Gothic Death Queen

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Gothic Death Queen

Gothic death Queen, Oni Studio

Enter Stormie Psy. How did I meet her? Model Mayhem I believe. Stormie is one of my favorite type of models, and people.

Sexy gothic head shot

What makes her so special? Well she’s into the darker side of life. She exudes dark energy, and loves metal. Most importantly, hates Marilyn Monroe. Since I too hate Marilyn Monroe I knew we were gonna get along famously.

Sexy back, oni Studio

Before you get to impressed though, Stormie admits she in no way finds Dave Mustaine from Megadeth presently attractive. However, she did admit that back in the 80’s she would have had his love child.

Sexy gothic portrait, Oni Studio Boudoir

So what else can I say about Stormie? Unfortunately not much. Well not much that I can divulge if I want to be alive.

Sexy gothic fetish model

True, she told me some earth shattering secrets about herself. Is she really employed with the CIA? Was she involved with the Kennedy assassination? Does she endorse Charmin brand toilet paper? Unfortunately my lips are sealed on these and other matters.

Gorgeous Gothic B&W classic model pose

So here’s the unclassified info on Stormie.  She was born in a small town in Upstate New York. Her parents were Portuguese and Italian. After a brief hitch in the French foreign legion she moved out to California. California is rough even for the toughest people, and Stormie had a hard time adjusting. She became a homeless drifter for awhile before being discovered by Anton Lavey, then head of the Church of Satan.

Sexy long legs, fetish latex gothic model

The Church of Satan trained her in silent killing techniques and deployed her to South America to take out christian missionaries. She was one of the most successful operators in the churches history.

Sexy gothic hellraiser Pyramid Gallery

I don’t know if I should have divulged that last part.

Another sexy gothic B&W

On a serious note, if you are a photographer in the southern California area you need to shoot with Stormie. She’s comfortable in her own skin, funny, and knows how to work her curves in an extremely tantalizing way. Every pose she does is a winner, and I had a very tough time picking out images for this blog. She can be contacted through her website or facebook, both of which are linked in this article.

Sexy gothic latex photography

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