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Safari Park San Diego

Written on August 3, 2015 Categories: Events and Travel

Safari Park San Diego

Safari Park San Diego Tiger exotic birds

Have you ever heard of the San Diego Zoo? Of course you have. For some reason it’s one of the more famous attractions in the area.

Safari Park San Diego Birds tigers elephants

However, less well known is the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. From the San Diego area its about a thirty minute drive north to the Escondido area. A standard day pass for adults as of this writing is around $48.00. Children 3-11 days passes are $38.00. If you are one of the many military members you get in free and your immediate family receives 10% percent off. Pretty sweet deal! Before anyone gets concerned about ticket prices, let me assure you this is a great deal. We were at the park for around five hours and still didn’t get to see all of it! That means you’ll have to wade through a part II when we get the chance to go back.

Sexy wild animal park tigers monkeys and elephants!

When you visit the website for the park you’ll notice a myriad of different Safaris available for purchase. However we just got a day pass and were content with hoofing it. My fitbit freaks out on me when I dont make my 10,000 steps a day and I definitely made goal! When we went it was one of the hottest days of the year. Having such a high number of visitors the park had water misters which were an amazing way to keep the heat at bay.

Japanese Bonsai trees

So besides the hotness the park was easy to navigate. It was kinda like following the yellow brick road. Around every bend you would see some very nifty stuff. For example, get a load of the awesome bonsai trees!

San Diego Safari Park Birds apes boudoir

If you go here during the summer make to take plenty of water and snacks.

Gorgeous boudoir glamour snake handler

So my final opinion on the safari park? Definitely worth the price of admission. So if you are looking for something to do in the San Diego area take a chance and come on out!

Safari Park boudoir

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