Hillcrest Farmers Market

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Hillcrest Farmers Market

Sexy ladies and awesome jewelry Hillcrest Farmers Market

So you wake up on a Sunday. You get out of bed and make your way into the living room. Netflix sucks, you’ve seen all the crap and can’t stomach anymore Star Trek.

Flowers and honey at the Hillcrest farmers market.

Enter Hillcrest farmers market. Turns out that Hillcrest offers more than bars and terrible parking.

Jewelry and typewriters at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

If you decide to go, first off your gonna need a big laser space gun. Make sure to mount it on your vehicle. Install a good targeting system. When you arrive you’ll see why you need it. Parking is gonna be a bitch. Fortunately I got lucky.  I hit a wormhole and exited the space time continuum in a perfect spot.

Fruits vegetables and salt farms at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

Once you walk into the market you’re gonna see fruits, vegetables and tons of organic green stuff.

Dreads, tomatoes and zucchinis at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

After awhile of walking I ran into a lady running an awesome apothecary.

Shelley Rike Heartbeat Groove Alchemy Hillcrest Farmers Market

Her name is Shelley, and is guilty of being incredibly hot. She also conducts retreats and has a great personal interest in empowering women. Lastly she operates a shop on Etsy, so go take a look!

Fruits and strawberries at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

The Hillcrest Farmers Market even had an outdoor band. I didn’t get their name, but they played some pretty good bluegrass.

Bluegrass band at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

Lettuce and sock puppets at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

Say what?! You mean you forgot to have breakfast before you left? Well the Farmers Market has got you covered.

Lamb and hamburgers at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

No matter how your eclectic your taste; your gonna find something you like. Are you a serial killer vegan, or a meat eater with leprosy?  Then they have something for you!

Rocks, plants and doggie treats at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

Carrots and beets at the Hillcrest Farmers Market

When all is said and done, this place has an amazing healthy of healthy additions to your diet. Its well worth the trip to visit!

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