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Nude and loving it

Written on November 28, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Nude and loving it

Sexy nude white lingerie. San Diego boudoir photography

Its thanksgiving day as I write this.  My house is a wreck and a girl has told me that I suck and she doesn’t want to see me ever again. For some reason I start having cruddy luck around the holidays. However bad luck does have a couple of benefits. It gets me in a serious introspective mood to examine what exactly i’m doing right and wrong.

Sexy half nude evil woman

So what exactly am I doing right? Well I thought about it and I think i’ve finally got the knack of not setting the fire alarm off when I cook.

Super magical nude model

So what else? Well I guess i’ll have to take some advice from Bill Burr. Lie to myself about getting a six pack, go on OkCupid and meet boring women who i’ll pretend to have something in common with.

Have you had enough with my whining and complaining? Ok good, because i’d like to discuss this semi nude shoot I did. When I see nude work done by photographers i’m not really a fan. They either have the models splayed out like some hustler model or the model looks like she’s about to be executed.

Sexy nude model holding a turkey sandwich

Our model for this entry is Vón Feréve, and yes you’ve seen her on Oni Studio before.  She is an awesome model, shows up on time and requires very little direction. that last part is my favorite as I like to focus on the technical aspects of the shoot. So how do you go from regular portraits to steamy nude images without coming off as a pervo?

I see your future and you're nude

Truth is I have no idea. However I do have a couple of principles I shoot by. First, don’t come across as to eager to shoot nude. When I contact a model for a shoot I don’t immediately ask for it. Put yourself in the models shoes. They probably get multiple request for nude photography a day. Try and set yourself apart.

Nude grim reaper, yep, you're gonna die

Finally, make sure you dump all the bodies and clean up before they arrive. No one likes taking their clothes off in a dirty house, so get your shit together.

Yes, this shot looks like the other ones, I suppose I suck

The truth is that I have writers block like you wouldn’t believe. Usually I sit in front of the computer, clear my mind and a story appears. It doesn’t seem to be working today. Ok…clear my mind..type the first things you think about: Sepultura, Brazil, Laxatives, lesbians. I really don’t see this working today.

Nude Baphomets and skittles

I guess i’ll just have to let the images speak for themselves. Von is my favorite model when it comes to all the props I have. I always search through my huge collection of weird shit and get it into her hands.  I used to get yelled at for using props. Looking back I can understand why. I had this collection of horror dolls and used to have the models hold them along with a bottle of mustard. Having trouble understanding? Don’t worry i’ve had enough Vodka and pickles to kill an entire elementary school.

full length nude

There comes a time, thief, when the jewels cease to sparkle, when the gold loses its luster, when the throne room becomes a prison, and all that is left is to watch Conan until you have memorized the entire script.

You opened it, we came

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Boudoir Blog Peruvian Style

Written on November 22, 2013 Categories: San Diego Boudoir

Boudoir Blog Peruvian Style

Sexy Peruvian boudoir blog

Lets call her Haydee. She asked me not to use her real name as she had enemies. That was fine with me, unlike the majority of the population I appreciate a girl with a little drama. It adds to the danger and makes things a bit more interesting.

Sexy model in a yellow dress. San Diego boudoir blog

I met her on Model Mayhem and after a few emails she agreed to meet up to talk about the boudoir shoot. We actually met twice. If you’ve shot with me before you know I always ask a model to call me before they arrive. When she called me I was surprised to hear a thick accent that i could not readily identify.  When I finally got down to her car I asked her about her accent and she told me she was from Peru.  We went up and spent about an hour talking about the shoot. We scheduled to shoot some steamy boudoir the next day and I was psyched!

Getting ready for a sexy boudoir photoshoot in San Diego

Haydee showed up the next day ready for some serious boudoir shooting. We decided on the first outfits and she was ready with her hair and make up about 20 minutes later. If you’re a photographer in the San Diego area you need this girl in your portfolio!

Sexy boudoir shot on the bed with Oni Studio in San Diego

Now not only was Haydee from Peru, but she was originally from a small jungle village. She eventually moved out of the village to Lima, the capital of Peru. Ya I know, you’re not here for a geography lesson.

Sexy boudoir lingerie. San Diego glamour photography

Haydee was right at home in front of the camera with absolutely no fear.

Sexy boudoir lingerie. Oni Studio fashion Photography

So what does this bombshell do in her spare time?  She stays busy with hiking, trail running, and tries to work out at least five days a week.

Classy vintage shot. San Diego Boudoir Photography

Haydee doesn’t spend all her time out attacking bears on her hikes. She also does Zumba, weight lifting, yoga, and something called “body combat”.

Sexy lingerie shot. San Diego Boudoir Photography

Now personally, when I hear “body combat”, my mind goes straight to the gutter. However Haydee assured me its a legitimate form of exercise. 😉

Sexy classic B&W vintage

Sexy B&W boudoir photography

Sexiest yellow dress on the planet

I took this shot more for my fellow photogra[hers out there to show the light set up I used. This was mainly a two light set up. I know three or four would have been better, (for me at least). But I wanted to show the variety you can get with the two lights. The model is about 4 feet from the backdrop. (Backdrop purchased at Serendipity Backgrounds)  I used an Einstein E640 to light the background and turned it so I could get a little spill on the model for a bit of rim light. The Alienbee key light had a stripbox modifier placed up high to direct the viewers to the models chest, and not her waistline. I know very few models who like attention directed to this area, and I aim to please.

Behind the scenes at a boudoir Photoshoot in San Diego

Outdoor glamour shot with Oni Studio

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Boudoir, bikinis and assassins

The sexy Estonian model strikes an awesome boudoir pose in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego

Alright ladies and gentleman, you all ever watch movies from the 80’s? Okay, now in these movies there is almost always the same scene. It could be at a school, mall, or mental home parking lot. But a car pulls up, and this chick gets out. When she does everything turns slow motion. The reason why Newtonian physics gets defied is that the girl is hot.

Kadi and her winning model smile. Lit with Paul C Buff White beauty dish.

Not just hot, but slow motion boudoir hot. Joggers run into street poles, cars run fire hydrants, and babies begin to levitate.

Carmen Kass lookalike, image lit with white Paul C Buff beauty dish in the Mission Valley area of San Diego

That’s kinda how Kadi was. She gets out of her car, time slows, people wreck. Thanks a lot Kadi, now you’ve ruined everyone’s weekend with your hotness.

Edited with NIK HDR effects, kadi strikes a sexy model pose in the mission Valley area of San Diego.

Kadi introduces herself, and would ya believe it, she has a damn accent. Once again, my mind goes back to the 1980’s. I quickly scan her hands to make sure she doesn’t have a poison tipped dagger. I don’t see a blow gun or dagger, but I see something on her keychain that catches my attention.

Sexy classic B&W of Kadi in a black bikini, shot with alienbees in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.

It’s a red strip that says “fly girl”. It strikes me as unusual so I ask her about it. About as nonchalant as you could possibly get, she replies, “ya, I’m a pilot”. After some discussion I learn Kadi had a humble beginning as a flight attendant. She didn’t want to serve drinks forever, and thought “well if those guys can fly the plane, why can’t I?”

Kadi lounges by the pool. Image lit with alienbees and taken in the Mission Valley area of San Diego.

It turns out that Kadi, is originally from Estonia. Never heard of Estonia? It’s one of the three countries that are known as the Baltic States. They also have what is considered one of the hardest languages in the world to learn. Finally it’s the home of the world famous model Carmen Kass.

Kadi owns this sexy boudoir pose! Image lit with Paul C Buff white beauty dish, taken in the Kearny Mesa area of San Diego.

This wasn’t strictly boudoir, but more of a test shoot. Basically a meet and greet with a camera. These meet and greets are handy for both photographer and model. It basically assures the model that I’m not gonna put them in a pit and tell them to put the lotion on the skin or they get the hose again; and it assures me they aren’t an alien bent on the destruction of the human race.

Kadi takes a dip in the salt water pool in the Kearny Mesa area of San diego.

Really though, this was a great excuse to try out the new Alienbee equipment I got in. I ordered the white Alienbee beauty dish with diffusion sock and I was dying to see how it would do. I used it along with available light, shot in manual mode, and basically kept it at around F16. You can judge for yourself how the shots came out.

Various sexy boudoir poses. Images lit with alienbees Pual C Buff White beauty dish.

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