Alienbees Boudoir

Written on January 12, 2015 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Alienbees Boudoir

Alienbees sexy

Recently I had a friend who got interested in photography. I had seen her post some work before, mostly nature and shots of her kids. When Christmas came her husband went out and bought her an entire studio set.

Sexy alienbees B&W

They got right to work and set up the studio and wasted no time in getting a model in for a shoot. They had caught my attention so I always looked at every update they posted. Most of the pics they posted included the studio lighting equipment. Their was so much of it, flashheads, modifiers, syncs, and so on.

Laying black dress alienbees boudoir glamour

The reason my friends new purchases got my attention is because it reminded me of exactly what I did when I first became interested in studio photography. I had no idea what to buy. I had no idea what company was gonna be worth the money. I believe the first set of studio lights I ever had was from a company called Square Perfect. Now square perfect lighting did work for me. However, you could definitely tell it wasn’t the top of the line quality.

Sexy alienbees outdoor glamour boudoir portrait

Over time, I must have wasted close to a thousand dollars on studio equipment I didn’t need. Finally I got smart and started asking successful photographers what equipment they used. Most of the photographers I wrote to didn’t answer. However one of them finally did. What did they tell me to buy? Alienbees! Now Alienbees arent cheap. But then again they are not ungodly expensive either. Now Alienbees have been around for quite awhile. They have excellent customer service, and they stand by thier products. Also, NO, I dont get any money or any benefits for writing about them. In fact I doubt the company will ever read this entry.

Montage of sexiness

If you’re starting a studio and want a invest your money in studio lighting, Alienbees is one of the best investments you can make.  Now its not the only good photo equipment company out there. Personally i’m not a huge fan of the light stands from Alienbees, and much prefer Manfrotto, Avenger or photoflex brands.

Sexy lingerie nude boudoir Glamour

One of these days I really am gonna get off my ass and write some educational entries on the art of boudoir and studio photography. Trouble is I dont think too many people read what I write.

Alienbees sexy black dress

The sexy model you’re seeing in the photos is Michele “Miss Hell” Monique. We’ve  had a few photoshoots. In case you missed them you can see them here, and here.

Sexy boudoir glamour photography

Joker sexy

Sexy black dress

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    Spirit Molecule

    Written on January 3, 2015 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

    Spirit Molecule

    DMT the Spirit Molecule

    Abigail had been running. She had taken the spirit molecule from the vagrant. At first she didn’t even know what she had. She could feel it in her bag. It was whispering to her. She could feel it moving. It touched the edge of her consciousness.  Was this real? At the very heart of it, she could feel a presence. She could hear his voice, faint. She could see his image in her dreams, dark, his face full of needles. It couldn’t be real.

    Spirit guitar

    For as long as she could remember she had been searching. Mystic experiences, LSD, DMT, and the spirit. It was never enough.

    Spirit portrait

    She never stopped moving. Never stopped searching. A brothel in New Orleans, BDSM in Berlin. Sometimes when she woke up she didn’t know what city she was in.

    Spirit crystal portrait

    Is this all there was? Had she reached the limits of experience? Their had to be more.

    Secret symbols

    She tried Wicca. The goddess rejected her. She tried Buddhism, but nirvana eluded her. What else was there? Their had to be something. Another guy bought her a drink. Where was she again? She thought hard. Her last clear memory was an alley in Paris. This didn’t smell like Paris. Was this Morocco? She had hit bottom.

    The vagrant

    She had heard of the vagrant. They said when nothing was left he would come. You couldn’t find him, he had to find you. She could feel him now. She finished her drink and stepped outside. She saw him outside the Pyramid Gallery. Their eyes locked. She approached. He took out a box, designs seems to melt and form. She couldn’t take her eyes off it.


    She walked away, forgetting about the vagrant. He stared after her with empty eyes. His job was finished. Back in her room she sat down. Fingers tracing patterns. She could feel something traveling. Getting closer. Movement from the mirror. He had came. The light reflected from the pins in his face. She smiled. No more running, no more moving. She had come home.

    sexy oil painting

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      Written on December 23, 2014 Categories: Events and Travel


      Sexy honey spiceologist

      Todays entry is gonna be odd. Why is a boudoir photographer doing a blog on spices? Because foo, I CAN. To me this wasn’t that big of a leap. To me, boudoir is a treat for the senses. Its about erotica, and the forbidden. The spiceologist people have gotten this down to a science. Spiceologist doesn’t use half naked models to sell their wares or advertise in Playboy. They don’t need to. With no hesitancy I can tell you these are some of the best spices I have ever put in my mouth.

      Spiceologist unboxing

      This is my second purchase with Spiceologist. How did I hear about this company? Remember when I was San Francisco? I randomly went into this place called Sur La Table. I had never heard of it, and was probably intoxicated. A guy that worked there was totally into selling me things. This knife is faaaaaaaabulous, buy it before I stab you with it. Then he picked a bottle off the shelf and (which turned out to be spiceologist honey habanero) he started hitting me in the side of the head with it. This stuff is just faaaaabulous. You have to try it, buy it or i’ll kill your family. Faaaaaaabulous. I ended up buying it.

      Spiceologist unpacking

      I want to set the record straight before you all get any ideas. I am not getting any money from Spiceologist say all this great stuff. Trust me, I tried to get a discount and Heather (the co-founder) sent a KGB hit squad to take me out. Fortunately they got my address wrong and went to those annoying loud neighbors that play rap music 24 hours a day. The KGB massacred the entire house. Thanks Heather! What I actually ended up ordering was the “top 8 rub set”.

      Spiceologist raspberry

      So who are these mysterious people that make these awesome spices? How do they have ties to the KGB?

      Spiceologist rasta rub

      You can see a bio on the two founders on the video above. If you listen carefully you can hear slight Russian accents and their seems to be a automatic pistol with a silencer attached on the table. Further proof these two are actually KGB assassins. More importantly, the spices they make do NOT have that MSG crap that a lot of the spices you buy at the grocery have! Lastly,according to their website, Heather and Pete employ three other assassins who may also be employed by the Japanese Yakuza. Lauren (seductive stabber) Seth (dashing death dealer) and Jordan (pretty poisoner).

      Purple haze

      Truth to be told, I have only tried a few of these spices. See that “greek freak” up there? Next time you order pizza, sprinkle some on there. Its freakin phenomenal!

      Pink Peppercorn

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        Arwen Bikini Boudoir

        Written on December 10, 2014 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

        Arwen Bikini Boudoir

        Arwen Bikini model


        I remember the first time I ever saw Jenn. Although I didn’t know her name then. She was in the base gym in Whidbey Island, Washington. She had short black hair and a face full of piercings. I was confused, she was too old to be an officers kid.

        Arwen bum bum

        Was she married to a military guy? That was probably it. She always reminded me of the elf Arwen out of Tolkiens “lord of the Rings” trilogy. Which for some odd reason I should be a fan of, but I never got into it. Personally I was always more into Frank Herbert’s “Dune“.

        Lingerie Arwen

        Now Jenn didn’t look like Arwen out of the movie. She just reminded of what Arwen from the books might have looked like. Anyway, that’s enough about Arwen and Tolkien.

        Boudoir dark fantasy

        Now when I first saw Jenn this had to be back in 2007 or 2008. Oni Studio had just started out, and in fact we had only done one or two photoshoots. I wasn’t single then and Oni Studio was a brain child of the two of us.

        Hells lingerie

        Whidbey Island was beautiful, but it didn’t offer much in the way entertainment. Especially to a married guy and girl used to a much bigger city. We racked our brains for a hobby that we could do indoors during the long winter months.

        Snow cold sexy lingerie

        I think that’s how Oni Studio was born. Much like Dimmu Borgir, in the cold waste. Jenn was one of the first “high profile” models we ever shot. The first shoot we did with her garnered a lot of attention leading to quite a few paid shoots. The second shoot we did with her, set in a local gym lead to getting one of our first magazine publications.

        Jenn having fun being silly

        This shoot with Jenn continues on with the natural light techniques that I began with Chary last week.

        Sexy silk stockings

        I’m glad Petra Herrmann’s work inspired me to try out some natural light work. However I don’t know if I’ll do much of it in the future. I have found a few things I’m not too happy with. The biggest thing is the lack of sharpness. True, I could shoot on a higher ISO, and I did bump it up a bit. It’s a pet peeve of mine to shoot on high ISO though. I also used my Manfrotto tripod, which makes shooting a bit slow.

        Sexy boudoir Arwen

        With the Alienbees and Photoflex you get complete control of the light. Sharpness is almost never a problem either. I’m planning on getting a Photoflex background stand soon, so be expecting some great new material!

        What?! Bootie!

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