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It’s that time again, in case you haven’t noticed yet we try to get this blog post out every Monday although we usually put it out a day early before we advertise it on facebook to see how many people read it before we advertise it. Also, for those of you who have any ideas what those icons are at the bottom of this and our other blog post, (the DIGG, STUMBLEUPON, ect) feel free to post our article on there, or explain what those are about if you have the time.

This week were not focusing on any one shoot in particular, as we have had so many it would be hard to pick, being busy is great but it sure does mean a lot of time in front of the computer editing! Also, we have been reminding you ladies that the holiday season is coming up fast, and we get many requests for boudoir sessions for holiday gifts. Many ladies choose to have an album or book made, which we do all for you, you can be involved in the design process, or you can leave it entirely up to us, whichever is more convenient for you. It takes time for the books to be made though so that is why we are encouraging you all to get in as early as possible. You can book an appoint here on our website, and we take session prepayment through PayPal.

Another new policy we want to put out is our decision to not give out the high resolution disk. We knew this wasnt going to be a popular decision with our clients and it has been a challenge to implement, but in the interest of moving away from the more beginning or amateurish practices its something we had to do. It really doesnt make sense to have your picture taken with great equipment then for us to color correct and edit for hours on end just for our clients to go get a 35 cent print from Wal-Mart. We have read many articles condemning the practice of giving out the high resolution disk their are many articles out there in the same vein, one only has to google something like, “why is professional photography expensive” to see the many relevant articles out there. It seems the more we study, grow and learn in this field the more we find out things we could have been doing better! Anyway, i’m off the soapbox, here are some of the highlights from this week, let us know what you want to see more of!

As you can see we have got some new blog frames, from over at The Album cafe. Now I am still trying to figure them out, and I about drove myself crazy trying to get them sized correctly although the purchase came with 20 different frames it makes the pictures way to small, but overall i’m satisfied with the purchase. Special thanks to Christine over at Wootness for recommending them! While were on the subject if your interested in photography make sure to check out the Wootness page!


Here is a preview of the second shoot I did with “V”, she kept mentioning this violin she had and after seeing it I knew the shoot was going to be awesome! For those that missed the first shoot I did with her you can check it out here.


We also had the pleasure of having one of our favorite people back in the studio, the one and only Agent “M”! In case your new to the studio Agent “M” is one of the most popular with our viewers, and has been gracing us with her presence for about 3 years. We hadn’t seen her in quite awhile, but we asked her to come in to discuss an upcoming shoot project we had in mind, to which she is going to be the star. This project is going to be one of our most ambitious ones to date, involving shooting on location with Agent “M” and three or four other models, we are still in the research phase of the project but stay tuned because its going to blow your mind! Here are a few shots we took of her at the meeting:

These are the series of shots that have been generating so much conversation between my wife and I recently. We had been planning this shoot for months, but the more we planned, the more concerned we became over the controversial subject matter. We would literally have conversations lasting hours about it.  We personally love them, but we were very concerned they may frighten away potential customers, or cause our existing customers concern especially here in Whidbey Island were their seems to be such a  conservative population.  From the beginning we here at Oni Studio have built a reputation on being different and edgy, we believe there is a market for it since most photographers choose to deal in more traditional subject matters, not that we think that is a bad thing, we know of many photographers in the Oak Harbor area that are very talented, we just choose to deal in the more esoteric areas.  Whichever way it ends up playing out, its an honor to work with Agent “H”. The girl is a true professional and puts an extreme amount of thought, passion, and pure emotion into her shoots. She is a shining example of what happens when a client puts just as much effort into a shoot that we put into it and we think the pictures below express that! Anyway, we would love to hear your thoughts on the issue. We want to know what you think, are the shots in good taste, do they discourage you from shooting with us, ect.  Anyway, that’s all the time we have for this week, we here at Oni Studio have some very large projects on the horizon and some new changes coming up so stay tuned!

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