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Escondido Renaissance Faire

Written on November 2, 2013 Categories: Events and Travel, Outdoor Glamour Shoot

Escondido Renaissance Faire

Sexy belly dancer at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Its 8:00am on a Saturday morning. I get on my gmail and see an old message from the Pacific Photo society. Today’s the day to shoot at the Escondido Renaissance Faire. Now not only have I never been to a renaissance faire. But I hadn’t even heard of one till about two weeks ago. I was watching a movie called “Role Models”. Of course I know the performers at the faire probably wouldn’t appreciate the reference.

Raistlin Majere at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

When we first arrived I thought, “How in the hell did all these people from England get here?!” I was quickly informed they weren’t really from England. These people were good enough to fool me. That is until my friend informed me I was an idiot.

Interesting things to buy at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

After immediately walking in through the front gate I was extremely impressed. See, i’ve always been a huge fan of the Dragon Lance series by Margaret weis and Tracy Hickman. Walking through the faire was like living one of their novels.

Sexy lady at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Now as great as these people were I didn’t have a clue what they were saying. It wasn’t until I looked at the program we received that I got a translation:

  • Hello: Good morrow or well met!
  • How are you: How farest thee?
  • Thank you: Gramercy
  • Where are you from: Where hail ye from?

The sexiest two ladies I saw all day!

Now I see some of the sexiest elves, witches and hand  maidens on the west coast. However To my surprise I turned a corner and saw hot ladies on horses!

Sexy blonde on a horse at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Beautiful blonde on a horse

You know another thing that i’m fond of? Spending money on cool shit. If you’re like me this is a place you should definitely visit!

The owner of the sexy Octaviana Corsetry

First up, Octaviana Corsetry! I had heard of them through Stormie Psy. Suzanne (pictured above) makes some of the best corsets I’ve ever laid eyes on. Looking for a locally made high quality corset? Well their is none finer than Octaviana Corsetry!

Corsets and wares from octaviana corsetry

Here are some other great items for sale. See those Scotch eggs? Talk about amazing!

Scotch eggs at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Remember those ladies in sexy outfits I was talkin about?

Sexy gown and sexier lady!

Sexy Slayer Satan lady!

Sexiest belly dancer duo ever!

Sexy maiden at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Sexiest hair ever!

Sexy boudoir belly dancer

Sexy warrior princess San Diego Boudoir Photography

Sexiest brunette on a horse I ever seen!

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Stone Brewing Company

Written on October 23, 2013 Categories: Events and Travel

Stone Brewing Company

Metal Satan. Stone Brewing Company. Sexy!

So I wake up one morning, bored again. A friend suggest going up to the brewery. I’m not much of a beer guy, in fact I never have been. To me they all tasted the same, like goat vomit. Before I came to California, I had never heard of Arrogant Bastard. Or any other beer produced by Stone Brewing Company. (yes I know Stone Brewing Company probably wouldn’t call it beer, but i’m not very educated on the subject)

Stone Brewing Company gargoyle of Satan. Sexy!

However, I am a huge fan of the dark lord. So when I saw his image on a beer I couldn’t resist buying it. The evil looking beer stayed in my refrigerator for weeks. It was a joy to open the door and see Satan next my avocados.

Sexy Stone Brewing Companybook of the dead

One night after work I didn’t feel like cooking and ordered from Papa Johns. When the pizza arrived I happily put it on the living room floor, and made sure Big Trouble in Little China was playing on TV. I went to the refrigerator to get a Cherry Coke Zero. That’s when a terrible tragedy happened. I was out of Cherry Coke Zero! Fuck! Now what am I supposed to drink with this delicious pizza?

Stone Brewing Company sexy menu

In utter sadness I lowered my head and mentally readied myself to drink water. That’s when it happened. Right before the door shut I happened to glance at the Avocados. That’s when I saw the beer, and the Dark Lord winked at me from the bottle. A voice from beyond whispered in my ear…”drink me”. Um…ok strange disembodied voice, I’ll drink it, just simmer down! I’m gonna try and end this short. I sat down with the pizza, opened the beer, and it was pretty bad ass. No, it will never replace wine, but it sure as shit beats Budweiser!

Sexy glass of arrogant bastard ale. Escondido boudoir photography

Flashback over. Back to the story. Turns out the Stone Brewing Company is right up the road from where I live in San Diego. We get in the car and about 20 minutes later we arrive at the destination.

Arrogant bastard, satan beer. San Diego Boudoir Photography.

Now we arrived pretty early, and all the morning tours had sold out. Luckily we got one that was after lunch. We had about an hour and a half to kill before the tour. So to pass the time we got a table at the onsite restaurant. I’m glad we did because the service was amazing, and the food was even better! Finally we were called in to take the tour.

Refilling the Arrogant bastard growler. San Diego boudoir photography

The tour guide had some amazing patience, and was somehow able to answer a 1,000 questions all the while passing out samples of the hops, barley and other things they use to make their delicious brew.

Tour guide, San Diego boudoir photography

The latter part of the tour included a viewing of the large vats used in production. These guys at Stone Brewing Company run a tight ship, and the place was super clean for a warehouse. How do they do it? Hell if I know, most likely they use those house elves from Harry Potter.

Vats of the dead. San Diego fashion glamour photography

Greg Koch Stone Brewing company CEO San Diego boudoir Photography

After the tour we were introduced to Greg Koch, (pictures above). Don’t know who he is? Well he is the CEO of Stone Brewing Company, and probably richer than a damn Egyptian Pharaoh. When I met him I asked a very important question. “Greg, who’s better, Slayer or Metallica?” Greg stroked his beard and contemplated for quite awhile before answering. Finally, he answered, “well i’m more of a Metallica guy, but I love the guys from Slayer”, and went on to tell me a story about how he had met Kerry King. I thanked him for his time and he wondered off, probably thinking of another wonderful beer recipe to grace us with. Kinda a cool guy if you ask me.

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Hillcrest Farmers Market

Written on October 16, 2013 Categories: Events and Travel

Hillcrest Farmers Market

Sexy ladies and awesome jewelry Hillcrest Farmers Market

So you wake up on a Sunday. You get out of bed and make your way into the living room. Netflix sucks, you’ve seen all the crap and can’t stomach anymore Star Trek.

Flowers and honey at the Hillcrest farmers market.

Enter Hillcrest farmers market. Turns out that Hillcrest offers more than bars and terrible parking.

Jewelry and typewriters at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

If you decide to go, first off your gonna need a big laser space gun. Make sure to mount it on your vehicle. Install a good targeting system. When you arrive you’ll see why you need it. Parking is gonna be a bitch. Fortunately I got lucky.  I hit a wormhole and exited the space time continuum in a perfect spot.

Fruits vegetables and salt farms at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

Once you walk into the market you’re gonna see fruits, vegetables and tons of organic green stuff.

Dreads, tomatoes and zucchinis at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

After awhile of walking I ran into a lady running an awesome apothecary.

Shelley Rike Heartbeat Groove Alchemy Hillcrest Farmers Market

Her name is Shelley, and is guilty of being incredibly hot. She also conducts retreats and has a great personal interest in empowering women. Lastly she operates a shop on Etsy, so go take a look!

Fruits and strawberries at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

The Hillcrest Farmers Market even had an outdoor band. I didn’t get their name, but they played some pretty good bluegrass.

Bluegrass band at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

Lettuce and sock puppets at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

Say what?! You mean you forgot to have breakfast before you left? Well the Farmers Market has got you covered.

Lamb and hamburgers at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

No matter how your eclectic your taste; your gonna find something you like. Are you a serial killer vegan, or a meat eater with leprosy?  Then they have something for you!

Rocks, plants and doggie treats at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

Carrots and beets at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

When all is said and done, this place has an amazing healthy of healthy additions to your diet. Its well worth the trip to visit!

Bitchin sauce! San Diego Boudoir photography blog

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Balboa Park

Written on September 10, 2013 Categories: Events and Travel

Balboa Park in the summer.

Protesting U.S. military involvement in Syria. Oni Studio boudoir blog.

Ripleys Belive it or not. Viking ship, freak ushers, and soup can trains. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

Southern California, San Diego to be exact has a lot of really fun things to do. Why am I not doing a blog entry on sexy boudoir ladies? Well turns out I left the garage door open and they organized a successful escape, bitches.

Balboa Park, ripleys believe it or not, Spirit of St. Louis

I hadn’t had a chance to really get out. I had spent most of my time and limited budget trying to get my apartment in order.

Balboa Park, bonecycles and Ripleys believe it or not. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog.

True I had been getting some good shoots in, but those were usually close to home.

Licking lizard men and giants at Balboa Park. Oni Studio boudoir blog.

Unicorn heads, future bikes and route 66. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog.

One day, I said to my friend Ren, (She’s not really my friend, she’s a secret Egyptian werewolf who produces cat milk) “Why don’t we go out to the park?” I had heard about it, but really it just a park. How fun could it be?

Japanese wood sculpture Chinese warriors and dead skin mask. Balboa Park, San Diego.

So off we went to Balboa Park. After arriving I thought we just might have made a mistake. It was so freakin hot!

Cannibals, horror and lollipops at Balboa Park. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog.

However we quickly found some shady walks and people selling art.

Butthole Surfers, Ripleys, and transformers at Balboa Park. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog.

See that guy in the upper left in the above picture? He’s the artist, and that painting on the bottom was partly inspired by the Butthole Surfers. If you didn’t know, the butthole surfers are one of the greatest bands in history.

HDR shot of some great architecture in Balboa Park. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog.

So after Renee was subjected to over half an hour of delicious conversation about butthole surfing we continued our Balboa Park adventure.

Chinese warrior, Japanese ninjas. Balboa Park, San Diego

Balboa park museum, San Diego. Oni Studio Boudoir blog

I had no idea Balboa Park had so much crap to do. Almost everything you could think of in a park. I saw crazy homeless witches, a house from Finland, Ripleys believe it or not, war protesters and a bunch of other really weird shit.

Ancient greek and Roman statues in a museum in Balboa Park, San Diego. Oni Studio boudoir blog.

Castle Dracula one stop vampire shop, Balboa Park, San Diego. Oni Studio Boudoir blog.

At one point we found a magical plant house. Unfortunately their were no evil elves handing out psychedelic muffins as stated on the flyer.

Plant nursery, Balboa Park, San Diego. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

Thats about all I have for the park. It was a very enjoyable day, and if you’re a photographer, it well worth getting there early, and staying the day. We hung out most of the day, and still didn’t get to do everything.

Bottle cap trains, weddings, flowers and magick at Balboa Park, San Diego.

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