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When my husband and I first moved to Whidbey Island I was introduced to a group of Russian girls. They were my first friends here on the island and got me through a tough transitional period. We would get together for tea at each other’s homes, or go for sushi and martinis, talk in our native language and be totally ridiculous! I love those girls and from time to time just need their company so much that nothing else will do!

Yana is one of the girls I’ve bonded the most with. Others from the original group have moved away with their military husbands and Yana and I are the ones that are still here. She makes killer crepes with fruit and cream… and I better get some for writing this blog! =)

This is not the first time Yana came to me for a special gift for her husband, but this shoot turned out even better than the first!

Here is a sneak peak of Yana’s shoot, I hope you get as much pleasure out of viewing it as I did shooting it!


After feather dusting and polishing the floor in the sexy French maid outfit, Yana turns up the heat and gets in the Halloween mood with her sexy devil costume!

For something more sultry and romantic we made use of the fire place!

Current Status

Many of you know what a pain it has been to schedule an appointment with us. I have a regular day job where I am work full time, and many of you do as well. However I am transitioning to a more part time schedule (which is great news for you all trying to get appointments!) as my availability is now almost wide open. So, if you have been thinking about coming in for a shoot this would be a great time!

I also have been heavily researching ways to increase the traffic to this blog, my website, and my facebook page. Mostly this entails googling something like, “how to promote your website/blog” and reading the millions of articles it generates. One of the techniques I thought was interesting involved teaming up with other businesses that are complimentary to the product offered to combine marketing and promotional efforts. This made me pause for a second, what business’s or companies are compatible with sexy/boudoir shoots? While pondering this I was skimming the post on the facebook group “Oak Harbor Local Small Business’s” and saw a couple of ladies who did the passion parties and it hit me, “they would be great to team up with!” I have since talked to a few of them, and while we are still ironing out the details, don’t be surprised if you hear about Oni Studio at some of the local Passion Parties.

Another idea I’ve been musing on is teaming up with another local photographer, not to compare skill or equipment, or to “steal” secrets, but just to see how someone else approaches their craft. If you’re a local and established photographer in the Whidbey Island area with your own website or blog please get in touch!

Also, if you own or manage a business, or offer a service that you feel I might be interested in feel free to contact me; I’d love to hear from makeup artist, FX artist, costume designers, personal trainers, salon and spa owners, or something along those lines. Just shoot me an email or fill out the contact form and let me know your ideas!


One Last thing before you go!

We recently had a great surprise when one of our clients had a video interview.  The video featured a few of our pictures. It was the first time we had seen our pictures on video and it made me scream with delight! Many of the pictures came from one of our recent blog post, We’d like to thank the creator of the video and give a big CONGRATS to our client Jenn, who by the way just found out she is expecting!


Thats all for this week dear constant reader, don’t forget to tune in next Monday for another exciting edition!

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