Rockabilly Glamour Girl

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Rockabilly Glamour Girl

Rockabilly vintage power pose

Ever heard of Rockabilly? If you haven’t let me explain. Rockabilly is a form of demonic possession. This is the story of Michele, the rockabilly glamour girl.

Rockabilly in the house

Michele called me from her phone. She said they were after her and had no place to go. I went down to get her. I had no idea what she was talking about and had never met her in person. I showed her where to park and she quickly got out and grabbed her suitcase. “lets go, they’ll find me if I stay here to long.” We quickly got in the elevator and on up to my apartment.

1950s rockabilly girl

We got inside and she sat down and began to cry. “um lady, what is wrong with you?”  Turns out none of this really happened. I was just imagining it all, and I really need to lay off the meds. Michele is really a model I met from Model Mayhem, and not a fugitive running from a homicidal cult. Still, I reserve the right to change my view of reality. Michele surprised me right off the bat by stating her ethnicity was Native American. Since I never get the opportunity to meet many Native Americans I was obviously delighted.

Hot model on a couch

Her great grandmother, who was a cherokee, was presented as a gift to the Hopi tribe. Judging by Micheles appearance I would say someone from the Hopi’s was very happy that day! After she finally got her lipstick on we were ready to shoot. Turns out Michele loves to sing and perform in front of the camera. Damnit Michele I am trying to get some sexy images here, this isnt broadway!

Singin and dancin, aint got no time for romancin

Why was Michele singing and throwing shoes out my window at old ladies? “Well I used to be the lead singer in a band” No shit? It was called The Skamakazis, and I have no idea if I spelled that right. She described them as an “Old No Doubt”.  Personally i’d like nothing better than publicly beheading Gwen Stefani. So I pretended she said she was the lead singer of Dimmu Borgir. Awesome, Michele is the lead singer of Dimmu Borgir, and is also an astronaut!

Sexy silhouette B&W boudoir photography San Diego

So what does Michele do when she’s not being a sexy model and singer? She says one of her biggest passions in life is cooking and Cadillacs. Michele was in culinary school but opted to go the more direct route and seek her fortune in the work force.  She went on to describe in great detail the cocktail parties with all this fancy food and drinks she would make. “I am the happiest when i’m serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres” said Michele as she threw yet another one of my shoes down on an unsuspecting old lady.

Sexy classic pinup

Michele then started talking about Cadillacs. On Sunday mornings she goes to the mall and starts to roll about on the hoods of unoccupied Cadillacs. When the owner returns she hisses at them like a cat then runs off to find another. “My dad was a mechanic you see, and I think that fueled my fascination with cars and car shows in general” said Michele as she drank her coffee and scanned the parking lot. Michele please don’t go lounging on my neighbors car! On a side note, if you ladies like Micheles dress you can get your own here in San Diego at Temptress Fashion!

Dress by Temptress fashion

When it was all said and done I had a phenomenal shoot with Michele. I lost quite a few shoes but gained a cool new shoot buddy. She put on her headphones with the Horrorpops blasting and was out the door.

Sexy classic boudoir pinup

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