Girl Next Door

Written on September 15, 2015 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Girl Next Door

Girl Next Door Boudoir Glamour sexy

Introducing Rachel. I’ve known her about two years. We’ve never had any significant interaction. We say “hi” to each other in the hallways, but that was about it.

Girl next door sexy lady model boudoir

Rachel probably isn’t the average man’s idea of a model. She didn’t wear tons of make up. She didn’t wear designer clothes.  She wasn’t loud and boisterous.  But I knew better. “How so” you ask?

Girl next door sexy model

I knew better because I have seen every 1980’s movie EVER.

Girl next door glamour nude boudoir

In these 1980’s movies their is always a mousy nerdy girl. Then she gets a makeover and BAM!! She becomes hot enough to get the attention of everyone in the room.

Sexy statue girl

With this in mind I asked Rachel if she was interested in shooting with me. She agreed, and then for the next few months we played phone tag.

Sexy boudoir gothic occult model

Then one day I was on Facebook and made an ambush message attack. I was like, “Rachel lets shoot Saturday!” She replied, “I thought you only did boudoir?” I told Rachel that as much as i’d love to have a boudoir shoot with her I was more interested in this film noir kick i’ve been on. However, whats wrong with doing a boudoir session Rachel? Don’t be such a prude!

Girl next door sexy boudoir nude portrait

When Rachel arrived at my place I was shocked. I had never seen her so dressed up. She looked absolutely amazing.  She stepped in front of the camera and brought some serious sexiness. Although she had never posed before, she wasn’t even nervous, she was a natural!

girl next door sexy boudoir

Rachel and I shot for the next hour and a half. We had the greatest time talking about video games, movie nights, and her plans to become a high school art teacher.

Girl next door sexy boudoir nude

Speaking of art, Rachel is a pretty talented illustrator. This is her with her sketchbook. Before I forget, Rachel has a sister that looks like that lady from Silence of the Lambs. She is supposed to visit pretty soon, and it looks like she may shoot with Oni Studio as well!! Totally stoked because that movie freakin ROCKS! Well guys, that’s it for this shoot. Hope you liked Rachel, she says she’ll be back to shoot again so stay tuned!

Girl next door sexy elf

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