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Being an expecting mother is not what it used to be. Women no longer have to hide behind a tent size maternity dress and avoid any pictures. Ever since Demi  Moore appeared very pregnant and totally nude on the cover of Vanity Fair, pregnant women everywhere pulled out their cutest outfits and stepped into the world with new attitude. Expecting mom can be fun and sexy, and she most definitely glows.

Maternity pictures changed a lot as well. There are so many styles and comfort levels, but today I wanted to present to you Mrs. K.

When I first talked to Mrs. K she right away told me that she did not want traditional maternity pictures. Something more fun and original was up her alley, and I agreed. Why stop at belly hugging romantic shots? Let’s go all the way and have some fun! We agreed on pin up style in addition to few classic poses.

K’s little boy, Jameson, is due this month. He will be the best Christmas present ever! Mrs. K was kind enough to write a few words about her experience:

“I had been wanting to do a pin up shoot for quite some time, and what better time to do it while I’m pregnant! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much confidence, and I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to do it otherwise. It was such a fun way to capture my last week of pregnancy! I wanted something fun, and not your typical maternity pictures, and Victoria came up with some amazing themes with the most beautiful and flirty images and made me feel so comfortable. I would absolutely do it again after my pregnancy with no regrets!” ~Mrs. K

I’ve shot a number of pregnancy shoots before, so it was nothing new, but I still wanted to see what was out there and draw some inspiration from other photographers. Doing the research for this shoot I realized just how many crazy creative ideas there are! Maternity photo shoots can be as simple as a set in the park, a sexy boudoir session, a romantic couples shoot or, in our case, a fun pin up style.

Check out some of the sites I found that I absolutely loved, and maybe get some ideas for your own boudoir experience.

Erika Lewis is a photographer from Boise Idaho, she has owned studios in Hawaii and Seattle. Her shots are dreamy and full of light. Easy sexy simplicity.
Alycia Alvarez Is a photographer from Texas, although she doesnt specialize in boudoir her boudoir maternity session linked here is smokin!! Her photos even made the cover of PPA magazine, what an accomplishment!!

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