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Succubus in Rapture

Written on October 12, 2015 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Succubus in Rapture

Succubus sexy nude lingerie

Her name was Core, and she was on the run.

Succubus lingerie nude boudoir

San Diego wasn’t a place people usually came to when they were on the run. It was too high profile. Especially for a demon hunter. Of course in another life San Diego would have been right up Core’s alley. Maybe thats why she had decided to come here.

Succubus sexy boudoir lingerie

After years of being plagued by a demon, Core had turned into one of the greatest hunters of them.  She had killed scores of them. But no matter how hard she tried,  one of them she couldn’t kill. She had a reminder of him every time she looked at her child, it had his eyes. The demon had taken over every aspect of her life. It was hard to remember what life had been like before it came. The demon seemed to encompass her entire being. It had infiltrated her emotions. It had tried to control her every move. Hell, it even knew her bank account number and email password.

Succubus sexy nude portrait

In the meantime she had set up shop. Since San Diego was so disgustingly colorful and happy, their was relatively low demonic activity. However she sensed a high level of activity in the Gaslamp area. The gaslamp area was where the majority of douche bags in San Diego spent their free time, and the demons most likely latched on to most of them.

Succubus lingerie intimate

Thats where she was tonight. She had ubered her way to the gaslamp. She stood outside one of the establishments that played sports on TV with hip hop blaring obnoxiously. She didn’t have to wait long for a douche bag to appear.

Sexy succubus nude boudoir

Ah damn girl you want ride around in ma TRUK?! Yes, this guy was definitely getting the ax. She smiled and touched his chest and walked with him to his unnecessarily large vehicle that got shitty gas mileage.

Sexy succubus rapture

She dropped her purse. He went to pick it up for her, they always did. She stepped behind and pulled out her weapon. As soon as he raised up she buried it in the side of his head. Oh god, she hoped no blood got on her Gucci, she would just die.

Succubus in rapture

One down, 1,000 to go. She wiped the blood off the weapon. No blood on the Gucci. This was going to be a good night.

Sexy succubus

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    Girl Next Door

    Written on September 15, 2015 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

    Girl Next Door

    Girl Next Door Boudoir Glamour sexy

    Introducing Rachel. I’ve known her about two years. We’ve never had any significant interaction. We say “hi” to each other in the hallways, but that was about it.

    Girl next door sexy lady model boudoir

    Rachel probably isn’t the average man’s idea of a model. She didn’t wear tons of make up. She didn’t wear designer clothes.  She wasn’t loud and boisterous.  But I knew better. “How so” you ask?

    Girl next door sexy model

    I knew better because I have seen every 1980’s movie EVER.

    Girl next door glamour nude boudoir

    In these 1980’s movies their is always a mousy nerdy girl. Then she gets a makeover and BAM!! She becomes hot enough to get the attention of everyone in the room.

    Sexy statue girl

    With this in mind I asked Rachel if she was interested in shooting with me. She agreed, and then for the next few months we played phone tag.

    Sexy boudoir gothic occult model

    Then one day I was on Facebook and made an ambush message attack. I was like, “Rachel lets shoot Saturday!” She replied, “I thought you only did boudoir?” I told Rachel that as much as i’d love to have a boudoir shoot with her I was more interested in this film noir kick i’ve been on. However, whats wrong with doing a boudoir session Rachel? Don’t be such a prude!

    Girl next door sexy boudoir nude portrait

    When Rachel arrived at my place I was shocked. I had never seen her so dressed up. She looked absolutely amazing.  She stepped in front of the camera and brought some serious sexiness. Although she had never posed before, she wasn’t even nervous, she was a natural!

    girl next door sexy boudoir

    Rachel and I shot for the next hour and a half. We had the greatest time talking about video games, movie nights, and her plans to become a high school art teacher.

    Girl next door sexy boudoir nude

    Speaking of art, Rachel is a pretty talented illustrator. This is her with her sketchbook. Before I forget, Rachel has a sister that looks like that lady from Silence of the Lambs. She is supposed to visit pretty soon, and it looks like she may shoot with Oni Studio as well!! Totally stoked because that movie freakin ROCKS! Well guys, that’s it for this shoot. Hope you liked Rachel, she says she’ll be back to shoot again so stay tuned!

    Girl next door sexy elf

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      Jen Rozenbaum, an interview

      Jen Rozenbaum Boudoir

      You all remember the first interview I did with John of Hittwerk Photography?  In the interview he mentioned Jen Rozenbaum a boudoir photographer in New York City. He spoke very highly of her so I went and checked out her work. Turns out she’s not such a bad photographer and I think I wrote her shortly after and asked for this interview.

       Jen has been featured and interviewed by some very high level people like Good Morning America, Entrepreneur Magazine, Creative Live, and the list continues. Just google her name and you can see she has been featured multiple times by many different people.

       Why though? Jen was a wonderful boudoir photographer, but then again so are Sue Bryce, Stacie Frazier, Christa Meola and a whole host of others. Why or how was Jen different? After researching this photographer to the point of creepiness I think I found my answer. In one of the interviews she had done she had referred to herself as a photogratherapist. (I hope that’s what I heard) The point being is this, there are many wonderful photographers out there, but Jen connected with her clients, she listened to them, and maybe more importantly, she knew when to not listen to them. What I mean is that when one of her clients would come in with a ridiculous pose or outfit thinking it was going to work for them, Jen knew when to steer the client in a better direction. She told the client to trust her, that she did this for a living, and that she would be happy with the final images. As a photographer myself I’ve had this happen over and over and it was great to read that Jen had found a great way to deal with this issue.

      I hope you enjoy the interview I did with Jen, she was kind enough to answer my silly questions and to supply some of her wonderful images. If you are a photographer and would like to be interviewed and featured on my blog please send me a message.

      Jen Rozenbaum Sexy boudoir glamour

      Why do you focus on shooting in tight quarters?

       Mostly because it’s what I do! My studio is in NYC and there isn’t much space here. 

      Do you read the reviews on Amazon for your book? If the review is negative do you feel the urge to respond personally to the person? 

      Who would leave a negative review for my book? (kidding… kinda)  😉

      You’re a pretty good lookin gal, have you ever posed for your own boudoir session? Can we see?!

       Lol, thank you. yes I have had a few!

      Jen Rozenbaum Boudoir Glamour Lingerie

      With being an author, photographer, wife and mother, it seems as though all of your time is booked. How do you find time to work out, and what is your approach to fitness?

       I work out 4-5 days a week. It’s not an option, it’s part of my life. Yes, during some VERY busy times I cut it out. Only when I really don’t have any other time to spare (like a week before Creative Live for example!) It’s important for me to stay healthy but also to blow off steam. 

      What’s your philosophy with respect to diet?

       I eat really healthy during the week. On the weekends I splurge. There has to be a balance. 

      What was your reaction when you found out you were going to be featured on Huffington Post?

      I’m always excited and amazed any time someone wants to feature me. 

      Sexy Jen lingerie

      What’s your opinion on Jewish Mysticism like the Kabbalah? 

       I don’t really know much about Kabbalah to tell you the truth! 

      We see you went to University of Albany, what was your lowest moment while attending school? How did you bounce back?

      The only low moments I remember were the times where I felt pressured and stressed over exams. I work best under pressure though; still do…. so I guess I never really bounced back haha. 

      What type of education should beginner photographers seek out?

       I love love love the book Understanding Exposure. It’s the best book money can buy for someone starting out. 

      Jen Boudoir sexy lingerie

      Have your kids taken you to career day at school yet? How do you think that will go?

      My kids understand what I do. I explain to them that I am helping women feel beautiful, worthy and powerful. My daughter is almost 10 and she is the one I have the most heart to heart conversations with about it. 

      Do you think it’s advisable to be a multi-genre photographer? For example, trying to be a nature photographer, child photographer, and boudoir photographer?

      Personally, no. I am not saying it’s not for some people. For me though, being a specialist is the most important. I wanted to focus only on what I love. 

      How did you get the idea to write a book on boudoir photography?

       So I had an idea for a cookbook, I told a friend who told a publisher friend… and the rest is history. I got the idea for the cookbook when posting on social media one day. I always post all the “ingredients” that go into getting the shot. I started thinking – how is this any different than cooking? Bam. Lightbulb moment. 

      Jen sexy classic boudoir

      We listened to your interview on the fireside network, the most interesting thing we heard? You wear combat boots. What’s up with that?

      Haha! My point was that being a woman goes way deeper than what we see on the surface! 

      What’s your most memorable concert?

       I recently saw Billy Joel on my 40th bday at the last show at Nassau Coliseum before they renovated it. 

      The perfect pizza gets delivered to your door, what’s on it?!

       I’m either a purest – lots of cheese!! Or I also like olives and onions. Yumm…

      Your website and blog design are great. For photographers starting out how would you recommend setting up sites and blogs? Should they even do it? 

       Yes of course they should have a place to showcase their work (website) and speak their mind (blog). My advice is to keep it really simple and easy to use for you and the viewer.

      Jen sexy boudoir glamour

      Sigma or Nikon lenses, and why?

      I use all Sigma lenses. They are affordable, quality and have you tried an Art lens?? Like Butta!! 

      In high school what table would you have sat at? E.g. geek table, metal table, jock table, ect.

       I was the girl who really got along with many groups but I was a little more on the academic side. 

      Do you read for fun? Who are your favorite fiction authors?

       I mostly read business books. Motivational reading. Anything I can really learn from and grow from. Right now I am reading “You are a badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life“.

      Sexy jen glamour

      How bad did Nightmare on Elm Street scare you when it premiered in 1984?

       Enough not to watch it!!! (I was 9)

      What type of computer do you recommend for the type of work you do?

        I use a macbook pro

      What’s your opinion of the certified professional Photographer CPP certification from the PPA? Do you recommend it?

      Although I don’t have it – I highly recommend it!!! Why would you say no to anything that makes you better?

      Jen sexy glamour boudoir

      What was the first camera you owned?

      Nikon D80

      What kind of camera do you shoot with now?

       Nikon D3s and Nikon D750

      If you could shoot with anyone in the world, from any time period, who would you choose. By the way, you can’t choose Marilyn Monroe or Harry Potter!

      Good question! I would actually want to shoot the women of my family that I never got to meet and the ones that passed away since I have been born. The images I have of them are so few and far between. 

      What type of lighting equipment do you use?

      Natural light. Profoto B1 strobes and the TD6, Icelight, skylux and flex all from Westcott. 

      Sexy glamour lingerie boudoir Jen

      Bang for the buck wise, what lighting equipment would you recommend for the beginning photographer?

       The Westcott D5 kits

      Have you ever been in the military?


      Have you worked much in your boudoir business with military spouses?

      Here and there but there aren’t too many in NYC.

      Who are some other photographers that inspire you?

      I gain most of my inspiration from other industries. Music, film, etc….

      Sexy Jen boudoir

      What type of editing software do you recommend?

      I use lightroom and photoshop CC

      If you answered Photoshop, what type of plug-ins do you recommend?

      I have developed my own set of actions to help me edit quickly.

      Was there ever a time in your time as a photographer when you were like, “I don’t think this is going to work, I think I may have made a big mistake”? How did you overcome it?

      Um – often. I think we all have the urge to quit now and again. I usually just let myself be in the moment and know it will pass!

      Do you ever feel the urge to punch Scott Kelby?

       I don’t know Scott, but I’d only punch him if he gave me reason to!

       Portrait of Jen Rozenbaum

      Portrait of Jen Rozenbaum Taken by Mike from Allebach Photography.

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        Written on August 19, 2015 Categories: San Diego Boudoir


        Striplight sexy boudoir erotic lingerie

        This entry is more directed at my fellow photographers. Many of the more accomplished photographers won’t need the advice. However those of you who are new may find a few useful tips.

        Striplight sexy B&W

        The rest of you can enjoy the pics of the hot model. It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to take photos like the ones you see here. In order to do that a bit more effectively

        Striplight sexy classic B&W

        SO lets start how I got the look of the B&W noir photos. First thing, get your ass over to the Paul C. Buff aka Alienbee website. Google Paul C. Buff and usually its the first that pops up. Go to the “accessories” portion at the top and click “softboxes” from the drop down and once the next page loads scroll down  and buy the foldable stripbox. Just so were clear the part number at the time of this writing is: FSB1036

        Before I forget, here s short interview I did with the star of the entry, Desi Diver.

        Now I know Alienbee’s aren’t the only retailer of light modifiers. I have another striplight made by photoflex which I love and recommend. Now what do you do with those strip lights? Move them to the back corners and aim them at the camera. You can use a third stripbox or beauty dish to light the face. Heres a diagram to help explain:


        Notice that you’ll have to move the model out away from the backdrop. Play around with the light placement to produce some cool effects. Look at the photo below for an example.

        Glamour boudoir

        Now back to Desi Diver. Desi gave me some exciting news as she is now the co-owner of a burlesque troupe called Bless Your Heart Burlesque. I asked Desi who exactly was supposed to be blessing hearts. She told me it was Zuul, the gate keeper of Gozer.


        If Desi looks familiar that because she’s been at Oni Studio before. She was the silly model making all the faces at the camera. Also, the writer of the poetry about nailing screws in peoples heads.

        Sexy silly collage

        The coolest thing Desi did while she was over here? She shamed me for not having an Instagram account. I finally gave in and made one, if the mood hits you you can follow me here.

        Sexy B&W

        Desi spent most of her time talking about her new troupes upcoming show. Now allegedly its in October, you all will have to go become friends with the page to stay up on current events.

         Sexy mirror image

        Sexy feather

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