Sexy Sorceress Supreme

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Sexy Sorceress Supreme

Sexy quantum physics Stephen Hawking San Diego Boudoir photography blog

Her code name was Vivian. When I first saw her I thought she was European, but I was wrong. She looked like she just walked off the pages of a Poppy Z. Brite novel. “Gotta Smoke?” she asked. I didn’t, in fact I had quit a year earlier but at that moment I wanted one. She had me on edge.

Sexy San Diego Boudoir Photography

We walked out of the parking garage and got in the elevator. Our eyes met, she had a sexy cold look like someone out on the street too long. The doors open and we walked into my place.  “Lets get something straight right off the bat, i’m not here to fuck with you pal, i’m just here to do the deal. Don’t get any ideas”.

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She knew the drill well. I heard her bag hit the floor. She found the bathroom quick and went in like she owned the place. Awhile later she came out. She was stunning. “Want a drink?” I asked. “Vodka, straight” I poured it and handed her the glass. She stared out the window and ran her tongue around the rim. Not for the last time that night I wondered if I had gotten myself in too deep with this one.

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I knew very little about her. She gave her name as Vivian. She was a former research analyst at the Zumbrella Corporation, and she had what I was looking for. I had met her through my usual contacts, and she came expensive. I wanted the Z-Virus, but I knew if I play my cards right i’d be a dead man.

Death goth emo sexy model San Diego Boudoir Photography

She came out and sat on the couch. She turned her eyes a glowing shade of green and began to levitate about 4 inches. I knew this was either a side effect of the Z-virus or she had put some DMT in my drink. “You like what you see?”  I did. The KMFDM was playing on the radio and the temperature went up about 10 degrees.

Dead girls don't say no. San Diego Boudoir Photography Blog

She floated slowly back on the couch, her eyes returning to normal. “Are you prepared to make the transfer?” I looked away and asked her if she had brought the virus. “I am the virus” she replied.

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I pulled out my laptop and made the transfer. She confirmed the funds and smiled.

Sexy bride of Satan. Oni Studio Boudoir Photography Blog

“Are you ready?” She asked.  “Just give me a minute”, the change was permanent and I wanted my last act as a human to be meaningful.

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Sadly though I could think of nothing I wanted to do. In a way I had shut myself off and left the human race along time ago

Sexy Gothic portrait. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

She got up and came over to me. One of her nails became a talon and she sliced just below her collarbone. Her blood was bright purple and tasted like iron mixed with bad wine.

The eyes of death. Oni Studio Boudoir Photography Blog

Her blood hit the back of my throat like acid. It was all I could do to not throw up. I drank more still, I wanted my monies worth. When the pain became more than I could bear I collapsed on the floor. Time had ceased flow in a forward direction. I could feel the individual atoms of myself and every object in the room vibrating. Reality seemed to be opening into that other realm where only the Event Horizon had gone before. I heard a faint voice began to mutter in latin “libera te ex infernis”

Sexy lingerie. Oni Studio Boudoir Photographer

To be continued…

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