Glamour college style

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Glamour college style

Sexy glamour playboy photo Oni Studio Boudoir Photography

This glamour blog edition has nothing to do with the model. Well to be truthful very few of my entries have much to do with the model as I like to make up ridiculous stories. It’s more entertaining that way.

Sexy glamour head shot

What I wanted to write about was a very curious phenomenon that I became afflicted with shortly after the shoot. I shot with Ashley; she was amazing to shoot with by the way. She complained at first that many photographers just seemed to want to center around her sexuality.

Beautiful glamour tattoo Oni Studio boudoir photography San Diego

Now I can understand this, because as you can plainly see she is amazingly sexy. After she left I sat to work editing the photos and was soon done. Now after I get through editing I open up a word program and start scratching out a rough draft of the glamour entry. However, try as I might I couldn’t think of one thing to write. I’d eek out a few sentences, only to erase it all in disgust.

Sexy glamour shot, San Diego boudoir photography

I must have written five or six different entries, and erased them all. Now during this time I started to lose more and more interest in about everything. I put my camera up, stopped visiting my website, stopped searching for models and barely checked my Facebook.

An awesomely sexy glamour head shot. Oni Studio Boudoir Photography San Diego

Before I came here to San Diego I lived in Greece. During that time I discovered P90X, and started working out every day. I continued that workout regimen here in San Diego, working out around six days a week. The reason I bring this up is that in addition to withdrawing from people I also stopped working out. I just couldn’t motivate myself to get up and do it.

Full length sexy glamour shot. Oni Studio burlesque Photography

I was getting worried because this isn’t normal for me. I began researching ways to help myself out of this slump. Mostly I was concerned about gaining weight and getting out of shape. I’m a single guy and it’s hard to attract girls when your stomach exits the door before you do.

Sexy long legs. Oni Studio Boudoir photography

So I feel like some kind of diseased alcoholic, trying to reprogram my psyche. I did what any normal person would do, order mood pills from Amazon.  Has it worked yet? I still have no idea, but I have started going back to Model Mayhem trying to schedule shoots and I spend a lot of time thinking about working out.

Sexy side pose. Oni Studio boudoir photography

Anyway, I think thats enough whining and bitching on my part.

Behind the scenes at Oni Studio

A little bit of behind the scenes at the shoot.

Love this background! San Diego Glamour Photography

Get ready for some changes in 2014, i’ll be travelling a bit, and if my luck holds you guys will see some amazing work!

Sexy classic B&W. Oni Studio San Diego boudoir Photography

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