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Gothic Death Queen

Written on February 12, 2014 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Gothic Death Queen

Gothic death Queen, Oni Studio

Enter Stormie Psy. How did I meet her? Model Mayhem I believe. Stormie is one of my favorite type of models, and people.

Sexy gothic head shot

What makes her so special? Well she’s into the darker side of life. She exudes dark energy, and loves metal. Most importantly, hates Marilyn Monroe. Since I too hate Marilyn Monroe I knew we were gonna get along famously.

Sexy back, oni Studio

Before you get to impressed though, Stormie admits she in no way finds Dave Mustaine from Megadeth presently attractive. However, she did admit that back in the 80′s she would have had his love child.

Sexy gothic portrait, Oni Studio Boudoir

So what else can I say about Stormie? Unfortunately not much. Well not much that I can divulge if I want to be alive.

Sexy gothic fetish model

True, she told me some earth shattering secrets about herself. Is she really employed with the CIA? Was she involved with the Kennedy assassination? Does she endorse Charmin brand toilet paper? Unfortunately my lips are sealed on these and other matters.

Gorgeous Gothic B&W classic model pose

So here’s the unclassified info on Stormie.  She was born in a small town in Upstate New York. Her parents were Portuguese and Italian. After a brief hitch in the French foreign legion she moved out to California. California is rough even for the toughest people, and Stormie had a hard time adjusting. She became a homeless drifter for awhile before being discovered by Anton Lavey, then head of the Church of Satan.

Sexy long legs, fetish latex gothic model

The Church of Satan trained her in silent killing techniques and deployed her to South America to take out christian missionaries. She was one of the most successful operators in the churches history.

Sexy gothic hellraiser Pyramid Gallery

I don’t know if I should have divulged that last part.

Another sexy gothic B&W

On a serious note, if you are a photographer in the southern California area you need to shoot with Stormie. She’s comfortable in her own skin, funny, and knows how to work her curves in an extremely tantalizing way. Every pose she does is a winner, and I had a very tough time picking out images for this blog. She can be contacted through her website or facebook, both of which are linked in this article.

Sexy gothic latex photography

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    Temptress the face of evil

    Greatest bootie ever, only at Temptress Fashion in San Diego!

    Awhile back I had a shoot with a girl named Michele Monique. She came in wearing a dress that was beyond stunning. “Hey where in the bloody hell did you get that dress?!” I asked. “I got it at Temptress Fashions you silly goat fucker!” she replied eloquently. We wrapped up the shoot and I immediately set out to find Temptress Fashions on facebook. Turns out they were about 9 miles down the road from me here in San Diego.  I saw on their page they were having a contest and I promptly entered Micheles images in for the drawing. Holy shit, would you believe we actually won a $100.00 gift certificate? Michele promptly went down, got some more sexy outfits and came over for another shoot. While she was here she told me about the Face of Temptress fashion pageant. She needed a video intro, which we made and submitted it. Once again, she was accepted to the pageant, and to my astonishment, I got an invite to shoot the entire event!

    Lady Luck Review, Temptress Fashion San Diego

    The event was being held at Winstons Beach club. I showed up an hour early with my Nikon and Alienbees gear to get my lighting squared away. The band had already arrived and was getting a sound check.

    Decor at Temptress Fashion

    Whoever did the decorating did a freakin fantastic job. The VIP tables had Temptress models of Christmas past adorning the tables.

    The crowd at Temptress Fashions event

    It wasn’t long before some of the most beautiful girls in San Diego started showing up. Everyone was nice, and the place had a very warm and accepting atmosphere.

    Sexy Temptress Fashion Event in San Diego

    Sexy bitches at Temptress Fashion in San Diego

    I don’t know all the of names of the models, but the ones I did know in attendance were: Melanie Monsters, Eva Garnet, Kiki Carnevale, Darrce Grace, and a whole bunch more whose names I haven’t learned yet. Hopefully you’ll see them soon here at Oni Studio!

    Sexy Burlesque dancing

    Getting ready for the event at Temptress Fashion in San Diego

    Seriously sexy at Temptress Fashion

    Gorgeous classic B&W noir

    The models competed in many categories,  including a talent show that had one of the most inspiring dance routines i’ve seen in a bit.

    Temptress Fashion San Diego

    Happy sexy people at Temptress Fashion San Diego

    In the end though, just like Highlander, their can be only one.  The girls lined up in anticipation and even I was holding my breathe.

    Darrce Winner at Temptress Fashion San Diego

    The winner was announced, Darrce Grace! Feel free to give her a congrats at the bottom of the page! I’d like to say a special thank you to Temptress Fashion for inviting me out. If you have a moment visit their store and see their awesome wares!

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      lingerie surfer killer

      Written on February 3, 2014 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

      lingerie surfer killer

      Lingerie and the need

      She got home and closed the door behind her. Slide the bolt home, lock. She rested her head against the door. Breathe, just breathe. The craving was back and she wasn’t sure she’d win this time.

      Gorgeous sexy lady in San Diego

      The craving had been met for awhile by a homeless man she had picked up awhile back. His bones were still in the hallway closet. She’d have to clean before she brought anyone else back.

      Sexy lingerie boudoir vampire

      It was just another thing to add to the list of her worries. Even for a 200 year old vampire serial killer, San Diego was a tough city to live in. Her bills were piling up, her apartment too small. Her employment situation was the worst of all.

      Sexy portrait, San Diego boudoir photography blog

      She sat down in her livingroom, she had no TV. She wasn’t even sure she wanted one.  It was 2 hours until sundown. In life her favorite thing to do was watch the sunset. She couldn’t even do that now. She could still surf though, even if it was at night. She didn’t have to worry about drowning or sharks.

      Sexy head shot

      The sun set, she grabbed her board, walked out, started her car and drove out. 5 minutes later she was parked and walking toward the beach.

      Sexy B&W photograph

      She passed a group of guys on the way who stopped to admire her lingerie like beach outfit. They didn’t stand a chance, she only dated guys who were over 6 feet and had dark hair. She did contemplate killing them though.

      Sexy sunny lifestyle portrait

      The ocean was nice and cool. She sensed no predators in the water besides herself. Her eyes detected a small campfire off in the distance.

      Sexy portrait San Diego Photography

      This was a weekday. What were people doing out on the beach when they should be at home sleeping in lingerie? People had no value or morals anymore! She would kill them all and use their bodily fluids in her bloody Mary mix.

      Sexy sunny happy portrait

      She got out of the surf, she was close enough to smell them. Bunny rabbits every last one of them. She felt her fangs come in, her finger nails became talons.

      Sexy lingerie B&W bedroom photography

      It looked like a college party. She charged out impossibly fast. She talons opened them up like red water balloons. All of them screamed and ran, none were fast enough.

      Classic sexy film lingerie boudoir playboy model

      She finished, all were dead. She was covered in blood, panting, out of breathe. The fire casting shadows, crackling, and the steady calming noise of the surf. “You’re so beautiful”, she gasped and turned around. She had missed one in all the confusion. He was really good looking, had no fear, and was actually walking toward her. Strange, peculiar. “Please allow me to introduce myself, Louis Cypher, and you just killed my ride home” She actually blushed, “i’m sorry, if you don’t mind i’ll give you a ride home, just give me a minute to wash up, i must look a fright”  Freshly bathed from the ocean she walked back up to where he was waiting. Their seemed something dark and magickal about him, and maybe everything was going to turn out alright after all.

      Vampire lingerie serial killer

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        Pinup glamour girl

        Written on January 30, 2014 Categories: Outdoor Glamour Shoot, San Diego Boudoir

        Pinup glamour girl

        Pinup head shot

        Introducing Melanie. She and I originally met online and quickly scheduled a Pinup type shoot.

        Behind the scenes pinup shoot

        Now I know that pinup images are very popular, but I rarely do them. They are usually very production heavy; involving multiple parties and expensive props.

        Pinup portrait with a flower

        These other parties consist of make up artist, prop masters, hair stylist, ect. Very few people work for free these days, and scheduling is a nightmare.

        Marilyn Monroe Pinup

        Melanie, who is a Marilyn Monroe impersonator here in San Diego was a bit different. She assured me that she was able to do her own hair and make up, and loved to shoot. She didn’t shoot for money either, but to make art. This was a breathe of fresh air!

        Marilyn on the stairs

        Melanie wasn’t kidding about being able to do her own hair and make up. She showed up exactly as you see here and required very little editing. She was also a pleasure to shoot with. If your a photographer in the San Diego area you should definitely set up a shoot with her!

        Classic vintage pose

        Unfortunately she isn’t on Model Mayhem at this present time, but she plans on getting an account soon.  I think we can all agree that she needs to get one!

        Gorgeous sexy head shot

        Now this may come as a surprise, but do you know Melanie is 37% Chinese descent? Yes, I never would have guessed either. She is able to alter her appearance so drastically through the use of make up that its very hard to detect. Why is she not teaching make up skills? I have no clue.

        Standing glamour classic vintage pose

        When Melanie isn’t modeling she designs unique heels and plans on setting up shop on Etsy. She also makes radio appearances and levitates coffee cups.

        B&W classic noir

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