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Crossfit cutey

Written on February 28, 2015 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Crossfit cutey

Sexy crossfit boudoir model

This weeks entry stars a brand new model. Her name is Amber, and if you are a photographer in the San Diego area you need to shoot with her.

Sexy crossfit glamour boudoir model

Yes, you heard me right, Amber has never done a professional photoshoot before. Shooting with a new model has its advantages and disadvantages. I love shooting with new models because many times they havent yet reached that diva stage where the ego takes over and the art aspect of the shoot is still foremost in their minds. On the other hand, many new models are still unsure of themselves in front of the camera and haven’t yet learned to free flow pose. You take the good with the bad and work with what you got.

Sexy glamour crossfit boudoir model

Amber had her poses pretty much down and five minutes after arriving on set, she was ready to go.

Fitness boudoir model

Besides getting to practice lighting techniques, my favorite aspect of shoot is getting to talk with new people. Amber brought up a very cool subject. Obviously she’s into fitness, but not just any old fitness, she’s into crossfit!

Sexy crossfit glamour boudoir lingerie

Now I have never done crossfit, but I have plenty of friends that do. Without exception they all look like they just walked off the set of 300. This style of fitness also has its critics, but I dont know why anyone would get angry over people trying to improve their bodies, regardless of the manner of doing it. Well except for steroid users!

fitness paleo sexy boudoir crossfit model

Amber and I have a very similar diet as well. Except she probably cheats a lot less than I do. But basically eat lean, eat several small meals a day, plenty of water, and stay away from bread Simple!

Bamboo fitness glamour boudoir model

For the studio lighting I went with an alienbee beauty dish, lit the background with an Einstein E640 with a red gel, and filled in the shadow with a photoflex strip.

Sexy boudoir model playing pool in San Diego, California

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    Hellraiser Horror Hottie

    Written on February 17, 2015 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

    Hellraiser Horror Hottie

    Hellraiser gothic model

    Heather is an alternative model originally from Ohio. She’s moved around a lot in her life and experienced many interesting things.

    Hellraiser beauty

    More importantly, Heather is a fan of darkness. No, i’m not talking about Eddie Murphy. I’m talking about the dark side of life.

    Hellraiser boudoir glamour

    Heather’s more than a fan though. Over time she has become darkness. Or at least a representation of it. She knows what nightmares are made of. She knows whats underneath the bed, whats in the closet, and why that sound you heard isn’t just the house creaking.

    Hellraiser death goth glamour model

    In other words, Heather isn’t some dingleberry fan of Twilight or 50 shades of Grey. She’s the real deal.

    Sexy glamour boudoir model

    I had been searching for a model for awhile to collaborate on a project involving the Hellraiser boxes offered by the Pyramid Gallery. If you have never seen the boxes, Heather is holding them in some of the photos in this blog. You can also see them in the photo below.  When I started the project, I wanted a model who would know the boxes, and who was a real fan of Clive Barker. I felt that if I just got another pretty face it would come off as disingenuous.

    Pyramid Gallery

    The going hasn’t been easy. In fact Heather and I have been trying to schedule a photoshoot for close to a year. I even drunk texted her from Mississippi and asked her to come pick me up.

    Sexy brick wall model

    Obviously she didn’t drive across the country and pick me up. I think she texted me back a day later and said, “are you serious?” Well Heather, I was serious when I sent it!

    Dragon doom

    So about the project. Heather and I discussed idea for a few upcoming projects. You can look forward to many more shoots involving the Pyramid Gallery’s boxes, as well as many other 1980’s horror films. Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Evil Dead and of course Hellraiser!

    Beautiful glamour boudoir portrait

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    sexy nude boudoir

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