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Sexy Sorceress Supreme

Written on November 17, 2013 Categories: Outdoor Glamour Shoot, San Diego Boudoir

Sexy Sorceress Supreme

Sexy quantum physics Stephen Hawking San Diego Boudoir photography blog

Her code name was Vivian. When I first saw her I thought she was European, but I was wrong. She looked like she just walked off the pages of a Poppy Z. Brite novel. “Gotta Smoke?” she asked. I didn’t, in fact I had quit a year earlier but at that moment I wanted one. She had me on edge.

Sexy San Diego Boudoir Photography

We walked out of the parking garage and got in the elevator. Our eyes met, she had a sexy cold look like someone out on the street too long. The doors open and we walked into my place.  “Lets get something straight right off the bat, i’m not here to fuck with you pal, i’m just here to do the deal. Don’t get any ideas”.

Sexy Punk Rock Misfits model, San Diego Boudoir Photography

She knew the drill well. I heard her bag hit the floor. She found the bathroom quick and went in like she owned the place. Awhile later she came out. She was stunning. “Want a drink?” I asked. “Vodka, straight” I poured it and handed her the glass. She stared out the window and ran her tongue around the rim. Not for the last time that night I wondered if I had gotten myself in too deep with this one.

Sexy B&W boudoir photography San Diego

I knew very little about her. She gave her name as Vivian. She was a former research analyst at the Zumbrella Corporation, and she had what I was looking for. I had met her through my usual contacts, and she came expensive. I wanted the Z-Virus, but I knew if I play my cards right i’d be a dead man.

Death goth emo sexy model San Diego Boudoir Photography

She came out and sat on the couch. She turned her eyes a glowing shade of green and began to levitate about 4 inches. I knew this was either a side effect of the Z-virus or she had put some DMT in my drink. “You like what you see?”  I did. The KMFDM was playing on the radio and the temperature went up about 10 degrees.

Dead girls don't say no. San Diego Boudoir Photography Blog

She floated slowly back on the couch, her eyes returning to normal. “Are you prepared to make the transfer?” I looked away and asked her if she had brought the virus. “I am the virus” she replied.

Sexy black Lingerie. Oni Studio Boudoir Photography Blog

I pulled out my laptop and made the transfer. She confirmed the funds and smiled.

Sexy bride of Satan. Oni Studio Boudoir Photography Blog

“Are you ready?” She asked.  “Just give me a minute”, the change was permanent and I wanted my last act as a human to be meaningful.

Classic lingerie mirror shot. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

Sadly though I could think of nothing I wanted to do. In a way I had shut myself off and left the human race along time ago

Sexy Gothic portrait. Oni Studio Boudoir Blog

She got up and came over to me. One of her nails became a talon and she sliced just below her collarbone. Her blood was bright purple and tasted like iron mixed with bad wine.

The eyes of death. Oni Studio Boudoir Photography Blog

Her blood hit the back of my throat like acid. It was all I could do to not throw up. I drank more still, I wanted my monies worth. When the pain became more than I could bear I collapsed on the floor. Time had ceased flow in a forward direction. I could feel the individual atoms of myself and every object in the room vibrating. Reality seemed to be opening into that other realm where only the Event Horizon had gone before. I heard a faint voice began to mutter in latin “libera te ex infernis”

Sexy lingerie. Oni Studio Boudoir Photographer

To be continued…

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Escondido Renaissance Faire

Written on November 2, 2013 Categories: Events and Travel, Outdoor Glamour Shoot

Escondido Renaissance Faire

Sexy belly dancer at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Its 8:00am on a Saturday morning. I get on my gmail and see an old message from the Pacific Photo society. Today’s the day to shoot at the Escondido Renaissance Faire. Now not only have I never been to a renaissance faire. But I hadn’t even heard of one till about two weeks ago. I was watching a movie called “Role Models”. Of course I know the performers at the faire probably wouldn’t appreciate the reference.

Raistlin Majere at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

When we first arrived I thought, “How in the hell did all these people from England get here?!” I was quickly informed they weren’t really from England. These people were good enough to fool me. That is until my friend informed me I was an idiot.

Interesting things to buy at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

After immediately walking in through the front gate I was extremely impressed. See, i’ve always been a huge fan of the Dragon Lance series by Margaret weis and Tracy Hickman. Walking through the faire was like living one of their novels.

Sexy lady at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Now as great as these people were I didn’t have a clue what they were saying. It wasn’t until I looked at the program we received that I got a translation:

  • Hello: Good morrow or well met!
  • How are you: How farest thee?
  • Thank you: Gramercy
  • Where are you from: Where hail ye from?

The sexiest two ladies I saw all day!

Now I see some of the sexiest elves, witches and hand  maidens on the west coast. However To my surprise I turned a corner and saw hot ladies on horses!

Sexy blonde on a horse at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Beautiful blonde on a horse

You know another thing that i’m fond of? Spending money on cool shit. If you’re like me this is a place you should definitely visit!

The owner of the sexy Octaviana Corsetry

First up, Octaviana Corsetry! I had heard of them through Stormie Psy. Suzanne (pictured above) makes some of the best corsets I’ve ever laid eyes on. Looking for a locally made high quality corset? Well their is none finer than Octaviana Corsetry!

Corsets and wares from octaviana corsetry

Here are some other great items for sale. See those Scotch eggs? Talk about amazing!

Scotch eggs at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Remember those ladies in sexy outfits I was talkin about?

Sexy gown and sexier lady!

Sexy Slayer Satan lady!

Sexiest belly dancer duo ever!

Sexy maiden at the Escondido Renaissance Faire

Sexiest hair ever!

Sexy boudoir belly dancer

Sexy warrior princess San Diego Boudoir Photography

Sexiest brunette on a horse I ever seen!

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Boudoir, beaches and Bikinis

Written on August 11, 2013 Categories: Outdoor Glamour Shoot

Boudoir, beaches and Bikinis

A little sexy suicide in the sun at the beach in San Diego

A week or two ago I got to try out something pretty cool. Ever heard of Paul C. Buff or Alienbees? If you are a photographer, especially a boudoir photographer and just starting out, you might want to check out their website.

Sexy boudoir glamour skirt on the beach in San Diego, California

I’m not new to Alienbees, I’ve shot with their products for the last six or seven years. I started off with the Alienbee B400, and at least to my knowledge, it’s still running today. I’ve since graduated to the Alienbee B800 head and the Einstein E640 unit. I highly recommend both of them, but I lean more towards the Einstein mainly because it has universal voltage. Since I travel a lot this is very convenient. If you’re wondering, the girl in the classic B&W photo below is Leeyah, you can see her model mayhem here.

Sexy B&W boudoir shot on the beach in San Diego.

Anyway, enough hocking of alien bees shit, it’s not like their paying me or anything. This shoot was scheduled and organized by a British lady…named Brit. Funny huh? She runs a group on the Meet up website called Pro-AM photography and Models. If you’re a photographer in the San Diego area and love to photograph fashion, boudoir or glamour then I highly suggest you sign up! You can see Britts site here and here. Oh, and the sexy faerie below is Mary, come take a look at her site!

Sexy boudoir faerie on the beach in San Diego


One of the great things about this group is that they are very active. In the last two weeks there has been beach shoots, models on horses, glamour at Balboa Park, and a host of other activities. If you have the time you’ll get your money’s worth. Also pictured below, Michael from MRB Photography.

Various shots of some of the other photographers at the bikini beach shoot in San Diego.

Besides the models that regularly come to the shoots, it’s a great way to network with your fellow glamour and boudoir photographers. On that shoot alone I met five or so other photographers who were more than helpful and friendly.

Sexy on the beach in San Diego

Ok, last thing about Alienbees and I’ll shut my yapper. All the images you see on this boudoir blog entry were lit with a white Paul C Buff beauty dish. The beauty dish was powered by the Vagabond mini lithium. I highly suggest picking up both! Seriously, it’s like going from a musket to a kick ass lesbian laser pistol!

beach beauty in San Diego

I’ll leave you with a few more sexy images, hope you enjoy! Oh, and people, leave a like or comment at the bottom and let me know what ya think. Thanks!

Beautiful blue skies, flowers and bikinis on the beach in San Diego.

Katya on the beach, boudoir in San Diego

The blonde bombshell above is Katya, come take a look at her model mayhem!

Katya and Leeyah work the camera at the bikini shoot in San Diego

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BoudoirBoobs and Body Paint

Sexy boudoir head dress and body paint photography in San Diego

You all remember Caro right? She’s the one who came over the other day and made for a great boudoir blog entry.

Sexy girl on fire San Diego boudoir photography

Caro calls me up and asked if I’m down for a lesbian orgy a photo shoot. I say, “well hells yes!” and she invites me down to her San Ysidro home for what I think will be an interesting time. She tells me she has one of her many hot girlfriends over, and that she’s gonna get her naked, and then paint her. I tell her that the Oni Studio boudoir blog will be covering the event. When I arrive on Saturday morning I see the most mild mannered unassuming ladies on the planet, and i’m told she’s going to be the model. This was the girl:

Sexy quiet librarian lady being photographed boudoir in San Diego

Caro didn’t waste much time, after making sure I was sufficiently fed with Mexican friend beans, she set to work,  take a look at the transformation from innocent librarian to sexy Satanica.

Getting ready with the sexy boudoir body paint in San Diego.

the last stages of sexy boudoir body paint in San Diego, California

Caro did this body paint and make up job in record time. She’s a student over at the Art Institute of San Diego, and from what I can see they train their students pretty good. While Caro was busy I was able to flirt talk with the model.

Caro being busy with her boudoir body painting and make up equipment in San Diego.

Susan was her name, and she had been painted a few times before, but usually got to wear more clothes. She said being half naked around strangers didn’t make her nervous, but that it was just a new experience. It was pretty amazing to see her transform not only physically, but mentally once all the make up was done, take a look at the contrast!

The contrast in the body paint make up and the innocent librarian look

Ladies and gentleman if you are a photographer in the San Diego area you seriously need to hook up with Caro. Her make up and body paint skills are impressive, and she even makes custom outfits! If you’re on model mayhem you can see her page here, or become a fan on her facebook page here. I’ll leave you all with a few more impressive shots of Susan the model showing Caro’s work. Oh, I almost forgot, Caro can also model, if you haven’t seen it yet, come take a look at her strutting her stuff.

The Devil wears Prada at Oni Studio in San Diego

Seduction and lace in San Diego

When you leave the front door unlocked in San Diego sexy she devils come and steal your cake.

Blue skies and sexy ladies in San Diego

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