10 Ways to Die at Comic Con

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10 Ways to Die at Comic Con

10 ways to Die at Comic Con boudoir sexy glamour

The vessel had just left Peru. The wizard stood on the roof looking at the open ocean. He was worried he wouldn’t make it in time. He wouldn’t miss it again this year.

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After many weeks the ship finally pulled into port in San Diego. The wizard floated off slowly and landed on the ground. This was still strange to him, especially considering his former life as a neurosurgeon.

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His mission was complicated. The gauntlet had almost been reassembled, and once it was not even Living Tribunal would be able to help them.

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He found his companion and used the Uber app on his phone for a Spanish driver. No sense in stirring up the crowd. He arrived 15 minutes later. He knew it was too late. Heroes from other universes had already made an appearance. Someone was using the reality gem.

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Darth Vader’s storm troopers walked down the street. They were talking about getting cheeseburgers. The sexiest rocket raccoon with vampire teeth stood looking at a map. This was going to be a mess.

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The worst thing though? It was hot. Desert hot. Who in the hell had decided to have this in a place like San Diego? The people seemed not to mind the heat and obnoxiously blue sky. Maybe it was just him. He had traveled to the bottom of the world to a place called Kadath in the cold waste, and decided when this was all over he would have to return. This place was not for him.

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The lady clown stopped him. She called herself Scarlett Checkers and claimed to be from Philadelphia. He told her that California was going to melt her face make up. She gave him a bowl of bite size Snickers and told him she was late for a Cannibal Corpse concert.

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The first way to die. Lack of water. Almost no one had any, and so many people with powers. This place was a powder keg waiting to go off.

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The main event was being guarded by the watchers. No matter how strong the wizards magic he could not get inside.

10 ways to die at comic con sexy boudoir photography

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Hot, tired and discouraged, the wizard gave up. He would have to wait until next year to try and get inside the mysterious building.

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