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Boudoir Blog Peruvian Style

Sexy Peruvian boudoir blog

Lets call her Haydee. She asked me not to use her real name as she had enemies. That was fine with me, unlike the majority of the population I appreciate a girl with a little drama. It adds to the danger and makes things a bit more interesting.

Sexy model in a yellow dress. San Diego boudoir blog

I met her on Model Mayhem and after a few emails she agreed to meet up to talk about the boudoir shoot. We actually met twice. If you’ve shot with me before you know I always ask a model to call me before they arrive. When she called me I was surprised to hear a thick accent that i could not readily identify.  When I finally got down to her car I asked her about her accent and she told me she was from Peru.  We went up and spent about an hour talking about the shoot. We scheduled to shoot some steamy boudoir the next day and I was psyched!

Getting ready for a sexy boudoir photoshoot in San Diego

Haydee showed up the next day ready for some serious boudoir shooting. We decided on the first outfits and she was ready with her hair and make up about 20 minutes later. If you’re a photographer in the San Diego area you need this girl in your portfolio!

Sexy boudoir shot on the bed with Oni Studio in San Diego

Now not only was Haydee from Peru, but she was originally from a small jungle village. She eventually moved out of the village to Lima, the capital of Peru. Ya I know, you’re not here for a geography lesson.

Sexy boudoir lingerie. San Diego glamour photography

Haydee was right at home in front of the camera with absolutely no fear.

Sexy boudoir lingerie. Oni Studio fashion Photography

So what does this bombshell do in her spare time?  She stays busy with hiking, trail running, and tries to work out at least five days a week.

Classy vintage shot. San Diego Boudoir Photography

Haydee doesn’t spend all her time out attacking bears on her hikes. She also does Zumba, weight lifting, yoga, and something called “body combat”.

Sexy lingerie shot. San Diego Boudoir Photography

Now personally, when I hear “body combat”, my mind goes straight to the gutter. However Haydee assured me its a legitimate form of exercise. ;)

Sexy classic B&W vintage

Sexy B&W boudoir photography

Sexiest yellow dress on the planet

I took this shot more for my fellow photogra[hers out there to show the light set up I used. This was mainly a two light set up. I know three or four would have been better, (for me at least). But I wanted to show the variety you can get with the two lights. The model is about 4 feet from the backdrop. (Backdrop purchased at Serendipity Backgrounds)  I used an Einstein E640 to light the background and turned it so I could get a little spill on the model for a bit of rim light. The Alienbee key light had a stripbox modifier placed up high to direct the viewers to the models chest, and not her waistline. I know very few models who like attention directed to this area, and I aim to please.

Behind the scenes at a boudoir Photoshoot in San Diego

Outdoor glamour shot with Oni Studio

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