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Cumberland Falls in Spring

Written on May 29, 2013 Categories: Events and Travel

Cumberland Falls in the Spring

The Kentucky falls beneath a black sky

Cumberland Falls, I’ve been here more times than I can count. Its been around for millions of years with almost as many visitors.

The end of eagle falls trail and for some unknown reason, a pile of drift wood I felt I had to photograph.

I took a trip out here with the specific purpose of trying out my new Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod. I had a Manfrotto before, but this one was a definite upgrade.  It probably weighed two pounds less than the old one and most importantly, it was way more sexy!

Cumberland Falls in Whitly County, Kentucky

If you get the tripod, remember and get a head for it as well. If you’re new to photography you’ll quickly learn better tripods come in two pieces.  You have the base with the legs, and a head, where you connect your camera.

Eagle falls trail above Cumberland Falls in Whitley County, Kentucky

I have used and owned this Manfrotto tripod before and think its freakin amazing.

The mini falls at the end of Eagle trail at the base of the falls in Whitley County, Corbin Kentucky.

If your new to photography you’ve probably seen these types of water shots. Everyone usually likes them and thinks you must be an expert. its an extremely easy shot to pull off. First set your Nikon DSLR camera on “P” or program mode. Memorize the settings for aperature and shutter speed. Now turn your camera on manual mode and dial in the aperture and shutter speed the camera gave you. So lets say the camera said F11 and 125 shutter speed. Dial it in, and simple start decreasing the shutter speed. So F11, but now turn your shutter speed to 100. Did it make a difference? If it didn’t……fuck it, turn the shutter speed to a 60th and see what happens.

Thats all for now folks.  Just to be clear, Victoria Meadows is no longer associated with Oni Studio. We are divorced.  I have since relocated to San Diego, and continuing the studio from down here.

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