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Night Before Catmas

Written on December 24, 2011 Categories: Events and Travel, Whidbey Island

Twas the night before Catmas
When all through the house
Not an animal was stirring,
Not even the mouse.

The kitties were snuggled
And tucked in their beds,
While visions of cat goodies
Danced in their heads.

Their stockings were hung
By the cat bowls with care,
In hope that Father Catmas
Soon would be there.

Out on the rooftop
Arose such a hissing,
I knew Father Catmas
Was having trouble parking.

I jumped to the window
And clawed through the curtain.
“Here he is!”, I purred
“It is him, I’m certain.”

What to my deep eyes
Should appear,
But Father Catmas himself
In his Cat-sled gear.

He purred and he purred,
But through the kitty door he went,
Then stopped and smelled the air
As he picked up a scent.

He went about his work
With never a sigh,
Filling the stockings
With catnip piled high.

He waved at me
With his mighty paw.
Although I was hiding,
‘Twas my little nose he saw.

Out the kitty door he went
In oh such a rush,
Jumped on his cat-sled
And yelled out, “MUSH!”

The Pixie Bob cat team
Were raring to go.
They hated ‘stand stay’,
Especially in the snow.

I could hear him hissing
As he disappeared that night,

“Merry Catmas to all!

and to all a good night!”


From our Oni Family to Yours!

Hope you have the best Catmas ever filled with love and happiness!


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* although much effort was made to find the original author of “a night before Catmas” we were unable to locate them. Oni Studio did not author the story.

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