Escondido Renaissance Faire

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Escondido Renaissance Faire

Sexy belly dancer at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Its 8:00am on a Saturday morning. I get on my gmail and see an old message from the Pacific Photo society. Today’s the day to shoot at the Escondido Renaissance Faire. Now not only have I never been to a renaissance faire. But I hadn’t even heard of one till about two weeks ago. I was watching a movie called “Role Models”. Of course I know the performers at the faire probably wouldn’t appreciate the reference.

Raistlin Majere at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

When we first arrived I thought, “How in the hell did all these people from England get here?!” I was quickly informed they weren’t really from England. These people were good enough to fool me. That is until my friend informed me I was an idiot.

Interesting things to buy at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

After immediately walking in through the front gate I was extremely impressed. See, i’ve always been a huge fan of the Dragon Lance series by Margaret weis and Tracy Hickman. Walking through the faire was like living one of their novels.

Sexy lady at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Now as great as these people were I didn’t have a clue what they were saying. It wasn’t until I looked at the program we received that I got a translation:

  • Hello: Good morrow or well met!
  • How are you: How farest thee?
  • Thank you: Gramercy
  • Where are you from: Where hail ye from?

The sexiest two ladies I saw all day!

Now I see some of the sexiest elves, witches and hand  maidens on the west coast. However To my surprise I turned a corner and saw hot ladies on horses!

Sexy blonde on a horse at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Beautiful blonde on a horse

You know another thing that i’m fond of? Spending money on cool shit. If you’re like me this is a place you should definitely visit!

The owner of the sexy Octaviana Corsetry

First up, Octaviana Corsetry! I had heard of them through Stormie Psy. Suzanne (pictured above) makes some of the best corsets I’ve ever laid eyes on. Looking for a locally made high quality corset? Well their is none finer than Octaviana Corsetry!

Corsets and wares from octaviana corsetry

Here are some other great items for sale. See those Scotch eggs? Talk about amazing!

Scotch eggs at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Remember those ladies in sexy outfits I was talkin about?

Sexy gown and sexier lady!

Sexy Slayer Satan lady!

Sexiest belly dancer duo ever!

Sexy maiden at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Sexiest hair ever!

Sexy boudoir belly dancer

Sexy warrior princess San Diego Boudoir Photography

Sexiest brunette on a horse I ever seen!

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