash the dress shoots by Lindsay Adler and Karen Loudon photography both of which are just amazingly talented ladies! 

        Ladies before I forget I wanted to get a word in from Ashley of  Make-Up Your Mind artistry: In addition to working with Oni Studio, I also do a lot of bridal makeup. I originally started my business with the idea of bridal work as my main focus. However, upon meeting Victoria and Travis and working with so many of their awesome clients, I have switched my focus to a more boudoir and pin up style. Now that wedding season is upon us and is in full swing, I really wanted to show off my ability to rock and conquer the bridal world. Victoria and I have been talking for quite some time about a bridal shoot, so to see the finished product is beyond gratifying!

        We started the shoot with a more natural look, something that would be perfect for a day time summer or spring wedding. Peach cheeks, a subtle lip and brown eyeliner smudged into the lash line just to enhance eye shape and lashes. Natural and fresh is perfect for day time weddings. We then moved into a more dramatic look, for evening, fall and winter weddings, also with our “trash the dress” shoot in mind. I smoked out her eyes with a little muted black and grey, followed up with wedged black eyeliner to make her eyes stand out and pop. Once we got out to the site for our dress trashing fun, I applied a darker lip color for more of an edgy look. Over all I couldn’t be happier with the way it all turned out! I shouldn’t be too surprised though, because everything Oni Studio does comes out amazing! -Thanks Ashley! 


        So stop saving that dress hoping one day your daughter might wear it. Stop looking at it in longing, screw sentimental value! Get it out of the closet and let’s burn it! 

        Like I posted in my last entry I purchased an awesome new background from Serendipity Backgrounds, as you can see from the shots I used here with the trash the dress shoot it looks amazing! Can’t wait to get another one! 

        You all may have also noticed a slight change in the design of our blog, this is all thanks to The Album Cafe, our one stop shop for designs! if you have a quick minute stop on by and check out their wares! 

        That’s it for now dear constant reader, we’ll be back soon with an exciting entry on how Oni Studio went to Greece and all the sexiness that followed! Until then, keep up with our new projects, ideas and fun photo shoots by becoming a fan on our Facebook page!

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