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Boudoir Blog Peruvian Style

Written on November 22, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Boudoir Blog Peruvian Style

Sexy Peruvian boudoir blog

Lets call her Haydee. She asked me not to use her real name as she had enemies. That was fine with me, unlike the majority of the population I appreciate a girl with a little drama. It adds to the danger and makes things a bit more interesting.

Sexy model in a yellow dress. San Diego boudoir blog

I met her on Model Mayhem and after a few emails she agreed to meet up to talk about the boudoir shoot. We actually met twice. If you’ve shot with me before you know I always ask a model to call me before they arrive. When she called me I was surprised to hear a thick accent that i could not readily identify.  When I finally got down to her car I asked her about her accent and she told me she was from Peru.  We went up and spent about an hour talking about the shoot. We scheduled to shoot some steamy boudoir the next day and I was psyched!

Getting ready for a sexy boudoir photoshoot in San Diego

Haydee showed up the next day ready for some serious boudoir shooting. We decided on the first outfits and she was ready with her hair and make up about 20 minutes later. If you’re a photographer in the San Diego area you need this girl in your portfolio!

Sexy boudoir shot on the bed with Oni Studio in San Diego

Now not only was Haydee from Peru, but she was originally from a small jungle village. She eventually moved out of the village to Lima, the capital of Peru. Ya I know, you’re not here for a geography lesson.

Sexy boudoir lingerie. San Diego glamour photography

Haydee was right at home in front of the camera with absolutely no fear.

Sexy boudoir lingerie. Oni Studio fashion Photography

So what does this bombshell do in her spare time?  She stays busy with hiking, trail running, and tries to work out at least five days a week.

Classy vintage shot. San Diego Boudoir Photography

Haydee doesn’t spend all her time out attacking bears on her hikes. She also does Zumba, weight lifting, yoga, and something called “body combat”.

Sexy lingerie shot. San Diego Boudoir Photography

Now personally, when I hear “body combat”, my mind goes straight to the gutter. However Haydee assured me its a legitimate form of exercise. ;)

Sexy classic B&W vintage

Sexy B&W boudoir photography

Sexiest yellow dress on the planet

I took this shot more for my fellow photogra[hers out there to show the light set up I used. This was mainly a two light set up. I know three or four would have been better, (for me at least). But I wanted to show the variety you can get with the two lights. The model is about 4 feet from the backdrop. (Backdrop purchased at Serendipity Backgrounds)  I used an Einstein E640 to light the background and turned it so I could get a little spill on the model for a bit of rim light. The Alienbee key light had a stripbox modifier placed up high to direct the viewers to the models chest, and not her waistline. I know very few models who like attention directed to this area, and I aim to please.

Behind the scenes at a boudoir Photoshoot in San Diego

Outdoor glamour shot with Oni Studio

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    Sexy Sorceress Supreme

    Written on November 17, 2013 Categories: Outdoor Glamour Shoot, San Diego Boudoir

    Sexy Sorceress Supreme

    Sexy quantum physics Stephen Hawking San Diego Boudoir photography blog

    Her code name was Vivian. When I first saw her I thought she was European, but I was wrong. She looked like she just walked off the pages of a Poppy Z. Brite novel. “Gotta Smoke?” she asked. I didn’t, in fact I had quit a year earlier but at that moment I wanted one. She had me on edge.

    Sexy San Diego Boudoir Photography

    We walked out of the parking garage and got in the elevator. Our eyes met, she had a sexy cold look like someone out on the street too long. The doors open and we walked into my place.  ”Lets get something straight right off the bat, i’m not here to fuck with you pal, i’m just here to do the deal. Don’t get any ideas”.

    Sexy Punk Rock Misfits model, San Diego Boudoir Photography

    She knew the drill well. I heard her bag hit the floor. She found the bathroom quick and went in like she owned the place. Awhile later she came out. She was stunning. “Want a drink?” I asked. “Vodka, straight” I poured it and handed her the glass. She stared out the window and ran her tongue around the rim. Not for the last time that night I wondered if I had gotten myself in too deep with this one.

    Sexy B&W boudoir photography San Diego

    I knew very little about her. She gave her name as Vivian. She was a former research analyst at the Zumbrella Corporation, and she had what I was looking for. I had met her through my usual contacts, and she came expensive. I wanted the Z-Virus, but I knew if I play my cards right i’d be a dead man.

    Death goth emo sexy model San Diego Boudoir Photography

    She came out and sat on the couch. She turned her eyes a glowing shade of green and began to levitate about 4 inches. I knew this was either a side effect of the Z-virus or she had put some DMT in my drink. “You like what you see?”  I did. The KMFDM was playing on the radio and the temperature went up about 10 degrees.

    Dead girls don't say no. San Diego Boudoir Photography Blog

    She floated slowly back on the couch, her eyes returning to normal. “Are you prepared to make the transfer?” I looked away and asked her if she had brought the virus. “I am the virus” she replied.

    Sexy black Lingerie. Oni Studio Boudoir Photography Blog

    I pulled out my laptop and made the transfer. She confirmed the funds and smiled.

    Sexy bride of Satan. Oni Studio Boudoir Photography Blog

    “Are you ready?” She asked.  ”Just give me a minute”, the change was permanent and I wanted my last act as a human to be meaningful.

    Classic lingerie mirror shot. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

    Sadly though I could think of nothing I wanted to do. In a way I had shut myself off and left the human race along time ago

    Sexy Gothic portrait. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

    She got up and came over to me. One of her nails became a talon and she sliced just below her collarbone. Her blood was bright purple and tasted like iron mixed with bad wine.

    The eyes of death. Oni Studio Boudoir Photography Blog

    Her blood hit the back of my throat like acid. It was all I could do to not throw up. I drank more still, I wanted my monies worth. When the pain became more than I could bear I collapsed on the floor. Time had ceased flow in a forward direction. I could feel the individual atoms of myself and every object in the room vibrating. Reality seemed to be opening into that other realm where only the Event Horizon had gone before. I heard a faint voice began to mutter in latin “libera te ex infernis”

    Sexy lingerie. Oni Studio Boudoir Photographer

    To be continued…

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      Rockabilly Glamour Girl

      Written on November 11, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

      Rockabilly Glamour Girl

      Rockabilly vintage power pose

      Ever heard of Rockabilly? If you haven’t let me explain. Rockabilly is a form of demonic possession. This is the story of Michele, the rockabilly glamour girl.

      Rockabilly in the house

      Michele called me from her phone. She said they were after her and had no place to go. I went down to get her. I had no idea what she was talking about and had never met her in person. I showed her where to park and she quickly got out and grabbed her suitcase. “lets go, they’ll find me if I stay here to long.” We quickly got in the elevator and on up to my apartment.

      1950s rockabilly girl

      We got inside and she sat down and began to cry. “um lady, what is wrong with you?”  Turns out none of this really happened. I was just imagining it all, and I really need to lay off the meds. Michele is really a model I met from Model Mayhem, and not a fugitive running from a homicidal cult. Still, I reserve the right to change my view of reality. Michele surprised me right off the bat by stating her ethnicity was Native American. Since I never get the opportunity to meet many Native Americans I was obviously delighted.

      Hot model on a couch

      Her great grandmother, who was a cherokee, was presented as a gift to the Hopi tribe. Judging by Micheles appearance I would say someone from the Hopi’s was very happy that day! After she finally got her lipstick on we were ready to shoot. Turns out Michele loves to sing and perform in front of the camera. Damnit Michele I am trying to get some sexy images here, this isnt broadway!

      Singin and dancin, aint got no time for romancin

      Why was Michele singing and throwing shoes out my window at old ladies? “Well I used to be the lead singer in a band” No shit? It was called The Skamakazis, and I have no idea if I spelled that right. She described them as an “Old No Doubt”.  Personally i’d like nothing better than publicly beheading Gwen Stefani. So I pretended she said she was the lead singer of Dimmu Borgir. Awesome, Michele is the lead singer of Dimmu Borgir, and is also an astronaut!

      Sexy silhouette B&W boudoir photography San Diego

      So what does Michele do when she’s not being a sexy model and singer? She says one of her biggest passions in life is cooking and Cadillacs. Michele was in culinary school but opted to go the more direct route and seek her fortune in the work force.  She went on to describe in great detail the cocktail parties with all this fancy food and drinks she would make. “I am the happiest when i’m serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres” said Michele as she threw yet another one of my shoes down on an unsuspecting old lady.

      Sexy classic pinup

      Michele then started talking about Cadillacs. On Sunday mornings she goes to the mall and starts to roll about on the hoods of unoccupied Cadillacs. When the owner returns she hisses at them like a cat then runs off to find another. “My dad was a mechanic you see, and I think that fueled my fascination with cars and car shows in general” said Michele as she drank her coffee and scanned the parking lot. Michele please don’t go lounging on my neighbors car! On a side note, if you ladies like Micheles dress you can get your own here in San Diego at Temptress Fashion!

      Dress by Temptress fashion

      When it was all said and done I had a phenomenal shoot with Michele. I lost quite a few shoes but gained a cool new shoot buddy. She put on her headphones with the Horrorpops blasting and was out the door.

      Sexy classic boudoir pinup

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        Boudoir blackbelt babe.

        Written on September 26, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

        Boudoir blackbelt babe.

        Sexy portrait. San Diego Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

        Introducing Cami. She’s an active duty marine living here in San Diego. Her and I met on Model Mayhem and quickly set up a boudoir shoot. Well not strictly a sexy type shoot, but I’m not gonna split hairs here.

        Nikon with 85mm, 1.4 San Diego boudoir blog

        Cami got into modeling after one of her friends told her how wonderful it was. Her friend assured her that Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus would appear at her door with a magical carb free pizza along with a briefcase full of cash and an army of Cambodian gardeners. Who could turn that down?!

        Boudoir posing ideas. San Diego glamour photography blog

        While we were riding the elevator I asked Cami what she did in the Marines. She responded by punching this guy repeatedly in the face. “Does that answer your question?” No Cami you psycho, it doesn’t. But thanks for punching my neighbor. Now its gonna be awkward. I’m just glad it wasn’t my face being punched. I’m pretty sure that guy had to go to the hospital.

        Sexy model pose ideas. San Diego Glamour Photography blog

        She’s also a black belt in MCMAP. This means she could beat your dick off with both hands tied behind her back. Don’t know what MCMAP is? It stands for Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. The Marines came up with the program a few years back to replace the then LINE program, which had few, if any non-lethal options to deal with the enemy. Cami says females with black belts aren’t out of the ordinary in her unit, and attributes the high numbers to the amount of instructors available.

        Female fitness model. San Diego Fashion photography

        When Cami isn’t using her face as a punching bag she keeps herself busy volunteering at the humane society. She also gives horse riding lessons to underprivileged small humans. You know exactly what I thought when I heard about her access to horses. We are totally gonna do a sexy boudoir horse shoot! No, not that kinda sexy you sick bastards!!

        Sexy heels, white dress. San Diego Portraiture

        Ok so how does Cami get that rockin bod? You won’t find any shortcuts or secrets here. This girl is super freakin serious about her fitness. She runs 3-4 times a week, for about 5 to 7 miles at a time. Whew! She also does a lot of weight training, and guys…on a bad day she can bust out 23 dead hang pull ups. Kinda bad ass right? Now when it comes to eating she has her shit locked on pretty tight. She eats 7 meals a day. She carries around a scale, to make sure that each meal weighs 4-8oz. She doesn’t eat kale since she hates the taste, but makes up for it by eating extra spinach. Besides that she eats butt loads of tilapia, turkey and active womens protein powder. When she wants to cheat on her diet she does it with mango’s. My weakness happens to be whip cream covered lipstick lesbians in case you’re curious.

        Classic B&W. San Diego boudoir photography

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