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Vampire Goddess

Written on December 4, 2014 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Vampire Goddess

Vampire goddess boudoir pose

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a thing with vampires. I think my first vampire film was “Lost Boys” and to this day it’s still one of my favorites.

Boudoir pinup vampire

I think the vampire genre took a huge hit with Interview with a Vampire. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse Twilight turned one of my childhood heroes into a sparkling atrocity more geared for female fifth graders than a serious lurking horror for all of humanity.

Vampire black dress sexy heels

Why am I talking about vampires?

Gorgeous vampire boudoir goddess

Because the star of this entry, Chary, was the embodiment of the perfect vampire. She was old world, poised and strangely, had one of the most alluring mysterious scents about her. She was like an other worldly ethereal creature. At the risk of making myself seem creepy, I could smell her two hours after she left. I have no other way to describe the experience other than wonderful!

Beautifully sexy eyes

Speaking of wonderful, if you’re a lady looking for some great Pinup inspired outfits, check out Pinup Culture in Escondido, CA!

B&W boudoir

I woke up one early Sunday morning and saw a post on my Facebook newsfeed from fellow photographer Neil Van Niekerk who had written his own entry on a Boudoir photographer by the name of Petra Herrmann.

Gorgeous vampire boudoir

Petra recently was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Neil was showcasing her photography not only to promote her, but to let people know about the gofundme campaign. Which would help her with her medical bills.

Sexy Lingerie

The entry itself highlighted five of the top selling images Petra takes and how to take your own.

Classic portrait

I decided to take Petra up on this challenge and put an ad out on Facebook.

Va va VOOM!

If you click on the link to Petra’s work you’ll be able to compare and contrast the images Chary and I shot.

Come over and see me sometime

Did you all know Chary likes Cannibal Corpse?

Nightmare on Elm Street

Now I usually work exclusively with Alienbee strobes and Photoflex modifiers. This was one of the few shoots I’ve done in a long time that relied on natural light.

Death and her embrace

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    Physics of Sexy

    Written on November 17, 2014 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

    Physics of Sexy

    Sexy non physics professor stares into the abyss

    Physics. How did I come up with the title for this? Well the models name is Elena, and she isn’t a physics professor.

    Physics of the impossible

    For some odd reason while I was shooting her I was fixated on just how Dark Energy was increasing the expansion of the universe.

    Dark physics phenomena

    I think its become an unhealthy obsession. But then again, once you learn the fate of the universe is to eventually die in a big freeze it would tend to weigh heavily on any sane individual.

    Gothic B&W beauty

    On to more mundane conversation. Elena was the first major shoot i’ve had since returning to San Diego. I’ve had an extended business trip down in South America.

    Sunglasses and assassins

    I wasn’t just in South America. Ever heard of Mississippi? Yes, I was there as well. Whatever you do, stay out of that place!

    Super sexy supernova

    I actually have to be fair. Mississippi had one saving grace. A place called Canes. Best fried chicken I think I’ve ever ate. Just to illustrate how good it was, I don’t even eat fried chicken!

    A brief history of time

    Back to Elena. She was super nice, and she even brought along a helpful assistant who tried to keep her focused on the shoot. As you can see we failed. Hell Boy

    I will not shoot!

    I didn’t have a plan for the lighting on this shoot. I hadn’t had a shoot in six months and just decided to wing it.

    Abandon all hope

    I decided to bring out my alienbees. I did much of the shoot using a beauty dish as the key light.

    Scarlet death

    Fortunately Elena saved the shoot with her immaculate posing!

    Lucifer's embrace

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      Gothic Death Queen

      Written on February 12, 2014 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

      Gothic Death Queen

      Gothic death Queen, Oni Studio

      Enter Stormie Psy. How did I meet her? Model Mayhem I believe. Stormie is one of my favorite type of models, and people.

      Sexy gothic head shot

      What makes her so special? Well she’s into the darker side of life. She exudes dark energy, and loves metal. Most importantly, hates Marilyn Monroe. Since I too hate Marilyn Monroe I knew we were gonna get along famously.

      Sexy back, oni Studio

      Before you get to impressed though, Stormie admits she in no way finds Dave Mustaine from Megadeth presently attractive. However, she did admit that back in the 80’s she would have had his love child.

      Sexy gothic portrait, Oni Studio Boudoir

      So what else can I say about Stormie? Unfortunately not much. Well not much that I can divulge if I want to be alive.

      Sexy gothic fetish model

      True, she told me some earth shattering secrets about herself. Is she really employed with the CIA? Was she involved with the Kennedy assassination? Does she endorse Charmin brand toilet paper? Unfortunately my lips are sealed on these and other matters.

      Gorgeous Gothic B&W classic model pose

      So here’s the unclassified info on Stormie.  She was born in a small town in Upstate New York. Her parents were Portuguese and Italian. After a brief hitch in the French foreign legion she moved out to California. California is rough even for the toughest people, and Stormie had a hard time adjusting. She became a homeless drifter for awhile before being discovered by Anton Lavey, then head of the Church of Satan.

      Sexy long legs, fetish latex gothic model

      The Church of Satan trained her in silent killing techniques and deployed her to South America to take out christian missionaries. She was one of the most successful operators in the churches history.

      Sexy gothic hellraiser Pyramid Gallery

      I don’t know if I should have divulged that last part.

      Another sexy gothic B&W

      On a serious note, if you are a photographer in the southern California area you need to shoot with Stormie. She’s comfortable in her own skin, funny, and knows how to work her curves in an extremely tantalizing way. Every pose she does is a winner, and I had a very tough time picking out images for this blog. She can be contacted through her website or facebook, both of which are linked in this article.

      Sexy gothic latex photography

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        Nude and loving it

        Written on November 28, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

        Nude and loving it

        Sexy nude white lingerie. San Diego boudoir photography

        Its thanksgiving day as I write this.  My house is a wreck and a girl has told me that I suck and she doesn’t want to see me ever again. For some reason I start having cruddy luck around the holidays. However bad luck does have a couple of benefits. It gets me in a serious introspective mood to examine what exactly i’m doing right and wrong.

        Sexy half nude evil woman

        So what exactly am I doing right? Well I thought about it and I think i’ve finally got the knack of not setting the fire alarm off when I cook.

        Super magical nude model

        So what else? Well I guess i’ll have to take some advice from Bill Burr. Lie to myself about getting a six pack, go on OkCupid and meet boring women who i’ll pretend to have something in common with.

        Have you had enough with my whining and complaining? Ok good, because i’d like to discuss this semi nude shoot I did. When I see nude work done by photographers i’m not really a fan. They either have the models splayed out like some hustler model or the model looks like she’s about to be executed.

        Sexy nude model holding a turkey sandwich

        Our model for this entry is Vón Feréve, and yes you’ve seen her on Oni Studio before.  She is an awesome model, shows up on time and requires very little direction. that last part is my favorite as I like to focus on the technical aspects of the shoot. So how do you go from regular portraits to steamy nude images without coming off as a pervo?

        I see your future and you're nude

        Truth is I have no idea. However I do have a couple of principles I shoot by. First, don’t come across as to eager to shoot nude. When I contact a model for a shoot I don’t immediately ask for it. Put yourself in the models shoes. They probably get multiple request for nude photography a day. Try and set yourself apart.

        Nude grim reaper, yep, you're gonna die

        Finally, make sure you dump all the bodies and clean up before they arrive. No one likes taking their clothes off in a dirty house, so get your shit together.

        Yes, this shot looks like the other ones, I suppose I suck

        The truth is that I have writers block like you wouldn’t believe. Usually I sit in front of the computer, clear my mind and a story appears. It doesn’t seem to be working today. Ok…clear my mind..type the first things you think about: Sepultura, Brazil, Laxatives, lesbians. I really don’t see this working today.

        Nude Baphomets and skittles

        I guess i’ll just have to let the images speak for themselves. Von is my favorite model when it comes to all the props I have. I always search through my huge collection of weird shit and get it into her hands.  I used to get yelled at for using props. Looking back I can understand why. I had this collection of horror dolls and used to have the models hold them along with a bottle of mustard. Having trouble understanding? Don’t worry i’ve had enough Vodka and pickles to kill an entire elementary school.

        full length nude

        There comes a time, thief, when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the gold loses its luster, when the throne room becomes a prison, and all that is left is to watch Conan until you have memorized the entire script.

        You opened it, we came

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